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  • Toby on Jerry Lewis MoviesA true genius
  • JOHN WAYNE on Joel Hirschhorn MoviesHI PHIL I hope you are successful in breaking Glenn out of prison. Often in movies the trick is effectively carried out by smuggling someone else in to take the prisoner's place and thus allow time before the getaway is noticed. Could you not substitute that pretend critic guy Hirschhorn for Glenn? Maybe they'd keep him there for a long time. Anyway the venture will be a labor of love for you as your pal McQueen seemed to like breaking out of prisons and places. I notice from some past posts that the Bawwwb guy says he saw a TV...
  • Judith on Jerry Lewis MoviesLoved the man. Funny Bones was, along with the King of Comedy, my favourite.
  • BOB on Robert DeNiro MoviesBRUCE 1 Apologies because I see that I've inadvertently repeated stuff from my last post about DeNiro 2 However I'm sure that regulars on this site will be glad to have the opportunity of reading twice some of my work - unlike many of the mutterings of you and Steve !!!
  • BOB on Jerry Lewis MoviesHI BRUCE1 Yes “beast at the box office” has stuck in my mind since you first used that phrase and indeed I had to avoid accidentally “pirating” it for use in my own posts. It’s an example of why I like your write-ups as well the stats as the former not only provide new information but although scholarly are always expressed in a friendly colloquial manner that the man-in-the street can understand. Of course I’ve never heard you speak and possibly when you go vocal you’re one of those mumblers that Steve bellyaches about !!! 2 I bracket Lewis along...
  • BOB on Robert DeNiro Movies1 When I first saw Robert De Niro in Godfather 2 he was only 31 so it is amazing to think that this site has just marked his 74th birthday. 2 It was reported in the press over here that he gave an interview to a group of movie critics in a hotel in Southern Ireland and stormed out of the room when one of them suggested to him that he was not true “box office” 3 Certainly nobody can argue about his acting credentials because critics and fellow performers alike have praised his work. For example Scorsese obviously loves...
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Bern1960....thanks for sharing so many memories of Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, MDA and how Sinatra got Dean and Jerry back for an appearance on the telethon....that was one of tv's great moments. Yep...I knew of his passing....but it was from Flora's comment. Thanks for thinking of me.....RIP Mr. Lewis.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Paula....that bond will always be there. Thanks for stopping by on this very sad day.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Dee....I agree with you. RIP. thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Harriet.....know you are not alone. RIP Mr. Jerry Lewis
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Allison.....I am right there with you. Sad day.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Lupino...thanks for sharing your thoughts on Jerry Lewis. I recently watched his Whose Minding The a Store movie...I thought it was ok....yet a few times my little girls wandered into the room and would laugh and scream at some of the scenes in the movie. The power of Lewis to get kids 50 years later to laugh like that. RIP.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Nicole...the Nutty Professor was easily his most famous movie. Sad news indeed. RIP Mr. Lewis.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesThanks for sharing your thoughts, Stacy, it is greatly appreciated.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis Movies:)
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Bob....I will have to check that movie out. :)
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Steve...sad news indeed. Thanks for stopping by.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Linda...thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts on Jerry Lewis. RIP
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Bob....thanks for sharing your thoughts on Lewis, Martin, their movies and how their break up was massive news back then. WoC went on a walk today and I was sharing some of your exact comments to her. of my favorite thoughts..."beast at the box office"....the same could be said for Lewis too....RIP Mr. Lewis.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesThank you Danielle.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesThank you Danielle....Rest in Peace Mr. Lewis.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Anita...I agree with you 100%.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Cindy.......seems people have forgotten how popular Martin and Lewis were...maybe seeing more of their movies on tv will enlighten some people.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Chance...I imagine some all day Jerry Lewis tributes are coming soon. I am sure TCM is working on that right now.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Carol.....great comment. Sounds like you have been a fan of his for a very long are right his movies are a lasting legacy....and he will live forever in those movies. :)
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesRight there with you Tony. RIP Jerry Lewis.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesThank you has been one of our more popular pages for the last couple of years....he seems to have fans every where.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Alan....thanks for sharing your thoughts on Mr. Lewis. He made the world smile...and smile for so many years...he will be missed.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Terry....he will surely be missed.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Denise...great thoughts on Mr. Lewis. Watching his Labor Day telethon is one of my clearest childhood memories. It was bittersweet...I loved the telethon....but I knew it meant school was about to re-open. RIP
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey is awesome you got to spend so much quality time with him. Those are some incredible memories you have. Love stories like that. Thanks for sharing them. Our thoughts to his family as well.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey Kylie...I am sure he is in a better place now. RIP Mr. Lewis.
