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  • Howard on 2018 Oscar Nomination Predictions – Doomed For FailureInteresting. Many I have not heard of before. Pulling for The Shape of Water. That is a great movie.
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey Joel...our rankings of your 4 Star Malone Performances 1946’s The Big Sleep....UMR rank 1st 1948’s One Sunday Afternoon...UMR rank 14th 1954’s Young At Heart....UMR rank 7th 1955’s Battle Cry.....UMR rank 5th 1956’s Written On The Wind.....UMR rank 2nd 1957’s Man of a Thousand Faces...UMR rank 9th 1957’s Tarnished Angels....UMR rank 16th Good stuff. Rest in Peace Dorothy Malone.
  • Joel Hirschhorn on Dorothy Malone MoviesDorothy Malone accomplished a near-impossible feat, maintaining a lengthy career in the face of third-rate material. My 4 Star Dorothy Malone performances from my Rating The Movie Stars book 1946's The Big Sleep 1948's One Sunday Afternoon 1954's Young At Heart 1955's Battle Cry 1956's Written On The Wind 1957's Man of a Thousand Faces 1957's Tarnished Angels
  • Cogerson on Katharine Hepburn MoviesJust added Steve's Great Kate video to this page. My comment on his channel "The Great Kate gets an update. So of the 44 movies...I have seen 23. Not too far from Flora. Ones I am not a fan of.....#22 Keeper of the Flame....a dud. #16 Long Day's Journey Into The Night....3 hours of unlikable characters #12 Suddenly Last Summer....dreadful movie. On the good all of her Grant movies...#1 Philadelphia Story #2 Bringing Up Baby #6 Holiday....and of course #2 The African grandmother's all-time favorite movie. #25 Rooster Cogburn should have been much better. Voted up....shared....and liked. Nice...
  • Cogerson on Best Actor Oscar WinnersHey Greg....I would have loved if James Garner had more than the one Oscar nomination he received. I feel he was labeled a television actor.....and got so little respect from the Oscar voters. Good information on James Garner.....who has always been one of my favorite actors.
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey Dan.....not surprised....our Sunday paper which used to be huge is now how the Monday paper used to be....very very thin. Sad that movie stars of the past get no respect. Thanks for that information.
  • Cogerson on Katharine Hepburn MoviesHey Bob.....more solid information on the Great Kate. Sorry Arrowhead is so lowly for Warlock....that would be a "fresh" rating on Rotten it has that going for it. Joel would say all the power to he mentions that in his book....which currently has a very good price (less than 4 bucks) day it will be in your movie book
  • Cogerson on January 21st – UMR Made The Top 100 Movie Blogs – SWEET!Thank you LupinoHoF 17......glad to see our little family website is getting some notice.....proud day.
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey LupinoHoF 17....that is sad that the German media did not pick up Malone's passing. You are correct....seems we lose another bridge every few days. Hopefully Kirk Douglas and Olivia de Havilland have another 10 years. Your 12 does not top the tally count...looks like Flora gets another title. But your 12 puts you in a second place tie with Greg. I have seen and enjoyed all of your favorites except for Too Much Too Soon. Good point about Dallas and Written On The Wind....I am sure parts were 'borrowed" from that Oscar winning movie. I did not know she...
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone Movies:)
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey Lupino.....Steve took some time off in December but he is back in full force now.
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey Lupino.....too many Dorothys running around this website......been fixed....good catch....and thanks for the heads up.
  • Cogerson on Katharine Hepburn MoviesHey Steve....I will be checking out your Kate video....after catching up on the comments here....I will share the link on this page.
  • Cogerson on Katharine Hepburn MoviesHey Bob 1. Good review on Steve's Great Kate page. 2. I have to go and check that out.....and see it for myself. 3. Streep has the most Oscar nominations.....but how many of her movies are going to be remembered years from now....she has The Deer Hunter, Kramer vs Kramer and ????? Nobody talks about The Iron Lady. Well people be talking about The Post in April of this year? 4. Streep is one of the great ones....but not ahead of people like Davis and Crawford. 5. Another point would be for 20 years he movies got little box office...
