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  • BOB on Irene Dunne MoviesHI STEVE 1 If I understand you correctly you got thumbs down for your actual rankings and ratings of movies. I find it ludicrous that someone would give a negative overall appraisal of an entire profile because of a differing of opinions on the merit of a movie ((s) even if one disagreed with those opinions.. For example my view that Bruce hyped up Myrna Loy's grosses does not alter my opinion that his page on her was nonetheless comprehensive, interesting and of a high standard. 2 A presentation should be marked down in my view only if the workmanship...
  • Dan on 1947 Top Grossing MoviesThese are the 135 1947 movies I've seen since November 1992 when I saw the 8000th film of my life. Key - film, studio, stars until I stopped listing, date seen and source (cable channel, local channel, tape (back in the VHS days) and DVD. ADVENTURE ISLAND 1947 PAR 11/5 2015 DVD ANNA KARENINA (U.K.) 1947 FOX VIVIEN LEIGH RALPH RICHARDSON 11/6 1994 AMC ARNELO AFFAIR 1947 MGM JOHN HODIAK GEORGE MURPHY 9/11 2003 TCM BELLS OF SAN FERNANDO 1947 SCREEN GUILD 6/6 2016 DVD BIG TOWN AFTER DARK 1947 PAR HILLARY BROOKE 7/20 1997 21 BISHOP'S WIFE 1947 RKO...
  • pierre bressy on Josef von Sternberg Movieshello Bruce , Hello Lupino, i like to read all the old comments again, because it is simply a moment in the time and we have a conversation about movies stars and BO. It is simply fun! german version of the Blue Angel is unique because Dietrich is really on the dark side and cruel like Chris said. i saw it again few weeks ago and i have to say that i never see the english version because i love the german version, PS Dietrich when she spoke French in interview or in Martin Roumagnac iN 1945 it is really...
  • Lupino on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsCongrats! Read the Chris Pratt Twitter story on your other page- amazing! Seems to be quite a cool guy :)
  • pierre bressy on Amazing Kurt Russell Factshello Bruce, first of all great and funny page but i am sorry to tell that i did not know the first films of Kurt Russel with Disney. That a very good point for this page. In fact i dont know so much this actor apart he is in couple with actress Goldie Hawn and i see some films of course but the only one that i like him was a story with the president of USA somewhere in NYC. I dont remenber the title of the films but it was good film for me; i like very much Elvis...
  • BOB on Deanna Durbin MoviesJOHN/WORK HORSE/STEVE DEFENDING DEANNA PART THREE Here’s how some others have “forgotten” Deanna Durbin. 1 FROM WIKIPEDIA • Deanna Durbin's singing is featured in Alistair Maclean's 1955 novel HMS Ulysses, being broadcast over the wartime ship's internal communication system. • She is referenced in Richard Brautigan's novel Trout Fishing in America (1967), when the narrator claims to have seen one of her movies seven times, but cannot recall which one.[20] • Durbin figures prominently in the 1963 Ray Bradbury short story "The Anthem Sprinters" (collected in The Machineries of Joy). • In Philippe Mora's 1983 cult film The Return of...
  • BOB on Deanna Durbin MoviesJOHN/STEVE/WORK HORSE" CORRECTION: My last post should of course have read "I hope that Bruce would NOT argue that his UMR scores reflect ------today's population." Sorry Work Horse if my error implied you are a conceited individual which it is always clear you are not!
  • BOB on Deanna Durbin MoviesHELLO AGAIN JOHN/STEVE/AND WORK HORSE A FAN’S APPRECIATION OF “FORGOTTEN” DEANNA DURBIN PART TWO To continue: (1) I am one of the biggest fans of this site and it is invaluable to me but I hope that Bruce would argue that his UMR scores reflect the tastes, opinions and concerns of today's entire world population. It is open to question how much ice ANY star of long ago truly matters to today’s man in the street. When it published the list of its perceptions of the 100 most important people of the last century the likes of and Sinatra was...
  • BOB on Deanna Durbin MoviesHELLO JOHN/STEVE/WORK HORSE A FAN’S APPRECIATION OF “FORGOTTEN” DEANNA DURBIN PART ONE 1 In an effort to ensure that I have missed no good posts on Cogerson I flick back through them now and again and have just noticed that I never saw your 20 Feb 17 post about Deanna Durbin. Please accept my apologies for the oversight and consider some belated comments with the following caveats: (1) W of John should be assured that although I disagree with her Oracle husband a lot I am really generally speaking as affable as she thinks Spencer Tracy was, though that might...