  • Kyrie on Jerry Lewis Moviesmay GOD ALMIGHTY Have Mercy on Jerry Lewis's Soul.
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesHey Lyle...glad you found your requested Boris Karloff page. Thanks for the list of favorites...I have not seen The Black Room....but I want to. I liked The Body Snatcher and Isle of the Dead. Actually in Danny Peary's Alternate Oscar book....he gave Karloff the Oscar for The Body Snatcher....shame it did not happen that way in the real world. Glad we made your day. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesTonight or Never has been added to the page.
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesHey Dan 1. Thanks for the lists....they are greatly appreciated. 2. Interesting memory of how you heard of his passing....I imagine The Munsters were pretty popular back then. 3. Actually surprised he has that many on the first list....though I could have guessed Lee and Nicholson being there. 4. Looking at the second list....I see yet another movie that could be added to this table...1931's Tonight or Never.....that one is already in my Melvyn Douglas page and not here....going to have to fix that. 5. Lots of familiar names on the lists from legends to bit player superstars like Tovey...
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesHey Chris 1. Glad you liked our latest suggestions....for years Steve has been asking for this page...and for years I have avoided doing it....but in fairness to the time of the original request...I did not have nearly the sources I have today. So his request was before the 2. I agree with all of your thoughts on Frankenstein. I could not have written it better. 3. That is an amazing story about Karloff's daughter and Cumber...thanks for sharing that information. 4. His Frankenstein is quickly closing in on 100 years old...and yet it is still one of movie's...
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesHey John.....I forget to mention Targets...I think it is safe to say "we can agree to disagree on this one"...seems I watch that movie ever few years.....and no matter how many times I see it....the ending with Karloff walking towards the shooter on the screen and in the scene is always awesome to me.
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesHey Lupino 1. I agree with you...that Bride is one of those sequels that is better than the original....though both are all-time classics. 2. Tally are coming in 3rd place...John 47, Steve 44, you 27, me 14 and Flora at can't win them all the time. 3. I think our Top 3 match....though Isle of the Dead is pretty close to Targets in my book. 4. Of your other favorites...I have only seen (and liked) Scarface....Lured seems like one I should check out. 5. Glad you liked this selection.
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesHey John 1. Your 47 is the winner in our contest.....though it was close as Steve got to 44. 2. I agree he made 58 silent movies in just over 10 years.....I am sure many producers knew him back in those early days. 3. I think James Whale had numerous issues with Karloff and the fact that the monster got so much attention....back then directors were mini-gods...and Karloff was taking away some of the attention from Whale. 4. Finding the box office on Frankenstein is pretty difficult....since it had so many made $170 million (adjusted) during the first year...
  • Cherry on Jerry Lewis MoviesGreat list! Thank you!
  • Lyle on Boris Karloff MoviesHello Bruce. You've been busy. Thanks for this great page on Boris Karloff. I love Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein as well as The Mummy and Son of Frankenstein. But I have to say my favorite Karloff film is 1935's The Black Room. I also love The Body Snatcher and Isle of the Dead. This is a really good Page which took a lot of research. Thanks again Bruce, you've made my day.
  • Terry on Jerry Lewis MoviesLoved him! Watched every telethon! Will miss you Jerry!