  • Cogerson on Thor: Ragnarok (2017)Hey Sadaqat.....that UMR icon was mistakenly put on the is now gone....thanks for the heads up.
  • Cogerson on 1961 Top Box Office MoviesHey Bob 1. I like the story about Winner and Brando......I can easily see Winner doing that. 2. Glad you like the correction button....we have been doing a ton of small website changes lately....good to know that was a favorable one. 3. I keep forgetting to look up Dorothy Malone in Joel's book....not sure she made the book....but if she did....I am sure you are more than anxious to read his thoughts on 4. WoC is the bomb. Despite her business schedule she did some work on the website....all were huge improvements. Good stuff.
  • Cogerson on 2018 Oscar Nomination Predictions – Doomed For FailureHey Shawn. I do acknowledge that Mudbound is a long shot.....but just like the March Madness brackets you got pick some double seeded teams. As for Hammer....I can see him getting nominated.....but who gets pushed out? Tuesday will be interesting.
  • Cogerson on Joan Crawford MoviesHey Steve....awesome behind the scenes story involving two movie legends...Greta and Joan...thanks for sharing it.
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHere to you have any stats on how much or little traffic your videos get from UMR? I have a very hard time finding any stats on my little tiny You Tube page.
  • Cogerson on January 21st – UMR Made The Top 100 Movie Blogs – SWEET!Hey Steve.....thanks for the congrats and the kind words....we have come along way since HubPages. Thanks for all of your help along the are the man.
  • Cogerson on AboutHey Laurent....good information as always. We just did a 1935 our efforts are getting closer and closer. Thanks for sharing the link. Lots of great names in those movies...Barrymore, Valentino, Colman just to name a few. Good to hear from you again.
  • Shawn on 2018 Oscar Nomination Predictions – Doomed For FailureAgree with many of these predictions. Not seeing Mudbound getting a Best Picture nod. I think Armie Hammer is going to be nominated. I will see if you hit your 80% later this week.
  • Greg on Best Actor Oscar WinnersHey Phil, Thanks for your reply and feedback on my Best Actor post. I'm glad to know that you considered some of my picks to be good and/or interesting. Personally, I rather surprised that James Garner didn't get an Oscar nomination for "Support Your Local Sheriff" especially since the movie was named one of the top ten movies of the year in 1969 by the National Board Of Review plus several major American movie critics had the film on their year end top ten lists as well, if memory serves me. Furthermore, I also feel Mr. Garner deserved an Oscar...
  • Dan on Dorothy Malone MoviesDorothy didn't make the Sunday papers in the city. A couple of years ago when Joan Fontaine, another Oscar winner died, she wasn't covered either in the News or Post too.
  • BOB ROY on Katharine Hepburn MoviesSTEVE Regarding final para of my previous post to you, as a matter of interest the Work Horse gives Arrowhead a 43% rating and Warlock a 61.2% one, an average of 52.4% for my two action western movies. On Bruce's Fred Ziinnemann page the WH awards Member of the Wedding a 70% rating. I remain defiant!
  • BOB ROY on Katharine Hepburn Movies1 HI STEVE As usual in your feedback to my posts about your videos you make some interesting and very observant points which I always absorb and appreciate even where we disagree over for example whether or not some guy is a big mumbler! 2 Certainly I can see where you may be coming from when you say you are not necessarily impressed by great acting and other screen technicalities in themselves and indeed it seems to me that the public’s taste does not generally converge with that of critics, historians and movie connoisseurs regarding what constitutes the “very best”...
  • Steve Lensman on Dorothy Malone MoviesThanks Lupino, appreciate the kind words.
  • LupinoHoF 17 on January 21st – UMR Made The Top 100 Movie Blogs – SWEET!Standing Ovation ;O) Well deserved!