  • Steve Lensman on Irene Dunne MoviesThanks Bruce, and congrats on the 33k views day.
  • Cogerson on Irene Dunne Movies Your link....since you can not post it. Good stuff Steve....keep up the good work.
  • Steve Lensman on Irene Dunne MoviesWell at least I placed my Cary Grant movie at the top of the heap, which should make up for the scarcity of Cary's movies in the top 5. ;) I'm glad you're enjoying these Bob, I do get the occasional thumbs down on these actors videos but very rarely and usually from India for some weird reason. My 2010-2015 Sci-Fi top 30 video currently has 214 dislikes, wow! A lot of people are not happy at all with the no.1 movie on there, not my fault I just totted up the scores. But the video also got 1033 likes,...
  • Cogerson on Irene Dunne MoviesHey Bob.....I have never seen A Guy Named Joe....but I want to. 60% is not too bad for our comparison pages. Nice review on Steve's latest video.
  • Cogerson on April 27th – New Record! Most Views in a Day….32,973…Thank you Chris PrattHey Steve....Pratt's Twitter share is up there with some of the best things that have happened since starting this "writing on the internet" thing. I agree he seems to a genuinely nice guy....kudos to Mr. Pratt.
  • Cogerson on April 27th – New Record! Most Views in a Day….32,973…Thank you Chris PrattI agree with you 100% about Chris Pratt. He made me a fan for life. Thanks for the nice words SteinHOF.
  • Cogerson on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsHey Steve.....glad you liked the Elvis stuff. Not sure how many other people have Elvis, Walt Disney, Princess Diana and professional baseball in their past...but the early success of this page seem like further pages done this way might be a good idea. Thanks for the return visit.
  • Cogerson on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsThank you SteinHOF.
  • Cogerson on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsHey Lupino.....thanks for the kind words.....glad you liked our Amazing Kurt Russell Facts page....this page now holds two UMR records....most views in a single day for a page....and best start ever....not sure I will ever get almost 19,000 views for a single page in a single day ever again.
  • Cogerson on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsHey Bob 1. Good comparison between Russell and Mitchum.....they have a close acting style for sure. 2. Even though I am huge Russell fan....I have never seen his Elvis....but I want to. 3. Have never heard about Elvis, millions and a tree....thanks for sharing that. 4. I wanted to like The Best of Williams and Russell are favorites.....but that movie fell flat for me.....granted there are a few funny moments.....but near the bottom of my favorite Russell movies....BUT.....glad you enjoyed it. 5. Tequilla Sunrise is one of my favorite Russell movies....I think the script is amazing. So many layers...
  • Cogerson on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsHey Mary. Mine as Kurt joins Cary Grant, Bruce Willis and Michael Caine in my Top 4
  • Cogerson on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsVery very cool. Sounds like a great memory to have. Thanks for sharing that information.
  • BOB on Irene Dunne MoviesHI STEVE 1 I'm pleased that by now quoting Grant's Awful Truth in a short list of 10/10 movies you may have made up for your negligence in placing only one of Cary's movies in your video Top 5. 2 I have told you that being no expert in awarding ratings to movies I mark your video's in relation to how much satisfaction they give me when compared as far as possible to my enjoyment of those John McCormack recordings to which the musical experts have awarded ratings. Most of the admittedly limited but sufficient number of McCormack vocal ratings...
  • Steve Lensman on Irene Dunne MoviesHi Bob, thanks for the review, rating and comment, much appreciated. Glad you liked the posters and stills. I've only seen a few of Irene Dunne's films and wasn't really aware at how big a star she was until I started preparing the video and saw her top billed above some big names. Four of her films recieved 10 out of 10 from my sources - Life With Father, Show Boat, Love Affair and The Awful Truth. But getting a solid 10 from somewhere won't guarantee a place in the top 5. Life With Father ended up in 7th place...
  • BOB on Irene Dunne Movies1 STEVE For me Irene Dunne was the real deal in terms of female stardom. Your posters bear out my recollection that apart from in A Guy Named Joe with Mr Top Billing himself, Tracy , Irene was never denied first billing after she became a major star in the early 1930s [cue for John to get excited!] Indeed as Irene’s heyday was well before I began watching movies I was not over. familiar with the posters for her films and therefore welcomed sight of the fine range you have produced in your video. My favourite posters were Unfinished Business,...
