May 17th – Starkist Man & Heineken Lady

Ok…this is NOT a movie page….and yes….it is NOT a new page…..but felt like revisiting a night from my previous life.  But don’t worry faithful contributors….actually researching and writing our first new page in quite awhile.  That page should be published by the end of the day.  Want a hint?….he is one of the hardest working men in show business….and somehow I did not have a UMR page on him.  The page will be 60 movies…all from the late 1980s to having a Top 10 box office hit in 2017.  He currently has a book out, appears on television and has two movies currently in theaters.

Side note…..I think it is pretty wild that if you type in Starkist Man and The Heineken Lady….you get directed to  I wonder how many times in the history of words have these words been in the same sentence.

My Crazy Night With The Starkist Man and The Heineken Lady

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4 thoughts on “May 17th – Starkist Man & Heineken Lady

    1. Hey Steve…..I know you guessed correctly the Baldwin boys have been busy…a combined 423 IMDb credits…and the total just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  1. Yeah a new page coming! Yeah it is somebody current. Based on your clues o think I know who it is. Part of an acting family?

    1. Hey Helakoski…pretty sure you were guessing correctly….as our Alec Baldwin page is up and running.

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