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  • Steve Lensman on Kirk Douglas MoviesBob, they might not have been the most chummy of friends but I refuse to believe they disliked each other. Why would they team up together in several films? Two powerful filmmakers can do whatever they like, it's not like they're forced into starring together in movies. Kirk's not an idiot if he sensed that Burt didn't like him he would never work with him again. Don't believe the rumors. I think they liked each other, call it a professional friendship if you like.
  • BOB on Kirk Douglas Movies1 MORNING PHIL I am afraid I’ve never been able to support the concept that something is a movie star’s own "business” when that something has been deliberately foisted on the public by the star(s) or their agents to create a favourable impression and then turns out to have been a deliberate falsehood. 2 The public has a right to feel aggrieved if it has been taken in by the deception and I feel that to suggest otherwise is not just condescending but smacks of the kind of hypocrisy indulged in by public figures and celebrities who feverishly court publicity...
  • phil simmons on Kirk Douglas MoviesHi Bob, Steve, First, thanks for the link. I had heard of the Oscar routine but never seen it. It`s great! I'm aware there's some doubt on whether the friendship was real or not, but that's really their business. As actors, apart from the fact that they often appeared together, they seemed to have a similar level of energy, emotional intensity and physical prowess. I can't think of any other two major stars who distinguished themselves in both dramatic and action roles to the extent that Douglas and Lancaster did. Overall, I think Lancaster had a slight edge not only...
  • JoAnn on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentJudy Garland, a great actress in her own right, in addition to being a phenomenal singer/entertainer, received a best actress Oscar nomination for A Star is Born and a best supporting actress, I believe, for Judgement in Nuerenberg (SP?).
  • David C. on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentBette has to be number 1. Katharine is a close 2nd...Shirley 3rd and don't even know why Judy is included (not that I don't love her...but just not in the same league actress wise)...sure there's a better number 4 out there...?
  • Dan on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesThat was supposed to be shorts and not shows.
  • Dan on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesHave never seen Snow White, saw parts of it in old Disney shows where they show scenes from some of their films that fit the topic they're doing. We're talking when Walt was hosting and maybe the years after into the 70's. As of the end of last year I had seen 22064 films not counting shows, serials or made for TV films. For a yearly breakdown at least since 2003; 2003 - 439 2004 - 422 2005 - 380 2006 - 396 2007 - 417 2008 - 422 2009 - 489 2010 - 633 2011 - 691 2012 -...
  • Cogerson on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesSee my previous comment...but my final point...would be by the late 1930s....lots of stars were labeled "box office poison"....I have never read that Loy was considered that. Good discussion as usual.
  • Cogerson on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesHey Bob....I can live with "statistically accurate". Despite the awfulness of still almost reached a million in the fans of Loy and Gable supported the movie to a box office ranking of 46th. As for Double Wedding an even bigger hit.....the Powell/Loy screen team was the most popular at the not sure her career needed to be saved...especially during this time her popularity was double that of Crawford and Davis combined. Comparing The Last of Mrs. Cheyney to Double Wedding profitability....Double Wedding earned $2,041,000 in worldwide rentals to $1,797,000 in worldwide rentals for Cheyney. Then when you...
  • Cogerson on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesHey Laurent....glad you like these pages. I wish America had "official box office figures" from 1944. Interesting question about Snow White versus Titanic. I would give the edge to Snow White. Thanks for sharing some of the results of your research. Good to know that France has it's equivalent Variety. Grande Illusion is considered one of the greatest movies of all-time....I have also seen it...though my copy was pretty weak...I would love to see that one on a remastered blu-ray. Thanks for the comment and the visit.
  • Cogerson on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesHey Steve.....yep....Dan's list is pretty impressive. I imagine Maltin and Dan would have a good competition to see who watched more movies. As for Snow White....he commented somewhere else that he had stayed away from some of the Disney animated classics. Nothing Scared...Nothing Sacred.....what's the difference between friends.....of "ca" or "ac" Actually fixed it on this I need to look at Lombard and March's fix it on in my database. Thanks for the return comment.