  • Lupino to Steve on Dorothy Malone MoviesYour video is a great addition to this tribute page! Just noticed massive vids on Davis and Crawford have been added, too...keep up the great work ;O)
  • Lupino to Bruce on Dorothy Malone MoviesThere's a slight mistake on this page..." Dorothy McGuire’s IMDb page shows 113 acting credits from 1940-1992"...just to let you know ;)
  • LupinoHoF 17 on Dorothy Malone MoviesNo mention of Ms Malone's death in the german media- still, 92 is more than most of us will probably live to see :) Yet, with each death of somebody connected to the Hollywood of yesteryear, that so called "Golden Age" seems to be removed a little bit more from the realms of our present day reality. I have seen 12 of the movies mentioned above, I loved her in Last Voyage, Too Much Too Soon, Man with a thousand Faces and, of course, Written on the Wind. To me, it was "Dallas" on the big screen...a better script, great...
  • Steve Lensman on Katharine Hepburn MoviesHi Bob, thanks for the review, generous rating, info, trivia, comment, observation and comparison, always appreciated. Glad you liked the posters and stills. Yeah these expanded videos do take a bit longer to sit thru than the others, I hope the variety of posters and stills and various transitions keep the viewer from being bored. I wish I had a wider range of music at hand. If only all classical music was copyright free but alas the conductor and his orchestra can claim rights to each piece of music. As demonstrated by some of the stills on my video Katharine...
  • BOB on Katharine Hepburn MoviesHI STEVE. 1 Thanks for the additional feedback about Crawford and Garbo. Frankly I always found Garbo a bit of a mountebank and bore and had no personal interest whatsoever in her movies though as a movie buff I am glad to have any trivia and other historical information about her actual career. What I could glean from the Crawford/Davis mini-series called Feud suggests that Katie didn‘t appear to have much time for either of them and seemed to want to keep her distance from the pair. 2 Katie tops the AFI’s female Legends list and the consensus of opinion...
  • Sadaqat saleem on Thor: Ragnarok (2017)UMR
  • BOB on 1961 Top Box Office MoviesHI BRUCE 1 I enjoyed your interesting feedback here. 2 Michael Winner directed The Nightcomers and I told you before that he claims that that was the only film in which he addressed his star as “Sir”. However Winner was considered such an eccentric by professional observers that some of them voiced surprise that a major Hollywood star of even Brando’s [pre Godpop] reduced status wanted to work with him. However maybe it was the “Sir” that did the trick! 3 Your correction button is a godsend and I’ve manage to catch in good time quite a few minor irritating...
  • Steve Lensman on Joan Crawford MoviesBob, in the book I'm reading Joan was excited about meeting Greta Garbo when she was cast in Grand Hotel, but was let down when snooty Greta said she "vonted to be left alone!" and had little contact with her co-stars. Joan ultimately resented her. From IMDB trivia - Joan Crawford often tried to talk to Greta Garbo, and would say "Hello, Miss Garbo" whenever the two would pass each other in the hall. Garbo never responded, so Crawford gave up and stopped saying anything. This led to Garbo stopping Crawford as she walked silently past her, and asking, "Aren't...
  • Steve Lensman on Dorothy Malone Moviesgracias mi amigo!
  • Steve Lensman on January 21st – UMR Made The Top 100 Movie Blogs – SWEET!Whoa! Congrats Bruce and well deserved! No other movie site on the net has the stats and info this place provides.
  • Laurent on AboutHello Bruce, After a month of absence, the American box office silent film finally come back (I know you missed it ;-)). And in this new year, we begin with a new year: 1926. And with it we enter the golden age of this period, as you will see. Good reading.
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey Bob......thanks for visiting our Dorothy Malone page. The Big Sleep got her noticed for about doing the most with a little....that was Malone in that movie. We also send our prayers to her family.
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey Thomas....thanks for sharing your thoughts on Dorothy Malone. I will have to see if I have a box office number on The Fast and the Furious. I bet not many people under 30 even know there was another movie called The Fast and the Furious that was made in the 1950s. Good mini-review on that one....I will have to check it out as well. RIP.