  • Dan on Boris Karloff MoviesI remember when Boris died in 1968 I was with the family who watched me after school while my mother worked. The lady who minded me told me the guy who played Frankenstein on the Munsters died. She thought Fred Gwynne had died. Anyway Boris was never on the Oracle of Bacon top 1000 Center of the Hollywood Universe list. The few on the 2016 who appeared with him in a film are; 35 CHRISTOPHER LEE Corridors of Blood (1958) 35 CHRISTOPHER LEE Curse of the Crimson Altar (1968) 364 ROBERT VAUGHN The Venetian Affair (1967) 368 RANDY QUAID Targets...
  • phil simmons on Joel Hirschhorn MoviesDukey, Pappy and Mr. Ford, Glenn got himself locked up in Yuma again, but just to stay it's been good chewing the fat with you as well. Of course, Glenn was joking about me falling off my horse - why, Canadians are virtually born on horses! And to answer Mr. Ford's question, no we do not all believe in reincarnation, but we do believe in tolerating all harmless spiritual beliefs. I asked Glenn if he had been reincarnated as a Spaniard and he just said "Vayas con dios hermano". By the way, though Glenn won't admit it, the reports at...
  • Shalanna Collins (Denise Weeks) on Jerry Lewis MoviesThere will never be anyone like Jerry Lewis again--we shall not see his like again. His ministry was to the MDA kids and to the comedy audience. He made so many people happy. He's in Heaven now and we are the poorer for it. But we will meet again!
  • cindy on Jerry Lewis Moviesyes I agree I wish they would show a hell of a lot more of his movies I really loved them with and with out dean they were all great
  • Wayne on Jerry Lewis MoviesI grew up a fan of Jerry, and idolized him. Then, as a professional stagehand, i had the (absolute!) pleasure touring with him on "Damn Yankees". 9 months, including London's West End. He was, at times, a pain in the ass. But mostly he was engaging, enjoyable, personable, and...funny! He took care of his crew. And he respected us. I've had many dinners (and an occasional adult beverage) with him and Sam, and used to play with Dani. My thoughts are with them.
  • Tony on Jerry Lewis MoviesHE MADE ME LAUGH WHEN I WAS SAD. R.I.P. I LOVE YOU JERRY!!!!
  • Carol on Jerry Lewis MoviesBeing Older than Most here.... he was my "bestest" to go see in the theaters when I was able to go by myself !! I will MISS the hell outa him, but know ... through his flims and videos..... he'll still be hjere for us all and the NEXT GENERATIONS !!!
  • Anita on Jerry Lewis MoviesWhat a talent!!!!!!! RIP Jerry will be missed.
  • Danielle on Jerry Lewis Moviesoui ses triste un des très grand nous a quitté
  • BOB on Jerry Lewis Movies1 When Martin and Lewis split up most observers felt sorry for Dino as it was generally assumed that without Jerry his subsequent film career would not be overly successful. Indeed Dean’s detractors seemed proven right in the first year of Dean and Jerry’s solo careers (1957) as that year Martin released just one movie Ten Thousand Bedrooms which had an adjusted domestic gross of merely $43 million whereas Jerry had two smash hits, The Sad Sack and The Delicate Delinquent, which generated a healthy combined domestic gross of almost $300 million. 2 Fast forward though to the close of...
  • Steve Lensman on Jerry Lewis MoviesI've seen it before but it's been a few years. The Nutty Professor is my favorite of his solo films, along with The Disorderly Orderly.
  • Linda Nelson on Jerry Lewis MoviesVery sad to hear he is gone. I loved ALL his movies and of course wouldn't miss a marathon for MDA. He was truly blessed with a gift of helping others LAUGH! R.I.P.
  • Steve Lensman on Jerry Lewis MoviesHello Bob, I'm looking at Dean Martin and Lizabeth Scott right now. Many scenes are lifted straight out of Ghost Breakers. I think Bob Hope has a cameo in this one.