  • Kelly on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsMy sister and I when we were kids had relation that lived next door to Kurt California. We used to play together all the time,, of coarse this was before he became a movie star
  • Mary on Amazing Kurt Russell Factsone of my favorite actors!
  • BOB on Top 100 MusicalsThanks Bruce for the clarification about the Wiz
  • BOB on Amazing Kurt Russell Facts1 Katherine Hepburn once said about Robert Mitchum that he stealthily grew on his contemporaries in movies who initially didn’t think much of him as a serious actor. And so it was with Kurt Russell and me. His initial Elvis outing in the 1979 TV movie didn’t impress me. There had been lots of Elvis impersonators in show business and people were always claiming to have seen Elvis alive in the most peculiar places. One person said she was in a far off jungle and spotted him in a tree house in a loin cloth. Elvis was by all accounts...
  • Lupino on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsGreat Idea! Thanks for all the Fun Facts on Mr. Russell.
  • Cogerson on Top 100 MusicalsHey Bob....although this page has links it was one of the last pages done before the formula change. So I would use the numbers of Garland's page. Though I imagine when I update this page lots of numbers will change. Glad our page is helping with your project.
  • BOB on Top 100 MusicalsHI BRUCE 1 I am doing a little private project on musicals and am using your musical stats page. I'd be grateful if you would confirm for me both the Actual AND adjusted figures for Judy's Wizard of Oz. 2. Judy's own Cogerson page gives a different adjusted gross from the general musical one. Also the actual gross of $14.09 million on the musical page seems very high in 1939 for an adjusted gross of $226 million. For example Babes in Arms the same year has an actual gross of just $9.24 million against an adjusted figure of $279 million....
  • Steve Lensman on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsAnd a great idea for future UMR pages on the big movies coming out. Anything that helps this site get more views should be worth considering. Doesn't always have to be about the grosses. ;)
  • Steve Lensman on April 27th – New Record! Most Views in a Day….32,973…Thank you Chris PrattThat's fantastic Bruce, I like Chris Pratt even more now. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, with none of that Hollywood snobbery.
  • SteinHOF on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsGood stuff. These are truly amazing facts.
  • SteinHOF on April 27th – New Record! Most Views in a Day….32,973…Thank you Chris PrattThat is awesome. Even more awesome is Chris Pratt took the time to read and share your Russell page.
  • Cogerson on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsThanks Scotty.
  • Cogerson on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsGlad you liked it Gary....thanks for the visit and the comment.
  • Cogerson on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsHey are not alone....I imagine Mr. Russell has been a secret crush for many many people. Thanks for checking out our Kurt Facts page.
  • Cogerson on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsHey Steve.....this page is now 8 hours old. Thanks to Starlord it is off to an incredible start.
  • Steve Lensman on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsLots of facts about Kurt Russell I didn't know Bruce, a fun page thanks. I liked the various Elvis connections in particular. I think Russell would have made a convincing Han Solo, though now we can't imagine anyone but Ford in the role. Looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2, I saw Russell and Chris Pratt being interviewed last night on a UK tv show, both seemed very jovial and upbeat. p.s. How old is this page? 10,000 views already? Kurt must be very popular. :)
  • Cindy on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsOmg I actually saw al these movies. (He was and still is a secret crush for me 😊). Good man, amazing actor and I love his wife Goldie.
  • Gary on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsThanks for sharing. Kurt Russell has been a favorite since I was a kid. So many iconic roles.
  • Scotty on Amazing Kurt Russell FactsWow! Pretty interesting stuff.
  • Scotty on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesLike the movie links. When do you see having all the movies like that?
  • christopher john on Barbra Streisand Moviesi love barbara's films.....she is totally underrated as an actress and director....having said that yentl is awful.....
  • Hot Ham on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesI like the new format. Nice addition of the movie links. All the stats are here as well as some quality photos.
  • michael carlson on Barbra Streisand MoviesSo sad as to what might have been, we can only be thankful for what we have. Life gets in the way and she deserved one too. Here's hoping for a real kitchen sink drama and classic musical in her future.
