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Charlize Theron in 2017’s The Fate of the Furious

Want to know the best Charlize Theron movies?  How about the worst Charlize Theron movies?  Curious about Charlize Theron’s box office grosses or which Charlize Theron movie picked up the most Oscar® nominations? Need to know which Charlize Theron movie got the best reviews from critics and audiences? Well you have come to the right place….because we have all of that information.

After writing over 120 hubs on, this is my first movie page done for my very own web site.  It comes from a suggestion from one of my wife’s co-workers who really likes Charlize Theron. The co-worker was shocked that I had not done a page on her.  So to rectify that injustice, here you go a page….. that looks at the movie career of Charlize Theron.

Charlize Theron (1975-) is an Academy Award® winning actress who has appeared in over 30 movies since 1996.   How she got her start in the movie business, actually sounds like a story from the 1930s.  She moved to Los Angeles in 1993 at the age of 19.  Despite not knowing anyone in the city, she was discovered standing in line at a bank on Hollywood Boulevard by an agent that gave her his card.  This occured after only two weeks of her arrival.  After eight months in Los Angeles she got her first part.  By 1997 she was one of the most sought after actresses working.  Sounds like the “legend” of how Lana Turner was discovered while sitting at a drug store counter.

Her IMDb page shows 49 acting credits from 1995-2017. This page will rank 38 Charlize Theron movies from Best to Worst in six different sortable columns of information. Television shows, shorts, cameos and movies that were not released in theaters were not included in the rankings.

Charlize Theron in 2008's Hancock

Charlize Theron in 2008’s Hancock

Charlize Theron Movies Can Be Ranked 6 Ways In This Table

The really cool thing about ther table is that it is “user-sortable”. Rank the movies anyway you want.

  • Sort Charlize Theron movies by her co-stars
  • Sort Charlize Theron movies by adjusted domestic box office grosses using current movie ticket cost
  • Sort Charlize Theron movies by adjusted worldwide box office grosses using current movie ticket cost
  • Sort Charlize Theron movies how they were received by critics and audiences.  60% rating or higher should indicate a good movie.
  • Sort by how many Oscar® nominations and how many Oscar® wins each Charlize Theron movie received.
  • Sort Charlize Theron movies by Ultimate Movie Rankings (UMR) Score.  UMR Score puts box office, reviews and awards into a mathematical equation and gives each movie a score.
RankMovie (Year)UMR Co-Star LinksAdj. B.O. Domestic (mils)Adj. B.O. Worldwide (mils)Critic Audience RatingOscar Nom / WinUMR Score
Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)Tom Hardy & Nicholas Hoult$153.60$376.0090.0%10 / 0675.72
Fate of the Furious, The (2017) Early reviews & box office projectionsDwayne Johnson & Kurt Russell $264.00$864.0069.5%00 / 0063.66
Prometheus (2012)Noomi Rapace & Directed by Ridley Scott$133.90$427.4074.5%01 / 0056.00
The Italian Job (2003)Edward Norton & Mark Wahlberg$148.40$246.2070.5%00 / 0055.73
Hancock (2008)Will Smith & Jason Bateman$267.60$732.5052.5%00 / 0055.67
The Cider House Rules (1999)Michael Caine & Paul Rudd$95.90$147.5073.7%07 / 0255.35
Monster (2003)Christina Ricci & Bruce Dern$48.20$84.3077.5%01 / 0154.74
Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)Kristen Stewart$164.50$419.8057.0%02 / 0053.27
Kubo and the Two Strings (2016)Matthew McConaughey$48.02$70.0089.5%02 / 0050.31
The Devil's Advocate (1997)Al Pacino & Keanu Reeves$111.90$280.7065.0%00 / 0047.83
That Thing That You Do (1996)Tom Hanks$49.30$66.6079.5%01 / 0045.49
North Country (2005)Frances McDormand & Woody Harrelson$24.20$33.7070.0%02 / 0043.28
Young Adult (2011)Patton Oswalt$17.30$24.4077.5%00 / 0040.37
Mighty Joe Young (1998)Bill Paxton$91.00$128.1053.0%00 / 0038.73
Men of Honor (2000)Robert DeNiro$76.40$129.0055.0%00 / 0037.64
The Road (2009)Viggio Mortensen & Robert Duvall$9.10$31.2074.5%00 / 0036.48
In the Valley of Elah (2007)Tommy Lee Jones & Susan Sarandon$8.30$36.2072.5%01 / 0035.79
Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)Will Smith & Matt Damon$48.40$61.6054.0%00 / 0032.97
2 Days in the Valley (1996)James Spader$21.20$21.1062.0%00 / 0032.57
The Yards (2000)James Caan & Mark Wahlberg$1.40$1.7064.0%00 / 0030.31
A Million Ways To Die In The West (2014)Seth MacFarlane & Liam Neeson$44.50$89.4048.5%00 / 0029.81
Astro Boy (2009)Nicolas Cage$22.00$44.7056.0%00 / 0029.79
Battle in Seattle (2008)Channing Tatum & Woody Harrelson$0.30$0.8060.5%00 / 0028.50
The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (2001)Directed by Woody Allen$11.20$27.9055.5%00 / 0027.85
15 Minutes (2001)Robert DeNiro$36.40$84.3046.5%00 / 0027.82
Trial and Error (1997)Jeff Daniels$25.00$27.0049.0%00 / 0027.03
The Huntsman:Winter's War (2016)Emily Blunt & Jessica Chastain$48.39$164.4040.0%00 / 0026.56
Celebrity (1998)Leonardo DiCaprio$9.10$11.0051.5%00 / 0025.66
Reindeer Games (2000)Ben Affleck$36.50$49.7040.5%00 / 0024.85
Sweet November (2001)Keanu Reeves$37.70$98.6040.0%00 / 0024.71
Dark Places (2015)Nicholas Hoult & Chloe Moretz$0.20$0.2051.5%00 / 0024.23
Aeon Flux (2005)Frances McDormand$34.10$68.3032.0%00 / 0020.66
Trapped (2002)Kevin Bacon$10.30$19.4039.0%00 / 0019.98
Head in the Clouds (2004)Stuart Townsend$0.50$5.0039.0%00 / 0018.43
Sleepwalking (2008)Woody Harrelson$0.20$0.2039.0%00 / 0018.38
Astronaut's Wife (1999)Johnny Depp$17.80$32.9033.0%00 / 0018.29
The Burning Plain (2009)Jennifer Lawrence$0.20$5.9035.0%00 / 0016.50
Waking Up in Reno (2002)Billy Bob Thornton$0.40$0.4034.5%00 / 0016.30

