7th Graders Favorite Movies

One of the benefits of working at a Middle School (grades 6th, 7th and 8th) is hearing kids talk about lots of subjects.  Obviously, when I hear them mention movies….my ears perk up.    Last year I learned from numerous students that the two greatest actors working in movies today are……  Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson.

Well today I saw some paper work that listed the favorite movies of some current 7th graders….and thought it would be fun to share what movies are registering with these 12 year olds.

7th Grader Favorite Movies That Did Not Surprise Me:

  1. Wonder Woman  (2017)……pretty much everybody loves this movie
  2. Boss Baby  (2017)…..huge hit….my kids love this movie
  3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey  (2012)….Tolkien rules
  4.  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince  (2009)…..I see kids walking around school with Potter books all the time
  5.  Diary of a Wimpy Kid  (2010)…..these books and movies are huge in middle school
  6.  A Dog’s Purpose  (2017)…..this movie was huge in my house….and it was a decent box office winner

7th Grader Favorite Movies That Surprised Me:

  1. Titanic (1997)…good movie….but these kids were roughly negative 8 when the movie was released…don’t they know A Night To Remember is a much better Titanic movie?
  2. Madgascar (2005)….a computer animated movie is not surprising to see listed….but one of the weaker DreamWorks franchises?….where is the Pixar love?
  3. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)…..the power that Christmas has over kids?
  4. Princess Bride (1987)….not complaining about this great movie getting mentioned….just saying I was really surprised when I read the movie title….obviously the kid has good taste when it comes to movies.
  5. Everything, Everything (2017)….did not realize the movie was reaching so many kids…..have not seen this movie yet.
  6. Battle Los Angeles (2011)….kids love science fiction…just surprised Battle Los Angeles got some love while movies like Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy got shut out.
  7. High School Musicals  (2006-2008)….my middle kids (they are now in their 20s) liked these movies…Zac Efron was a teenager when he made these movies….he is now an old man in his 30s…really surprised the movie is still registering with today’s teens.

7th Grader Favorite Movies That Shocked Me:

  1. Kingsman: The Secret Service  (2014)…..I love this movie….glad Sir Michael Caine is still reaching mass audiences…..BUT…seeing this movie which has lots of sex and lots of violence listed as a 7th grader’s favorite movie was pretty shocking.
  2. Mean Girls (2004)…..maybe this is why Lindsay Lohan still gets lots of press.
  3. What Happened To Monday (2017)….this is a great movie….not sure which shocked me more…..was it that a 7th grader was allowed to see such a violent movie….or the fact that a 7th grader was even aware of this underappreciated movie?






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11 thoughts on “7th Graders Favorite Movies

  1. Fun, good recommendations. nice to hear from the future generation. thanks.
    I liked Mean Girls, well done. good coming of age/lesson of life movie.

    1. Hey bob c. I guess I need to re-visit the Mean Girls….I saw it once years ago….but I was not too impressed. I am still shocked What Happened To Monday made one of their list. I might have to track down that student and see how he/she discovered that movie. Heck even Steve…a serious movie buff….who loves science fiction movies was not aware of that movie. Good stuff.

  2. Fun look at your student’s favorite movies. Love that Mean Girls got a vote. That was a movie my friends and I liked back in high school.

    1. Hey Taylor…thanks for checking out our little post. Wow you and Bob mentioned Mean Girls….I had no idea it had such a following. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hey Steve….What Happened To Monday is a good movie….and right up your alley…a science fiction thriller….it is also known as Seven Sisters. Really really violent….perfect for 12 year olds….lol. Willem Dafoe is excellent in movie.

        1. Hey Steve….Let me know me what you think of it…..if and when you watch it. After seeing it… I thought maybe it is time to do a Willem Dafoe page. Everybody that has seen it….has enjoyed it.

  4. Hey those are all my favorites too, he said, blushing. 😉

    Oh okay… I did enjoy Wonder Woman quite a bit earlier this year, though I enjoyed Thor Apocalypse more. Kingsman was a lot of fun, still havent seen the sequel, Statesman. Battle Los Angeles is underrated. Titanic was epic but it’s been a while since I last saw it. The Hobbit was good but Lord of the Rings was better and I haven’t watched The Princess Bride in ages. Never heard of Everything Everything or What Happened to Monday.

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