  • BOB on Kirk Douglas MoviesSTEVE: 1 Thanks for the link. 2 I would have given Burt the marginal edge because he ticks all the traditional boxes that illustrate star status - (1) His movies considerably out-grossed Kirk's according to WH's stats: Lancaster Total Gross $6.7 billion - Average Gross $100 million Douglas Total Gross $5.2 billion - Average Gross $73.3 million (2) As you say Burt was an Oscar winner and Kirk wasn't though he did get 3 nominations and the Myrna Loy Award for Lucky Losers- an Honorary Oscar. (3) Burt got into the Quigley Top 10 and I don't think Kirk ever...
  • Cogerson on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesHey Steve....yep...the comment box is up and running again. Wow....I had not responded to almost none of these comments....bad Cogerson! I have to admit....these are only the movies that I have researched for other pages.....being in a time crunch....I have had to decide to release the ones I have without doing more research on 1937 movies. I am sure I could add in another 40 or so movies if I included all the ones I have box office on. Then I think I would pick most of the ones you listed here. You and Dan...have equally impressive data collecting files....
  • Cogerson on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesHey problem about not posting for a few days....heck I have had a hard time making time for 49 is good enough for 2nd place....and easily beats my total. I enjoyed The Good Earth as well....Paul Muni is outstanding in that one. The Awful Truth is my favorite of the year. Mmmm....I will have to check out Night Must Fall. Good feedback...thanks for the comment, the visit and the tally count. :)
  • Cogerson on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesHey Lyle....glad you like these pages....pretty sure 1943, 1944 and 1945 ones are coming soon. Glad you like that Stewart won our Actors tournament.....our Actress tourney is almost now...with Judy Garland, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine being our Final Four. :)
  • Cogerson on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesHey John....thanks for checking out this year in review. If Snow White would have gotten those 8 Oscars in would indeed have been the top ranked UMR movie of the year....but since it was pretty much ignored by the Oscar lost almost all of the possible points in that category. As for The finished in the Top 30 in lots of the categories....I have not seen I will go with your thinking on it being a quality movie....but in fairness...when people mention great John Ford movies....I think it takes a very long time before they get to...
  • Cogerson on Elvis Presley MoviesHey Bob....good information on Debra have expanded my knowledge of her 10 times the amount I had before. We don't have a Paget page...but Love Me Tender is only 13th on our Elvis I am thinking my rating closely matches Steve's rating. Good review and good comment.
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentI agree Paul.....hard to pick for sure.
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentVery cool trivia. Streep has at least equaled Davis' greatness.
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentThanks for stopping by Rosemary
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentYour preference is duly noted.
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentHey Victor....they are both in the Final Four....and could find each other in the finals....should be interesting
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentHey Gemma On the top row...left to right....Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Judy Garland and Myrna Loy On the bottom row...left to right...Olivia de Havilland, Greer Garson, Shirley MacLaine and Meryl Streep.
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentHey Claudia ...... I agree with you 100%. When we researched her career we were amazed at the greatness of it. Almost every single on of her movies was a hit. Not many including greats like Crawford, Davis and Hepburn can make that claim.
  • Steve Lensman on Kirk Douglas MoviesGood post Bob. I'm a big fan of both actors but if I had to choose between the two I might have to pick Kirk Douglas, not just because of Spartacus (one of my favorite movies) but I find him more sympathetic, even when he's playing bad. And I think Kirk's the better actor though Burt has a Best Actor Oscar and Kirk hasn't. Burt and Kirk at the Oscars -
  • Amy Beth on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentI'm sure many here are aware that Bette Davis wrote a letter to Meryl Streep saying that one day she'd hope to work with her.
  • Paul on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentIt's like picking a favorite child. But, Bette Davis is Number One.
  • Claudia on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentSo glad to see Judy Garland in the running! Too bad everyone equated her with Dorothy Gale. She was so much more!
  • Gemma on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentKaterine Herpbur Bette Davis Judi Garland, Vivien Leig, Shirley Maclean , Meryl StreeThe fourth actress above I do not know who she is I do not know her.And the second down I do not know who it is
  • victor on 2017 UMR Actress Movie Tournamenti love Davis....but Hepburn was doing GREAT movies long after Bette.