  • BOB on Jerry Lewis MoviesSTEVE Correction to my last post as it was Jan Sterling and not Lizabeth Scott who was in The Vanquished. Anyway I Hope [no pun intended] you enjoyed Scared Stiff. Let me know what you think when you next send me a post.
  • BOB on Jerry Lewis MoviesHI STEVE 1 My own personal favourite Martin and Lewis film which I saw on a double bill with The Vanquished starring John Payne and Lizabeth Scott. 2 Scared Stiff was a remake of Hope's 1940 The Ghost Breakers in which Robert Ryan made his film debut. You will of course notice the Dan like link in all this in that Hope made a cameo appearance in Scared Stiff.
  • Steve Lensman on Jerry Lewis MoviesI'm watching 'Scared Stiff' on TV. Martin & Lewis, together again. Sad news indeed. RIP.
  • Chris on Boris Karloff MoviesHi I was delighted to see you did a page on the great Karloff. I think his Frankenstein monster is the most iconic monster in Hollywood history. The look, the sound is just brilliant. The Bride of Frankenstein is one of my favourite movies. I was 11 the first time I seen it and I remember my friend at school thought it was poor and I couldn't understand how you couldn't love such a movie. Even the original Frankenstein 1931, stands the test of time. I would admit that some of Frankenstein isn't in the same par but I suppose...
  • Lupino on Boris Karloff MoviesIn my opinion, Bride of Frankenstein was one of the rare occasions when an sequel managed to improve of an already flawless original. So, of the 27 movies I've seen, add Targets and you have my Top 3 Karloff movies. He was able to inflict the "artificial monster" with so many shades of humanity - I doubt an other actor could have done this. Other favorites are The mad Genius (with beautiful Marian Marsh and John Barrymore), House of Rothschild, The old, dark House, Lured, Scarface and Miracle Man, where he was an oily, slimy villain trying to get his...
  • Stacy on Jerry Lewis MoviesGreat man sad to see him go could never stop laughing at his movies love love love the man
  • Nicole on Jerry Lewis MoviesThe Nutty Professor was an awesome movie, Jerry was amazing....... so sad to hear that he has passed......
  • Lupino on Jerry Lewis MoviesAlthough I am not a huge fan of Mr. Lewis, I'm well aware of his importance as an actor and an influence within the american movie industry. He was- and still is- highly popular in Germany. So, with my deepest respect to his achievements, Rest in Peace Mr.Jerry Lewis.
  • Allison on Jerry Lewis MoviesI'm absolutely devastated. He's now reunited with his best mate Dean
  • Harriet on Jerry Lewis MoviesMy heart is broken today
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesHey Flora....thanks for checking out Steve's Boris page....especially since you are not a huge horror fan. Your right behind my 14....but we are both well behind Steve's 44 and John's 47. I have seen and enjoyed your Top 3. The other one I have seen that you have seen is Scarface.....a good movie with a very small part for Boris. Thanks for stopping by.
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesHey John. 1. Glad we were able to finally get this page done on your favorite actor. 2. I wish I was able to include more of his movies.....but I think of his movies after 1929 we have almost 80% of his movies......certainly not a great percentage....but more than I thought possible. 3. IMDb vote totals and Rotten Tomatoe critic reviews are pretty slight the older the movie I think that might explain the higher rating. 4. The one I disagree with the most is 1963's The Raven.....the movie is fun...but is it a great movie....seems it might have...
  • Dee on Jerry Lewis MoviesJerry R.I.P. You were a wonderful actor......
  • Paula on Jerry Lewis MoviesSo sad today see him pass he best actor me and him had same birthday
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff Movies:)
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesHey were was wrong there too....but it has been fixed. Thanks for the catch.
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesHey Boris Lensman.....ok....I finally see the light....Horse House Hose it is all the same thing...right? Lol. I have fixed the error on (1) My it should never happen again...with that movie it least (2) Fixed the title on the Boris page. (3) Fixed the title on the Melvyn Douglas page and (4) Added the title to the Charles Laughton page. So that old dark horse has been to pasture at the old dark house. Thanks for the catch.