Stats and Possibly Interesting Things From The Above Charlize Theron Table

  1. Six Charlize Theron movies crossed the magical $100 million domestic gross mark.  That is a percentage of 16.66% of her movies listed. Hancock (2008) is her biggest box office hit.
  2. An average Charlize Theron movie grosses $50.10 million in adjusted box office gross.
  3. Using’s 60% fresh meter.  14 of Charlize Theron’s movies are rated as good movies…or 37.83% of her movies.  Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) is her highest rated movie while Aeon Flux (2005) was her lowest rated movie.
  4. Nine Charlize Theron movies received at least one Oscar® nomination in any category…..or 24.32% of her movies.
  5. Two Charlize Theron movies won at least one Oscar® in any category…..or 5.55% of her movies.
  6. An average Ultimate Movie Rankings (UMR) Score is 40.00.  11 Charlize Theron movies scored higher that average….or 30.55% of her movies.  Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) got the the highest Ultimate Movie Ranking (UMR) Score while Waking Up in Reno (2002) got the lowest UMR Score.
Charlize Theron received an Oscar® for her role in 2003's Monster.

Charlize Theron received an Oscar® for her role in 2003’s Monster.

 Possibly Interesting Facts About Charlize Theron

1.  Charlize Theron was born in Benoni, South Africa on August 7th 1975.  At the age of 15 her father was lawfully killed by her mother with a firearm.  It was ruled as self-defense as her father was an abusive alcholic who was threatening Charlize and her mother at the time of his death.

2.  Her first language is Afrikaans.  English is her second language.  She always speaks Afrikaans with her mother, who lives 2 minutes from her in L.A. They have matching fish tattoos.

3.  The path to Hollywood.  First 16 years of her life she lived in South Africa.  At 16 she got some modeling jobs in Italy.  At 17 she moved to New York City to attend Joffrey Ballet School.  A dancing injury ended her dancing career.  At 19 moved to Los Angeles.  Movie Star at 22.

4.  Charlize Theron has been nominated for two Best Actress Oscars®.  She won for Monster (2003) and was nominated for North Country (2005).  She has three Golden Globe® nominations for her movie roles.  She won for Monster and got nominations for North Country and Young Adult (2011).  She also got a Golden Globe® for her television movie, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004).

5.  Roles Charlize Theron passed on or was seriously considered for:  Pearl Harbor, Moulin Rouge, Showgirls, Mercy, J. Edgar and Atlas Shrugged Part 1.

6.  Charlize Theron has never been married.  She did adopt her son, Jackson, in March 2012.

7.  When she won her Oscar® for Monster, she was the toast of South Africa.  One of her highlights was meeting former South African President Nelson Mandela. She is the second South African-born person to win an Academy Award®. The South African-born cinematographer Ted Moore was the first.

8. Has her own charity called the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, which is committed to reducing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and sexual violence among African youth.

9.  Her very first film she watched was Splash (1984).  She fell in love with Tom Hanks and became jealous of Darryl Hannah while watching the movie.  Hanks is still her favorite actor 30 years later.  Not thinking she is still jealous though, especially after she appeared in the Tom Hanks directed movie That Thing That You Do!

10  Her role in Monster is one of the screen’s greatest transformations ever.  She gained 30 pounds for the role and was almost unrecognizable in the role.  A well deserved Oscar® win for her.

Check out Charlize Theron‘s career compared to current and classic actors.  Most 100 Million Dollar Movies of All-Time.