  • BOB on Kirk Douglas MoviesPHIL Sorry I should have made clear that Steve Lensman's post is on Bruce's Virginia Mayo page on this site.
  • BOB on Kirk Douglas Movies1 PHIL Crawford v Davis is the correct comparison to make although on this site certain ‘comedians’ have diluted and downgraded the comparison to Crawford v Loy. Anyway you make some interesting observations on Lancaster/Douglas and here are a few comments of my own some of which have already been aired on this site. (1) I have always been surprised that AFI ranked Kirk above Burt as I consider the pair equal in status and if I had been forced to split them it would have been marginally in Burt’s favour for reasons you mention. (2) A Douglas biographer claimed...
  • BOB on Elvis Presley MoviesSTEVE You're a man who knows a lot about putting together and editing videos etc so is there any way one can edit Nora out of the series so that the films still make sense? If not I think I'll wait until Tuesday this week when WH's other idol Sir Maurice is showing on TV's Film 4 in Youth (2015) along with Harvey Keitel and Jane Fonda. IMDB gives it a 73% rating and from some scenes from it that I saw in a preview Sir M looked in cracking form and as strongly as I DISAGREE with WH about...
  • phil simmons on Kirk Douglas MoviesHi Cogerson, Having commented on the Burt Lancaster movie page, I thought it only fair to comment as well on the page of his contemporary rival, friend, and co-star of several films. Among your pages on legend battles, you may want to consider a Lancaster vs Douglas page. The two are a bit like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, with fans on each side claiming the other one is greater. On the basis of box office success and critically acclaimed films, Lancaster would win the battle, yet overall, I think Douglas has earned an equally honored place in American films...
  • Steve Loysman on Elvis Presley MoviesHi Bob, looks like some soccer fans have invaded Bruce's movie sanctuary, or is it the same person each time? Thanks as ever for the added info, always worth reading and always interesting. I see the one member 'Myrna Loy Denigration Society' is still in full swing. I think you should make some coffee, put one of your Thin Man Collection DVDs on, sit back and enjoy viewing Nora and Nick Charles in action for the umpteenth time, what do you say? [cue Bob harrumphing) :)
  • Vince on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentBette Davis no contest!
  • Rosemary on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentBETTE DAVIS, HANDS ABSOLUTELY DOWN!
  • BOB on Elvis Presley Movies1 Hi again STEVE. Thanks for the additional information and quotes, which encouraged me to do some more research on Deb’s career especially as we can usually rely on Bruce for interesting background information. In 1953 she auditioned for the role of Sheena Queen of the Jungle in the 26 episode TV series but the role went to Irish McCalla. However it is claimed that in her early Fox years Deb’s fan mail was less than only that of Grable and MM but that Deb went into decline in the late fifties and her big screen movie-making ended in 1963....
  • Steve Lensman on Elvis Presley MoviesHi Bob, thanks for review, rating and comment, always appreciated. Glad you liked the posters and stills. Young Debra wasn't a great actress by any means but she was very pretty and being photogenic was very important in old Hollywood, maybe not so much now. There were some risque photos of her dancing whilst wearing very little from Journey to the Lost City that I didn't include in case someone complained and my video got shut down. I have to be careful with the youtube moderators. On James Stewart and Broken Arrow (1950) - "I was so young that I...
  • BOB on Elvis Presley Movies1 HI STEVE This one took me completely by surprise because Debra was a supporting actress who Love Me Tender aside never seemed to me to get a lot of public attention. However she was unique in two ways (1) she was the first screen leading lady of Elvis (2) as your posters demonstrate she was the ONLY woman just as Richard Egan was the only male EVER to get billed above Elvis in movies Love Me Tender being just the King’s debut flick, though Debra overall was in that select group of ladies who got top billing even less...
  • Cogerson on USMC Marine MoviesHey Flora....thanks for checking out our latest page. Currently your tally is third behind me and Steve. Yes no surprise are your favorite this time. The power of Mr. Widmark. I also enjoyed Heaven Knows Mr. Allison. Thanks for the visit, the comment and the tally. :)
  • Cogerson on USMC Marine MoviesHey Steve 1. Thanks for the catch on Sean Penn. That has been fixed. 2. We are tied at 19...with Flora at 18. 3. Glad you like Aliens being on the list...a movie buff I work with was giving me a hard time for including it. 4. I agree with you on Born on the 4th of July and Flags. 5. Your suggestion will probably get done in the future. As always thanks for the feedback.