  • BOB on Greer Garson MoviesSTEVE 1 Mental health experts claim that for most people exceptional highs must eventually be followed by lows so that moods can balance out. Some advanced mathematicians seem to feel that overall EVERYTHING ultimately balances out in one fashion or another. 2 If these experts are correct then it follows that in relation to the movies one performer who is over-praised will inadvertently be counter-balanced by another receiving under-appreciation. As on the Cogerson site we have Myrna Loy on the one hand and the excellent Joe Pesci on the other it would seem that the mathematicians may have a point.....
  • Steve Lensman on Greer Garson MoviesOne of my favorite Oscar acceptance speeches was by Joe Pesci (remember him?), he walked on stage grabbed his Oscar (for Goodfellas) and said "It's my privelege. Thank you!" and walked off, no messing about, no babble, no life story. Hey Bruce no UMR page for Mr. Pesci? The guy's an Oscar winner for chrissakes I mean you've done one for John Conway recently (or was it Frank Conway? I've already forgotten).
  • BOB on Greer Garson MoviesSTEVE STEVE 1 "One man's meat is another man's poison" Fanatical film buffs like John and the Work Horse probably would have loved Greer to go on for TWO HOURS and 45 mins in her acceptance speech. 2 The most cringe inducing speech I can recall was I think the one given by Halle Berry when she accepted the Oscar for the 2002 Monster's Ball 3 Everybody likes to get into the act at the Oscars. When Mr M got his Waterfront Oscar Bob Hope appeared and started to wrestle him for its possession with both men clutching each other...
  • BOB on Greer Garson MoviesSTEVE As the saying goes "If you can't beat them join them."
  • Steve Lensman on Greer Garson MoviesBtw Random Harvest was the only one of the top 5 not to recieve 10 out of 10 from my sources, so it had no chance of hitting the top spot, it's highest score was 9 from, who else, Leonard Maltin. Apart from the top 5 recieving 10 and 9 scores, the only other high scorer was The Valley of Decision which went as high as 8. Hey Bob, has it really been a year since you gasped at the audacity of this Lensman guy daring to call your idol 'Mr. Mumbles'? Whoa! Ironically you've called him Mr. Mumbles far...
  • Steve Lensman on Greer Garson MoviesThanks Bob, appreciate the generous rating, review, trivia, anecdote, observation, comparison and comment. Have to confess that I'm not much of a Greer Garson fan, I've only seen two of her films - Adventure and Julius Caesar - and not because she was in them. I'd certainly heard of Mrs Miniver when I was young and my movie knowledge started to grow but it wasn't a film I was interested in seeing. The title itself was a turn off for young Steve who would much rather be watching a Randolph Scott western. When I was a kid and couldn't sleep...
  • BOB on Greer Garson Movies1 This post is almost a mini ‘anniversary’ one because it was in posts of 10 July 2016 on this site that you and I first exchanged comments and indeed you introduced to the site the character of “Mr Mumbles” now one of the site’s main whipping boys. In a further post which was dated 17 July 2016 I provided comments concerning Bruce’s Garson page and of course my recent post about your Walter Pidgeon video includes remarks about Greer and her screen partnership with Walter. 2 Great minds once again think alike for you and Work Horse agree on...
  • Cogerson on Barbra Streisand MoviesHey Lupino....she might have one more classic in her. You are 100% correct having The Guilt Trip as your swan song is not the way you want to end a wondeful career. But with only 5 movies over the last 30 might just be the final movie. Happy 75th birthday Ms. Streisand.
  • Cogerson on My Darling Clementine (1946)Hey Helakoski....glad you found and followed our My Darling Clementine link. I took the trivia that I thought was the best.
  • Cogerson on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesHey Flora.....well your favorite did pretty well in our poll. 2nd by all counts. So your tally is 4. I am at 5 as is Phil. I have not seen Frontier Marshall, Tombstone: A Town Too Tough To Die and Doc. Thanks for the visit and the comment.
  • Cogerson on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesHey Helakoski....well...I wish I would have seen your votes....sorry they did not get counted. Thanks for the visit and the comment.
  • Cogerson on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesHey Chris.....yep what were they thinking when it came to ranking Wyatt
  • Cogerson on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesHey Paul.....yep Henry Fonda and Kurt Russell had 6 place votes.....with Lancaster at 5 first place votes. I like how the votes were pretty well spread out. Thanks for the return visit.