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25 thoughts on “Charlize Theron Movies

  1. 1 I’m glad you did this page for two reasons.

    (1) I hadn’t appreciated that Charlize had produced such a comprehensive body of work and certainly I wouldn’t have thought that the actress who was in that awful remake of Mighty Joe Young was capable of some of the fine performances that she has now given. I suppose I should be paying as much attention to the careers of mod stars as I do to those of the Classic Era.

    (2) Modern though she is Charlize is still a small part of my nostalgic cinematic memories. When my wife and I stayed with my daughter and her husband in Atlanta in 1999 we all went to a cinema there to see The Astronaut’s Wife with Charlize and Depp.

    2 I’m impressed that she met Mandela as he is someone whom I greatly admire and it would appear that she is a caring person in the charity work that she does.

    3. She is also a very attractive woman. It is said that “all that glitters is not gold.” But sometimes it is.

    Best wishes BOB

    PS Good call on Suicide Squad for which you projected 142 million opening weekend and which seems to have come in at around 135 mil. You don’t get much closer than that unless you have a crystal ball !!

    1. Hey Bob.
      1. Charlize was the first ever page for the our middle website….when we moved her page to this website….it really picked up some traffic….it has been our 8th most popular page at
      2. She has come along way since Mighty Joe Young. So far she is still going strong as she crossed her 39 birthday… will be interesting to see how the next few years go for here.
      3. You might be the only person that has fond memories of The Astronaut’s Wife… That one is generally considered to be her and Depp’s worst movies. It is ranked 34th of 36 in my ranking system. But I am sure it is the memory of Atlanta more than the movie that brings back nice memories.
      4. I agree about her charity work and her liking Mandela….and she is a very attractive woman for sure.
      As for Suicide Squad…the prediction looked even better after Friday…but it really dropped off on Saturday and Sunday….somehow WoC saw it and I did not….I am still trying to figure that one out….lol.

        1 Quite right it was simply going to the cinema in US and not the film that is the nostalgia for me. My father served in the desert as a gunner during the 2nd World War and every time Ice Cold in Alex starring John Mills came onto TV the family’s entire social calendar had to be reorganised so that he could watch it again,and again and again !!

        2 That film was however very good and is in fact regarded as a British classic. I did though see TWO awful films in my opinion when I was in Atlanta, the other one being Stigmata with Gabriel Byrne. It certainly wasn’t up to the standard of his Usual Suspects but my daughter is a big fan of supernatural/horror films and I’m not but as hostess she called the shots !!

        Best wishes


        1. Hey Bob.
          1. Great story about the viewing of Ice Cold….we do the same thing when my older boys and I are together….we pick one of my dad’s favorites and watch that one together.
          2. Yep Stigmata is not a good movie at all….I am not a huge fan of supernatural movies…but at the time I was a fan of Gabriel Byrne.
          3. Stigmata’s trivia place in history? After a 6 week run as the number one movie in America…The Sixth Sense finally got knocked off the top spot….by…..drumroll…..Stigmata.

  2. Well, mother shooting the father. That’s intense. Being discovered randomly like that makes me wonder if I should have thrown that guys card away who handed it to me in line at 7-11 back when I was 16 and said call Him if I wanted to do big things. I found him creepy and assumed he owned a strip club. Charlize is, to me, one of the most beautiful women on the planet. I find her acting to be fantastic also. Do you know if her makeup crew in Monster got any sort of nominations or awards. Her transformation is just amazing in that and I think that they deserve big kudos for their work in that. I like that her mom and her are so close. I wonder what the fish stand for. I’m happy to see you did a page about her. She’s one of my top lady actors 🙂

    1. Hey Abby the Anonymous….yep that was a tragic event in her life. I think you made the right decision about the guy in the 7-11…..but I guess you will never really know. Glad you like Charlize so much. She has gone from just a pretty face to a talented actress over the years….so big kudos for her. As for the makeup in Monster…sadly the makeup people did not get a nomination for that one…but you are right she is hard to recognize in that movie. Thanks for the visit and the nice words about my page.

      1. 👆🏻 did you see my comment about the mother shooting the father!?! I’m going to name myself this from now on.

        1. Hey The 1-N-only….I just responded to that comment….glad to see you exploring the website….it is greatly appreciated.

        2. Hey Abby….I just responded to that comment….glad to see you exploring the website….it is greatly appreciated.

  3. Hi
    Charlize is one of the best actresses around. She’s probably more an actress than a movie star. She was fantastic in Monster and deserved the Oscar without a doubt. She stole the show in Snow White and the Huntsman and I think she’s going to be around a long time. Many of the roles Meryl Streep currently gets will some day go to Charlize. Either that or she’ll end up in television drama like Glenn Close. Either way, she should always be around.

    1. Hey Chris….thanks for checking out my updated Charlize Theron. I agree with your comment 100%. Monster is amazing….it is like another actress played the role…no way that is Theron. I think the critical success of Mad Max is going to lift to new heights. I like you see that I will be updating this page many many more times in the future. Thanks as always for stopping by and commenting.

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