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentSorry but Mrs. Streep did not make it past Ms. Davis. But Elite 8 is pretty good.
  • Cogerson on USMC Marine MoviesYou are welcome. We should send it to him on next mail delivery.
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentHey Holly....she did not have enough movies to make tournament but she is an all-time great.
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentHey Lupino....she just dispatched Meryl Streep to join the Final Four. She might have to take out two other number one seeds to win it all.
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actor Movie TournamentHey Lupino. Our Final 4 is set and a Philadelphia Story co-star champs could still happen. It will be one tough bracket next Stewart will win that champions bracket. Bogart, Stewart, Grant and Stewart in one bracket. I do that to make it really tough to repeat so far it has worked out. Thanks for checking out our tournament. It means nothing but I find it fun.
  • Lupino on 2017 UMR Actor Movie TournamentSince Cary has won already, it's ok, that Jimmy has made it. Too bad his favorite Leading Lady didn't make it into this Tournament. Would have been nice to see Margaret and James on top - but Jimmy and Bette or Jimmy or Kate would be interesting, too...then you'd have The Philadelphia Story rebootet Tournament Champs.
  • Lupino on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentI'm rooting for Bette now ;)
  • Holly on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentExplains it. Why wasn't Vivien Leigh included. She won 2 oscars.
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentAnd down goes Myrna Loy as she falls to Katharine Hepburn 3-1. Hepburn advances to the Final Four. That is the good news....the bad news is she has already used 60% of her Top 15 movies.
  • WoC on USMC Marine MoviesThank you.
  • Helakoski on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentGlad Meryl Streep is still alive. Too bad Bette Davis got past Lillian Gish. Another wonderful photo.
  • Steve Lensman on USMC Marine MoviesSemper Fi... oorah! Hi Bruce, this is an interesting topic and by including Aliens you've made it easier for me to pick my favorite of the group. :) I've seen 19 of the 31 films listed - my favorite - Aliens - I've seen many times since it's release in 1986, I can practically quote the whole film. Other favorites include - Battle Los Angeles (not great but a good stab at a conventional war film but set during an alien invasion, the stereo surround sound is ace), Full Metal Jacket (Kubrick's last great film, fans of Eyes Wide Shut...
  • Flora Breen Robison on USMC Marine MoviesI have seen 8 of these Marine movies. The highest ranking film I have seen is A Few Good Men. The lowest ranked film I have seen is The Great Santini. The highest ranked film I have not seen is Aliens. My favourite is (not a surprise to anyone who knows me) Halls of Montezuma starring Richard Widmark . Also I love Heaven Knows Mr. Allison.
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentHey Dielise we use our web site to compare the actresses' movies...we have over 500 movie subjects...but we have not done Ms. Lange yet. I am sure if we had a Lange page she would have cracked our Top 64 and made the tournament. She is on our request hopefully we will get her page done soon. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentHey Helakoski.....after pretty much ignoring the actresses....happy to say they now make up about 25% of the subjects on the website. So they get their first ever tournament. Streep is now in the Elite 8....but not she is staring down Bette Davis...should be fun.
  • Dielise on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentWhere is jessica lange? how can you totally ignore her? like, she has two oscars omg. even amy adams is on this thing...
  • BOB on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesDOUBLE WEDDING [1937] From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Production Double Wedding had the working title of "Three's Company". Originally, Robert Young and Robert Benchley were to have roles in the film which was the seventh pairing of Powell and Loy. Loy's previous film, Parnell (1937) did not do well at the box office, so MGM paired her with Powell again to rehabilitate her career.
  • BOB on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesThe lead-in to this page whilst statistically accurate is totally misleading in spirit as it suggests a success story for Myrna Loy in particular whereas Clark Gable and William Powell were the top-billed stars of the two films concerned Parnell and Double Wedding Moreover Parnell was a box office disaster and one of the few Gable films to lose money and Wikipedia records that it reflected so unfavourably on Loy as Clark's co-star that MGM put her into Double Wedding with Powell so that "IT WOULD REHABILITATE HER CAREER " Loy had originally been scheduled to do the Last of...