  • Bern 1960 on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey, I just heard a few minutes ago that Jerry Lewis died. I gave some funds to the MDA yesterday outside the grocery store. I remember when Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin went their separate ways. I also remember the time that Dean Martin appeared as a surprise guest on the the MDA weekend show and they made up - AT LEAST ON TV. I also remember that Jerry Lewis went to the funeral of Dean Martin's son who died in a plane crash. It is sad to see so many talented and older stars passing away. I was thinking...
  • John on Boris Karloff MoviesCogerson Of the Karloff movies you listed, I have seen 47. One thing I would mention is that while Karloff wasn't a star or anything in the 1920's, he was a prolific character actor and often got solid featured roles. I imagine he was well known among studio casting directors. Interestingly, I have read from several sources that James Whale, the sophisticated director of the Frankenstein films, came from a poor family and resented Karloff who was the black sheep of an upper class family. and so often referred to Karloff behind his back as "that truck driver." Although English,...
  • Cogerson on August 21st – Rest in Peace Jerry Lewis – A Statistical Look At His Movie CareerRest in Peace Mr. Lewis. My Jerry Lewis page has been pretty popular (a Top 50 UMR page) so I did not even wonder why he was trending near the top of our pages....and then I got Flora's comment about his passing. So sad. He was in my town a year or two ago doing a Night with Jerry Lewis I wish I had gone. RIP.
  • Cogerson on Jerry Lewis MoviesHey is the first I am hearing about his passing. I agree so few legends are around anymore. Rest in Peace Mr. Lewis.
  • Flora Breen Robison on Jerry Lewis MoviesJust found out that Jerry Lewis has died. I was never really a Jerry Lewis fan, I prefered his old partner Dean Martin. Still, we have so few living legends anymore. Rest in Peace Mr. Lewis.
  • Flora Breen Robison on Boris Karloff MoviesI have seen only 8 of Boris Karloff's career. I am not a fan of horror, per se, but I have seen a lot of the Universal horror films when I watch horror films. My favourite Karloff films are Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and The Mummy. The other films I've seen include Scarface The Raven (original) Bikini Beach Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde The Invisible Ray
  • John on Boris Karloff MoviesCogerson As Boris Karloff is my favorite actor, I want to make a couple of posts about this fascinating board. To start with, thank you for all the work to get this info together. As Karloff was a genre star, it must have been difficult. First, on your critical ratings. Well, my guess is most of your critics probably aren't into 1930's horror films and so haven't seen most of these movies. That is the only thing I can figure out for some of the odd ratings. The top three are solid, and Targets and some others should be high,...
  • Felix Unger on Boris Karloff MoviesIt's The Old Dark Horse on Melvyn Douglas chart, seems no one noticed it then. :)
  • Bored Lensman on Boris Karloff MoviesBob or is it Phil? Can't tell anymore.
  • Boris Lensman on Boris Karloff MoviesBruce, you didn't add 'lol' to your no.5 comment so I'm assuming you didn't know the movie was actually titled 'The Old Dark House', a fairly famous gothic horror directed by James Whale in 1932. Have to admit 'The Old Dark Horse' did give my a good chuckle this morning. Maybe you should leave it on there and see if anyone else spots it.
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesHey Bob 1. You are right Frankenstein turned him into "overnight" sensation....after only 12 years and almost 70 movies. 2. In some ways his quick rise to fame is like John Wayne's quick rise (after a decade of B movies). 3. Monster Mash is a fun song for sure. 4. I think his 205 IMDb credits is why I delayed doing this page for so long. Without use of the Harrison Reports there is no way this page would have so many of his movies. 5. I am right there with you about that movie....I Steve will be shocked...
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff Movies:)
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesHey Steve 1. Glad you liked your requested page....I am thinking you made this request/suggestion about 5 years ago....glad I could get it done so quickly for 2. I have seen 14 to your 44 (I have added two more Karloff movies since your comment). 3. I have added The Black Room and The Man They Couldn't Hang to the page....trying to find The Man Who Changed His Mind. 4. The rest of the movies you own that did not make the page....sadly I struck out....seems the Monogram movies should have made some money...since it was made in this...