  • Cogerson on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesHey Bob. 1. Good to know that My Darling Clementine is your favorite.....that movie now has it's own UMR page...which is a preview of our hopefully coming soon "dynamic website". 2. I actually have not seen Last Train From Gun I currently do not have a dog in that 3. This was a fun page to do....last week I watched Hour Of The Gun.....right now I am listening to the commentary on Gunfight at the OK Corral has been on my mind lately. 4. Good stuff on Howard Keel and Murder She Wrote. 5. Like him or...
  • Flora Breen Robison on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesMy favourite movie is Gunfight at the OK Corral for both Earp and Holiday. I have also seen My Darling Clemintine Hour of the Gun, and Tombstone.
  • Helakoski on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesI thought I did a vote too. But it is not listed on the table or the other pages. Maybe I dreamt of doing that. Oh well I have seen many of these movies.
  • Helakoski on My Darling Clementine (1946)So I followed the link and I find another page. Like the trivia.
  • Lupino on Barbra Streisand MoviesBarbra Streisand turns 75 today! No more word of Gypsy or Catherine the Great....Still hoping for another bookend movie than Guilt Trip to a marvelously successful and enduring movie career!
  • Chris on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesGood to know that the others agree with me about Doc. Too bad they are confused about Wyatt.
  • Paul on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesEven though my Earp finished 3rd, I see he got the most 1st place votes. This has been fun.
  • BOB on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral Movies1 HI BRUCE The styles of those Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday movies that I have seen were so different that I never sought to make comparisons between them. For example my favourite one My Darling Clementine was slower paced that the Burt/Kirk outing and I thought Lancaster was a more tense and animated Earp than Hank. Also Victor Mature played Doc as a supporting character whereas the Lancaster/Douglas version was a joint 2-star vehicle. 2 The associated comparison that I always HAVE made is between Gunfight at Ok Corral and Last Train from Gun Hill as both were directed by Sturges,...
  • Cogerson on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesHey SteinHOF.....our latest UMR feature. So far we have 6 movies done. In the future that number will be in the 1000s. :)
  • Cogerson on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesHey SteinHOF.....I agree this page is much more visual than the other pages....we will have to see how popular the page is....compared to the others. Glad you like seeing your "name in lights" Your votes were greatly appreciated.
  • Cogerson on April 23rd – Your Chance To Be Part of an UMR Page – Results on MondayHey Phil. You might be right a repeat viewing of Hour of the Gun might be better. That movie obviously got me motivated to do Earp page. Glad you found our Hour of the Gun page....this is a test for our future "dynamic" update.....when that is done....every movie will have it's own page like Hour Of The Gun has. Thanks for the feedback.
  • SteinHOF on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesI forgot to mention that I liked the new UMR movie link.
  • SteinHOF on Gunfight At The O.K. Corral MoviesI like the look. The page is much more visual. Really like all the photos. The two charts at the bottom are nice as well. Thanks for including my picks. It is fun to see my name on the page. Wow that is a close finish for the top spot. Glad my two favorite movies sit at the top.
  • phil simmons on April 23rd – Your Chance To Be Part of an UMR Page – Results on MondayYeah, I understand you about Hour of the Gun as I almost fell asleep the first I saw it...about 30 years ago. But I must have seen it 5 or 6 times since and it gets better as one notices the details and character development. I like the grim but realistic plot and atmosphere, revisionist approach, and musical score by Jerry Goldsmith . I'm almost sure Hour of the Gun influenced the 1968 Star Trek episode 'Spectre of the Gun', in which the Earps and Doc are portrayed as sombre killers. Anyway, glad to see the film got its own...
  • Cogerson on Site IndexHey Bob ....was doing some research and found a great photo on Keel....that should motivate me to do a page on him. And yes plenty of worldwide grosses coming. :)
  • Cogerson on Tim Conway MoviesMy most watched movie has to be Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. That is cool that someone would rent out a theater and show one of their favorite movies. :)
  • Cogerson on Tim Conway MoviesHey Dan. 1. Glad to see someone that can understand my "Gus" confusion. 2. I have vivid memories of the theater I saw Gus in and how much they laughed and much they like the movie. That type of humor is long long gone. 3. I worked in a video store back in those high priced VHS days. Back then I had to rent because I could not afford to buy them. 4. Beverly Hills Cop was the first one to come out priced to buy....$29.99 for a new copy....we sold almost 1000 copies or almost $30,000 worth. When the...
  • Cogerson on July 25th – My Backyard Golf Course – Cogerson LinksThanks Paul....I spend many an afternoon out there.