  • Steve Lensman on Virginia Mayo MoviesHello Bob, thanks for checking out my 'Ginny' Jones video (Mayo's real name was Virginia Jones), appreciate the review and rating. For a while I had 'Up in Arms' on the chart and than I saw the poster and... where was our Ginny? She wasn't credited. Dinah Shore was on there instead, so out it went. Mayo was a popular screen beauty in her time and very shapely too, no one cared that she was slightly cross-eyed but the film cameraman would look for the best angle to film her. You can see her eyes clearly in the first poster...
  • BOB on Virginia Mayo Movies1 STEVE Virginia’s top-flight career unfortunately didn’t survive the 1950s and in the sixties she ended up in things like the A C Lyles ‘graveyard’ cheapies Young Fury and Fort Utah in a dreadful horror flick Castle of Evil with fellow has-beens Scott Brady and David Brian 2 Bruce’s otherwise excellent profile of Ginny was for me slightly spoilt by his inclusion of Up in Arms in which she was almost non-existent and I’m glad to see that you have not made that mistake and have included just those Kaye films in which she was relevant. You and Bruce agree...
  • Helakoski on 2017 UMR Actress Movie TournamentThanks for giving the actresses their own section. Since I know her the best I am hoping Meryl Streep joins Mr. Stewart in the winners circle.
  • BOB on Myrna Loy Movies1 AFTERNOON STEVE! Bruce stated as a fact that Myrna was the most successful box office star of all time and I disagreed with him because I find her statistical record as a stand-alone performer to be one of the most abysmal that I have ever seen among supposed major stars of the Classic Era and I feel that her “success” was to some extent on the coat-tails of the likes of Gable and Bill Powell. I feel that I am entitled to state a contrary opinion if I have one and my doing so does not interfere with others...
  • Cogerson on Myrna Loy MoviesHey Lupino.....thanks for checking out our page on "The Chosen One". 28 is a pretty stout total. I am currently walking out the door to go to work...and do not have the time to search the 167 comments to see where your tally ranks....but I do know it tops me. I am guessing it will give Flora a run for the movie too. The first two Thin Man movies are the best....with the James Stewart being the best of those two. Finding a quality copy of The Thin Man is hard to do. I can see your point about some...
  • Laurent on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesHi Bruce I love these annual table. And I am happy at this moment given the pace of publication. In France, we have the official box office figures since 1944. But for before, it's almost impossible to have anything. Officially the biggest success of all time is Titanic with over 21 million admissions. At least since 1944. For a long time it was believed that no film of the thirties had been sufficient success to beat this record. But about 5 years ago the National Cinematographic Center dusted off its archives. And they noticed with surprise that Snow White had...
  • John on 1946 Top Box Office MoviesCogerson Well, one very good theory there. I also wonder how much the baby boom effects average attendance as the population rapidly increases, but infants don't buy tickets. I am browsing about trying to find facts, and one I have found is that the actual attendance is disputed. According to Thomas Gale, History of the American Cinema (1990), the Census Bureau estimated weekly movie attendance at 90 million in 1946, but the Theatre Owners of America estimated it at 82.4 million. Gallup estimated it at 66 million. The MPAA at 95-100 million. But most see a big fall-off starting in...
  • Cogerson on Site IndexHey John....great story on how you did not realize that Robin Hood was not in black and white. I imagine it was like watching an entire new movie when you finally saw it in color....thanks for sharing these story.
  • Cogerson on 1946 Top Box Office MoviesHey John.....great information here. I have a theory to explain the drop off. First of all...the percentage might have dropped but the tickets sold increased. Between 1945 and 1948 the average weekly attendance was 90 million a week. In 1949 it dropped to 87.5 million a week....and then it fell off the cliff in 1950 as it went to 60 million a week. So my theory....maybe the percentage was based on the people in the country at the time. If they did not include the people that were out of country due to the war...which would have been millions of...