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesI think it is safe to assume that "It's Dead! It's Dead!" when it comes to these two new columns of information...going to have to go back to the drawing board.
  • BOB on Boris Karloff Movies1 It was of course Frankenstein in 1931 that made Karloff an overnight star but he had no real dialogue to speak in the role of the Monster so that even Steve Lensman couldn’t claim that his diction was poor! 2 However he has had one of the most distinctive voices in movie history which has been a godsend to mimics down through the years and though it was very cultured and precise it was ideally suited to some of the other creepy roles he played away from the Monster. 3 As we’ve discussed before on this site a hit...
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesWhoops! That 21st ranking is UMR ranking in 1947 not the box office rank. I guess I told WoC (Wife of Cogerson) the wrong thing when she was sitting up this new aspect of our database. Going to have to go back and manually put all the rankings not thinking WoC will be able to do anymore programming today on our database. As for the difference between the Cooper page and the 1947 is from our database and one is from Variety's Top Grossers. My database puts Unconquered in 3rd place while Variety (January 7th, 1948) puts Unconquered...
  • Mark on Boris Karloff MoviesHow does "Unconquered" (#21 of 146) square with it being #5 for Cooper and #3 for 1947?
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesHey Parker...glad you liked the page....thanks for allowing me to join the Boris Karloff Facebook Fan Page.
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesTaking the time to list Joel's 4 Star Boris Karloff Performances The Criminal Code (1931) Five Star Final (1931) The Mad Genius (1931) Frankenstein (1931) Behind The Mask (1932) Scarface (1932) The Old Dark Horse (1932) The Mask of Fu Mancho (1932) The Mummy (1932) The Ghoul (1933) The Lost Patrol (1934) The House of Rothschild (1934) The Black Cat (1934) The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) The Invisible Ray (1936) The Man Who Lived Again (1936) Juggernaut (1936) The Invisible Menance (1938) Son of Frankenstein (1939) Tower of London (1939) The Man They Could Not Hang (1939) House of Frankenstein...
  • JOHN FORD on Boris Karloff MoviesHI MR LENSMAN The Duke had a good laugh when he read your post about Karloff and he said to me "Pappy that's that posters geek who criticises other people's diction. Now as you know I don't have much time for those Method boys but if Mr Posters as he's called wants to be a language perfectionist in speech or written prose he shouldn't be using stuff that is a definition in terms. I mean a 'true gentleman and an Englishman' is a contradiction in terms. Look at how those blighters used to regard us as their colonial slaves."
  • JOHN FORD on Joel Hirschhorn MoviesHI AGAIN GLENN Big John and I don't speak to "Mr Mumbles" because it's difficult to make him out but apparently one of the boys in the bunkhouse told him what you said about him stealing your cookies and all that stuff but he didn't reply and to lighten matters the ranch hand told him that you thought that you were continually appearing in fresh reincarnations. This time Mumbles did respond by saying."Good. Maybe some time he'll come back as an ACTOR" What a nasty little varmint. With those kind of vitriolic comments he should join that Joel joker team...
  • Boris Lensman on Boris Karloff MoviesGood stuff. For decades Karloff was Hollywoods king of horror, in real life he was a true gentleman, an Englishman who loved cricket and was well-liked by other actors, except perhaps Bela Lugosi. He hated the term 'horror' to describe his movies, preferring 'macabre', 'fantasy' and 'terror'. I've seen 42 of the 60 films you've listed. Favorites include Universal's Frankenstein series, The Black Cat (1934), The Raven (1935) & (1963), The Invisible Ray, The Mummy (1932), Mask of Fu Manchu, The Old Dark House and Scarface (1932). Btw not sure if you did it for a laugh or it was...