  • Cogerson on Walter Pidgeon MoviesHey Steve...yep leaving out his top movie would have been somewhat embarrising.....but it happens.....I know I did it once. Luckliy you figured it out in time. In my case...I found out when a commented asked where a movie was....heck it was probably you that did
  • Cogerson on Jack Nicholson MoviesHey Bob good information on Brando and Nicholson. That sounds like a fun neighborhood. I know for awhile Steve McQueen and James Garner were neighbors and they used to play pranks on each other. In many ways it is hard to believe Jack is 80. Luckily he is making another movie. Maybe he will be like Sir Mike and work for as long as possible. Thanks for checking out our page on the birthday boy.
  • Cogerson on John Sturges MoviesHey Phil. Glad you liked our Sturges page. The Magnificent Seven was not a smash hit...pretty much like Shawshank Redemption...a movie that quickly gained a following and only gets better with age. Having just seen Hour of the Gun...I have not seen Last Train From Gun Hill of your favorite Sturges movies. And now ....The Great Escape.....I will think about your comment the next time I watch it....and I get to the bus scene...I will hope the teacher of tricks does not fall for that trick yet The power of that movie is that as I type this comment...
  • Cogerson on Walter Pidgeon MoviesGood review on Steve's Walter Pidgeon video...good to know we have the same Top 4.
  • Cogerson on April 23rd – Your Chance To Be Part of an UMR Page – Results on MondayHey Simpson....thanks for the thoughts and votes. I also put Fonda as my Top Earp....looking at the final results of our poll...he got 6 1st place votes which tied him with Kurt Russell for the most 1st place votes. Your top pick of Mature did not do as only two people had him in the top spot...and he ended up finishing in 5th place. Good feedback.
  • Cogerson on April 23rd – Your Chance To Be Part of an UMR Page – Results on Mondaythank you is greatly appreciated.
  • Cogerson on April 23rd – Your Chance To Be Part of an UMR Page – Results on MondayHey PhillyMan...thanks for a very detailed comment. I agree with you about Quaid in Wyatt is a shame that his Doc came out after Val's Doc....because it was severly overshadowed. Kent Taylor is not getting much respect here. Wow somebody that likes Wyatt Earp more than Tombstone....I respect your opinion but thinking you are in the minority there. Thanks for stopping by.
  • Cogerson on April 23rd – Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday Current Vote ClosedHey Tracie thanks for your entire breakdown of 1 to 8. I am impressed that you have seen all 8o f them.
  • Cogerson on April 23rd – Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday Current Vote ClosedHey John....poor Kent Taylor got nothing but bad comments...of the 16 actors mentioned....he got no votes and listed as the worst Doc 3 times. That does not make me want to rush out and see that movie. I am not thinking John Ford would appreciate making movies in places like IMDb and Reddit would probably really point out issues like taking a true story and screwing up all the details. You Are There sounds like a good one to watch if it can ever be found. I kept wanting to include the Star Trek Gunfight episode....but the closest I...
  • Cogerson on April 23rd – Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday Current Vote ClosedHey John...thanks for revisiting with your Top 5. In the end...your top picks Burt and Kirk ended up in 2nd place not to bad. The biggest surprise to me was Garner getting so much attention. I just saw Hour of the Gun last week (probably why I decided to do this page)....and I thought it was ok....but more than a little slow. Good comments on Mature...and Fonda. I blame Danny Peary of Cult Movies fame for influencing me to make Fonda first....I have read his breakdown on Fonda's Earp for years....and I think it has more than influenced my thinking....
  • Cogerson on April 23rd – Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday Current Vote ClosedThanks for the feedback Marilyn K.
  • Cogerson on April 23rd – Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday Current Vote ClosedThanks Aaron. You are right Doc barely gets mentioned at all. :)
  • Cogerson on April 23rd – Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday Current Vote ClosedHey Chris. Great comment. So your votes were the last ones counted....and your Doc Holliday Top 5 almost came out exactly your Top 4 matched the Top 4 in the vote.....only Victor Mature bumping Stacy Keach out of the 5th spot kept you from perfection. On the Wyatt side...things were not as perfect....but still a decent showing for your Top 5 with the exception of Harris Yulin. Thanks for taking the time to provide your votes and feedback.