  • Cogerson on 1946 Top Box Office MoviesGlad you liked Arrival....a much better movie than Moonlight. That was one of my wife's favorite movies of 2016 as well. :)
  • Cogerson on Burt Lancaster MoviesHey Phil....Bob is our resident expert on billing.....I am sure he got a kick out of your comment talking about Newman and McQueen. As Newman...used to say...."hell....the fire was the real star of the Towering Inferno. :)
  • Cogerson on Burt Lancaster MoviesHey Bob, Phil and John. Great conversation on Heston and the Big Country. Fun to read and learn from the masters. :)
  • Cogerson on Burt Lancaster MoviesHey Phil....yep WoC is Wife of Cogerson...that is the name she likes to use....her license plate even says
  • Cogerson on Site IndexHey always your movie knowledge is always impressive. Great review and info share. You are the man.
  • Cogerson on Site Index:)
  • Cogerson on Site IndexHey Steve. Nice link. I have pages on 6 of them. Ex-wife number two was a you I have a soft spot for I am sure I will do a page on the other 4 in the future. I still need to check out your Fleming video. :)
  • Cogerson on Site IndexHey Steve, sadly you are so right about the world we live in. Scotty has about 8 weeks left in London. I sadly have to admit that over the last couple of months the thought had crossed my mind that he was not in the safest city with terror attacks being what I was thinking about. Stay safe....wishing a speedy recovery for those hurt and RIP to those that lost their lives.
  • John on Site IndexSteve "I've always wondered if audiences of the 1950s were disappointed when they sat in the cinema and the big movie turned out to be in monochrome." The answer is yes, in some cases. I was in movie theatres in which there were audible groans when the b/w came on. Don't overlook that re-releases were often b/w copies but the posters implied the original color. I remember watching The Adventures of Robin Hood in b/w back in the 1950's. I still thought it good, though. It was only decades later that I found out what it looked like in glorious...
  • Steve Lensman on Site IndexHi Bruce, seems I moved out of London just in time and I've crossed that bridge many times! Terror strikes London and Europe again. When will it end? I don't know. Those innocents didn't deserve to be maimed and killed. Pointless evil. May the dead rest in peace. Good to know your son is okay, he might have second thoughts about travelling to the UK again, and I don't blame him. It's an increasingly dangerous world we're living in.
  • Cogerson on Site IndexHey Steve....good to know you were not back in London picking up some more items from your big move. Tragic news today. I did not know things were so dangerous when we sent Scotty to London for training. Which he is fine as well. Tragic, sad news. Rest in peace to those that passed today.
  • Steve Lensman on Site IndexBob, you started this business with Myrna Loy a year ago when Bruce innocently mentioned she was Hollywood's box office queen. And you attacked her again in your two previous posts. Believe it or not some of us genuinely like Myrna and her films too. She's a warm, attarctive and likeable actress, unlike certain classic Hollywood divas... you know their names. :)
  • Steve Lensman on Site IndexSorry that should be to John, not Bob in my previous post.
  • Steve Lensman on Site IndexHi Bob, thanks again for the review, trivia and synopsis, always appreciated. Bullwhip sounds sort of interesting, I've checked my database and I haven't got a copy. Darn. But youtube has a low-res copy available. Makes you wonder how many full-length movies are residing at youtube, not all of them in the public domain and some of them with their titles disguised for copyright reasons.
  • Steve Lensman on Site IndexHi John, thanks for checking out my Lily Munster video and the added info, much appreciated. Good point on the cheap b movies having a higher percentage of color movies in classic Hollywood than the more prestige pictures. One of the greatest westerns ever - High Noon was filmed in B/W at a time when color b-westerns and swashbucklers were being released at a weekly rate. But I'd say that was a stylistic choice by the director. I've always wondered if audiences of the 1950s were disappointed when they sat in the cinema and the big movie turned out to...
  • Steve Lensman on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesJust saw Dan's list of films seen, whoa dude that's enormous amount of films. I doubt even Leonard Maltin has seen that many. How do you find the time? Btw you seem to have avoided the film of the year - Snow White. Hey Bruce, be scared, be very scared but um 'Nothing Scared'... is still in your database... :)
  • Steve Lensman on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesHey the comment box is back, woohoo! :) 1937 eh? Was it a good year? For me personally... nope. I've seen just.... 27 of the 132 films listed here. The first ever full length animated film - Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs - easily my favorite movie from this year and my most watched, you can bin the rest (stop it Steve!) 1937 was a bad year for horror and science fiction but it did contain a couple of noteworthy (live-action) fantasy movies - Topper (Cary Grant as a ghost! How often does that happen in the movies?) and...