  • JOHN FORD on Joel Hirschhorn MoviesHI GLENN We’re both playing proxy this morning because Dukey had to go out and deliver a calf and he asked me to reply to you for him. Phil and Big J have covered so well all of the points they have been debating/discussing that there is only a few of your additional comments that I need to pick up on. (1) Dukey didn’t tell Kirk off for playing Van G because that fella had emotional problems that made him cut off his ear. Despite his gung ho image on screen the Duke is really a big softie at heart...
  • Parker on Boris Karloff MoviesLoved his movies as a kid. This is a wonderful Facebook share!
  • Cogerson on Boris Karloff MoviesSo....for those wondering. Our database has over 36,000 movies in it. Not all the movies in the database have been completely researched. From 1980 to today (the birth of Box Office Mojo) there are almost 20,000 movies. Of our yearly pages...we generally only have about 33% of the movies listed at Mojo researched in our database. From 1904 to 1979 we have over 16,000 movies....but once again....we do not have all the information needed for a UMR score. So why I am sharing this information? Well.....there is a brand new column of information on this Boris page. Turns out we...

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  1. Wow that was quick! Thanks for considering my comment and updating the page. I guess this means the pages of the relevant co-stars of the updated films may need to be revised as well eventually, but…one step at a time 🙂 I see what you mean about the Hour of the Gun. So it did bombed badly at the box office. Not surprising given its lack of high dramatic moments, though it was a credible, revisionist Wyatt Earp story with strong performances from Garner and Jason Robards. A bit surprised at the low rating of Skin Game. I think it was one of Garner’s best films and it usually has very good ratings.

    1. Hey phil…..I think there were 3 or 4 pages that have the mistake of me being lazy….I think with fixing the Garner page…that I am down to only needing to fix the Gary Cooper page….and yes….I need to fix the co-stars that piled on to my laziness. One day…..this site will be dynamic…and whenever something changes….it will change it everywhere on the website automatically. With the site….getting so big….I have lost of control of that.

      As for Skin Game……’s reviews have really jumped up since I first did this page back in 2011….it made significant gains at IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes over the last 5 years. That is another “issue” with my website…..I pretty much never go back and look at the review % when I am done with a page (just do not have the time for that)….both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes have a constantly changing rating…seems lots of people have backed your opinion of Skin Game……as I have adjusted that movie’s critic audience rating….granted….it did not move the needle too far…but enough to get it out of the less than average rating and into the better than average rating. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. One of the things you will find about this website….we have no problem…acknowledging that we screwed something up…..we seem to do it all the time…lol.

  2. Congratulations, your web site contains a wealth of information and an interesting way to rate movies. I have a number of comments/suggestions that I would like to send later. But for now, I was reviewing the box office information for a number of my favourite stars (Burt Lancaster, Gregory Peck, Steve McQueen, James Garner etc..) and found some possible inconsistencies in James Garner’s page. I noticed as compared to last year, adjusted box office figures have generally been revised upward by 30% or more and I assume this is because of using more a more current dollar value. However, in Garner’s page, a number of box office figures were increased by only about 5%. Based on a review of what has been done for other films across a number of stars, I estimated that The Americanization of Emily, 36 Hours, The Art of Love, Boys’ Night Out, Duel at Diablo and Support Your Local Sheriff may have been wrongly adjusted. Also, while I do not have access to the Variety numbers, I note that Wikipedia indicates BO rentals of $3.5M for the Wheelers Dealers and $2M for Hour of the Gun, which adjusted should result in about $80-100M for the former (instead of $45.7) and $30-40M ($14.4M) for the latter?

    1. Hey Phil
      1. Thanks for the nice words about out page.
      2. These two links will explain what is going on with the James Garner page. and
      3. So you will see a different table when you return…as I am about to update it.
      4. This does not effect Hour Of The Gun…..the source used on Wiki….says it comes from a book and not Variety…so many of Garner’s movies increased but not that one…as I already had the gross of that movie a little over two million.
      5. Thanks for the headsup on my mistake on the Garner page.

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