  • Chris on April 23rd – Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday Current Vote ClosedInteresting question. Looking at some of the other comments seems there might be an age issue here. With older people favoring My Darling Clementine and Gunfight at the O.K. Corral with younger people jumping all over Tombstone. My Top 5 incorporates all movies. Wyatts 1. Burt Lancaster. Wyatt Earp in real life did not have a mustache. Only Scott and Burt played him that way. 2. Kurt Russell. He is very good as Earp but Val Kilmer outshines him. 3. James Garner. One of Garner's best roles. 4. Harris Yulin. He plays second fiddle to Keach's Doc, but he is...
  • Aaron on April 23rd – Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday Current Vote ClosedMy Top 5 Wyatt Earps 1. Burt Lancaster in Gunfight at the Ok Corral 2. Henry Fonda in My Darling Clementine 3. James Garner in Hour of the Gun 4. Kurt Russell in Tombstone 5. Harris Yulin in Doc
  • Aaron on April 23rd – Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday Current Vote ClosedMy Top 5 Doc Hollidays 1. My favorite Doc Holiday portrayal is by Kirk Douglas. 2. Jason Robards "Hour of the gun" 3. Stacy Keach in the almost forgotten "Doc" 4. Dennis Quaid. The problem with "Wyatt Earp" is that it was essentially two movies in one, with the first one being deadly boring 5. Victor Mature. John Ford got Mature to actually act in that one.
  • Marilyn K. on April 23rd – Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday Current Vote ClosedK. Russell then K. Costner. V. Kiimer, then D. Quaid.

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  1. Wow that was quick! Thanks for considering my comment and updating the page. I guess this means the pages of the relevant co-stars of the updated films may need to be revised as well eventually, but…one step at a time 🙂 I see what you mean about the Hour of the Gun. So it did bombed badly at the box office. Not surprising given its lack of high dramatic moments, though it was a credible, revisionist Wyatt Earp story with strong performances from Garner and Jason Robards. A bit surprised at the low rating of Skin Game. I think it was one of Garner’s best films and it usually has very good ratings.

    1. Hey phil…..I think there were 3 or 4 pages that have the mistake of me being lazy….I think with fixing the Garner page…that I am down to only needing to fix the Gary Cooper page….and yes….I need to fix the co-stars that piled on to my laziness. One day…..this site will be dynamic…and whenever something changes….it will change it everywhere on the website automatically. With the site….getting so big….I have lost of control of that.

      As for Skin Game……’s reviews have really jumped up since I first did this page back in 2011….it made significant gains at IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes over the last 5 years. That is another “issue” with my website…..I pretty much never go back and look at the review % when I am done with a page (just do not have the time for that)….both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes have a constantly changing rating…seems lots of people have backed your opinion of Skin Game……as I have adjusted that movie’s critic audience rating….granted….it did not move the needle too far…but enough to get it out of the less than average rating and into the better than average rating. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. One of the things you will find about this website….we have no problem…acknowledging that we screwed something up…..we seem to do it all the time…lol.

  2. Congratulations, your web site contains a wealth of information and an interesting way to rate movies. I have a number of comments/suggestions that I would like to send later. But for now, I was reviewing the box office information for a number of my favourite stars (Burt Lancaster, Gregory Peck, Steve McQueen, James Garner etc..) and found some possible inconsistencies in James Garner’s page. I noticed as compared to last year, adjusted box office figures have generally been revised upward by 30% or more and I assume this is because of using more a more current dollar value. However, in Garner’s page, a number of box office figures were increased by only about 5%. Based on a review of what has been done for other films across a number of stars, I estimated that The Americanization of Emily, 36 Hours, The Art of Love, Boys’ Night Out, Duel at Diablo and Support Your Local Sheriff may have been wrongly adjusted. Also, while I do not have access to the Variety numbers, I note that Wikipedia indicates BO rentals of $3.5M for the Wheelers Dealers and $2M for Hour of the Gun, which adjusted should result in about $80-100M for the former (instead of $45.7) and $30-40M ($14.4M) for the latter?

    1. Hey Phil
      1. Thanks for the nice words about out page.
      2. These two links will explain what is going on with the James Garner page. and
      3. So you will see a different table when you return…as I am about to update it.
      4. This does not effect Hour Of The Gun…..the source used on Wiki….says it comes from a book and not Variety…so many of Garner’s movies increased but not that one…as I already had the gross of that movie a little over two million.
      5. Thanks for the headsup on my mistake on the Garner page.

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