  • Lupino on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesHey Bruce, thanks for another box office year! Haven't posted for a few days (since I checked out the 2 chosen ones Loy and Crawford), work is merciless currently and I spend enough time at the computer there ;) ..but a week off lies just around the corner! Of the above listed films, I've seen 49- not enough for the Gold medal but quite decend I think. One of my top 3 films ever was released in '37, so The Good Earth has to be my favorite movie of the year. Yet, there are so many others that are close...
  • John on Site IndexHi Steve Just watched your Rhonda Fleming video. Interesting to me that despite her knock on b/w films, her top three were early b/w films. She seems another Arlene Dahl to me. A competent actress with classic beauty, but lacking individuality. What I mean is that if one put her into one of those MGM parades of beauties, she would fit right in but one wouldn't particularly notice her as she lacked that certain something which makes her stand out, which might even be a "flaw" such as Gene Tierney's overbite. No quibble with your ratings. I agree with your...
  • John on Site IndexSteve Just got to your Yvonne DeCarlo video. A lot of fun to watch. While she was a true queen of Technicolor, it is interesting that several of her relatively rare b/w films are clustered toward the top of your list. She replaced Maria Montez in exotic roles at Universal in the late forties, but also worked in film noirs and westerns. No dispute from me on your rankings. The Ten Commandments is her obvious #1 film. One movie that is missing (perhaps understandably) is Frontier Gal which she made with Rod Cameron in 1945. It was a solid box...
  • John on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesCogerson thanks for all the information. I have seen 37 of these films, heavily tilted toward the ones with a higher UMR or critic ratings. My reaction is surprise that The Hurricane does so poorly as I found it one of the better 1930's John Ford movies with terrific special effects. The UMR system drops Snow White to #4, but I think it is obviously the movie of the year of those released in 1937. It was simply not eligible for most Academy Awards, but did win a special one. I personally think it should have won the best picture...
  • Lyle on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesHello Bruce. I think it's great that you've been doing yearly film box office pages. I'm on the run or I'd say more. I appreciate what you been doing. I'm glad James Stewart won the actors tournament. Stewart has always been in my top ten of greatest male film stars.
  • Dan on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesI didn't stop logging the movies, just listing the stars. When I first put everything on a computer years ago I listed the top 2 stars, till maybe 2009. I stopped because one book I used basically fell apart or the internet would freeze up. I put most of the actors up for numerous years (my years viewing) all at one time then just didn't update.
  • Cogerson on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesHey Dan....I imagine stopping the tracking of the movies you watched was a tough decision after collecting so much data. I am having the same issue with After reviewing over 2000 movies I have started having time issues with doing reviews. I am currently 30 movies behind and part of me wants to stop the reviews while the other part is saying keep going. Still this is a massive amount of 1937 movies watched. Kudos to you for all of your record keeping. Thanks for sharing all of this information.
  • Cogerson on 1937 Top Box Office MoviesHey Flora...your 39 more than doubles my total of 18. One of your favorites is my Top movie of 1936....The Awful Truth.....and Cary Grant has nothing to do with Snow White is an all-time classic.....I wonder what would have happened if it tanked and put Disney out of business....think of all the great movies that might not exist. Thanks for checking out this yearly review, your comment and your tally....all are greatly appreciated.
  • Cogerson on Sean Penn MoviesHey Bob. Your comment made me laugh. I imagine they are thinking the same thing about your
  • BOB on Sean Penn MoviesHI BRUCE 1 You should be more selective about which comment you read. For example I think you could skip those of Steve and John and you would miss nothing and in fact could end up less confused.
  • Cogerson on Sean Penn MoviesHey Bob 1. Sorry I am so far behind in comments. And each day I get further and further behind. 2. Thanks for your comments on Sean Penn. 3. Well at least Penn did top Judd Nelson's average box office 4. You are 100% correct......he seems to be the name people forget when naming the multiple Best Actor Oscar winners. 5. Milk is almost a forgotten film. Mystic River will probably be the movie that he gets remembered for....and as you say...Mr. Eastwood has a lot to do with that. 6. As always...thanks for the feedback.
  • Cogerson on 2017 UMR Actor Movie TournamentHey Phil.....poor the time he got to the finals.....he was stuck with movies like Lilac Time...while Stewart still had Best Picture Oscar winning movies in his corner. Poor Burt....Vera Cruz and goes down in the seventh movie matchup. By far Burt's best showing....maybe my updated ranking system has really helped him and his movies. Thanks for all the fun comments on this is greatly appreciated.
  • Cogerson on March 21st – UMR Actor Tournament Is Over – And James Stewart Is Our ChampHey Bob....sorry Mojo was down yesterday. WoC actually went to Vegas without him this time. Turns out running the house by myself is a lot more difficult than I
  • Cogerson on March 21st – UMR Actor Tournament Is Over – And James Stewart Is Our ChampHey Steve....I got that e-mail after getting off work....thanks for the heads-up. For some reason I have to activate the "comment" box after every new page....and I simply forgot to do it on the 1937 page. Thanks again.

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13 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Wow that was quick! Thanks for considering my comment and updating the page. I guess this means the pages of the relevant co-stars of the updated films may need to be revised as well eventually, but…one step at a time 🙂 I see what you mean about the Hour of the Gun. So it did bombed badly at the box office. Not surprising given its lack of high dramatic moments, though it was a credible, revisionist Wyatt Earp story with strong performances from Garner and Jason Robards. A bit surprised at the low rating of Skin Game. I think it was one of Garner’s best films and it usually has very good ratings.

    1. Hey phil…..I think there were 3 or 4 pages that have the mistake of me being lazy….I think with fixing the Garner page…that I am down to only needing to fix the Gary Cooper page….and yes….I need to fix the co-stars that piled on to my laziness. One day…..this site will be dynamic…and whenever something changes….it will change it everywhere on the website automatically. With the site….getting so big….I have lost of control of that.

      As for Skin Game……’s reviews have really jumped up since I first did this page back in 2011….it made significant gains at IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes over the last 5 years. That is another “issue” with my website…..I pretty much never go back and look at the review % when I am done with a page (just do not have the time for that)….both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes have a constantly changing rating…seems lots of people have backed your opinion of Skin Game……as I have adjusted that movie’s critic audience rating….granted….it did not move the needle too far…but enough to get it out of the less than average rating and into the better than average rating. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. One of the things you will find about this website….we have no problem…acknowledging that we screwed something up…..we seem to do it all the time…lol.

  2. Congratulations, your web site contains a wealth of information and an interesting way to rate movies. I have a number of comments/suggestions that I would like to send later. But for now, I was reviewing the box office information for a number of my favourite stars (Burt Lancaster, Gregory Peck, Steve McQueen, James Garner etc..) and found some possible inconsistencies in James Garner’s page. I noticed as compared to last year, adjusted box office figures have generally been revised upward by 30% or more and I assume this is because of using more a more current dollar value. However, in Garner’s page, a number of box office figures were increased by only about 5%. Based on a review of what has been done for other films across a number of stars, I estimated that The Americanization of Emily, 36 Hours, The Art of Love, Boys’ Night Out, Duel at Diablo and Support Your Local Sheriff may have been wrongly adjusted. Also, while I do not have access to the Variety numbers, I note that Wikipedia indicates BO rentals of $3.5M for the Wheelers Dealers and $2M for Hour of the Gun, which adjusted should result in about $80-100M for the former (instead of $45.7) and $30-40M ($14.4M) for the latter?

    1. Hey Phil
      1. Thanks for the nice words about out page.
      2. These two links will explain what is going on with the James Garner page. and
      3. So you will see a different table when you return…as I am about to update it.
      4. This does not effect Hour Of The Gun…..the source used on Wiki….says it comes from a book and not Variety…so many of Garner’s movies increased but not that one…as I already had the gross of that movie a little over two million.
      5. Thanks for the headsup on my mistake on the Garner page.

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