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey Rayban....excellent comment on Dorothy Malone. I agree 100% she is awesome in Written On The Wind. RIP Dorothy Malone.
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesGracias por la visita y amables palabras sobre la Sra. Malone. Descansa en paz.
  • Cogerson on 1961 Top Box Office MoviesHey Bob 1. Thanks for checking out our 1961 movie page. 2. The Alamo earned a lot of money....but cost a lot of it has gone down in the history books as a flop....but i remember watching it on primetime tv in the 1970s...and it seemed like a major movie. 3. Glad your Brando had a highly ranked movie on this chart.....just recently re-watched One Eyed Jacks....I enjoyed it more on the second viewing. 4. Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my mom's favorite too....though I think she likes the music more than the movie. 5. I liked The...
  • Cogerson on 1960 Top Box Office MoviesHey PhilHOF17....redid all of the Duke's numbers as one mistake is like a domino falling.....but gotta give Wayne all the credit he deserves. Turns out the missing 3 movies were caused by error by Cogerson....but luckily WoC is very
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey Bob 1. Just added Steve's Dorothy Malone video to this now both Malone items are together. 2. You would think after the success of Written on the Wind....that her time at the top would have lasted longer. Her Flynn movie is barely even remembered today. 3. When I was going through Malone photos....I could see why she would catch the young eye of little Bobby. 4. I still find it eerie that the night before she passed....that I was researching this all I had to do was add in her co-stars and the page was good to...
  • Cogerson on Steve’s Top 10 Charts YouTube ForumHey blu-ray of How The West Was Won is awesome to watch....I can only imagine how in looked in theaters back in the 1960s.
  • Cogerson on Civil Rights Movies in Chronological Order of the Real EventsHey PhilHOF17 1. Thanks for checking out our Civil Rights page. 2. I really liked how this one turned out. Being a movie knowing the order the events happened by the movies...helps me get a better understanding of the movement. 3. Birth of a Nation was considered...but with the KKK being the heroes of the did not fit with this page. 4. Same thing with the Poitier movies...when I first started working on a massive table of movies...To Kill A Mockingbird, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, The Defiant Ones and The Help were entered quickly.....but when the page...
  • Cogerson on Joan Crawford MoviesHey have not seen The Unknown?....and I thought you were a Joan Actually think I read somewhere that the movie is lost.....or in some horrible shape....either way....The Unknown might not be watched by many more people. Good breakdown on Steve's Joan video. Educational and entertaining...what more could you want?
  • Cogerson on Bette Davis Movies:)
  • Cogerson on Requests?Might be a few days.....doing lots of behind the scenes work.....and WoC currenly has the database under "upgrade" status....which means I do not have access to it.
  • Cogerson on Joan Crawford MoviesHey Bob......good to see you talking about has been Glad Steve's Joan video was well received by you. You are 100% correct Joan outlasted Norma and Greta by decades. In fairness to Garbo....her movies did decent in North America....but pretty impressive overseas. Thanks for the help in expanding our Crawford/Davis is appreciated.
  • Cogerson on Steve’s Top 10 Charts YouTube ForumHey PhilHOF17...I was actually working on a Peppard page when I saw Dorothy Malone passed away....and I quickly switched gears. I did notice that many of his movies (1970s on) were made overseas and barely got released in North America. I will have to check out Operation Crossbow. I have wanted to see The Carpetbaggers for a very long time....but have yet to run across that movie....though I have seen Steve McQueen's Nevada Smith. Good stuff.
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesYour Dorothy Malone video is now part of our page. RIP
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey Steve. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Dorothy Malone. Sad day for film fans. I need to add your video to the page...I will do that after finishing this page. Tally count...Flora 14, Greg 12 and us tied for last with 7. I liked Basic Instinct (own it), The Big Sleep and Warlock. I have not seen The Last Sunset yet. Another Oscar winning movie that has escaped RIP Dorothy Malone.
  • Cogerson on 1935 Top Box Office MoviesHey LupinoHoF17....we are really happy about how this page turned out. If you would have told me in 2011....that at some point we would put together a 1935 movie page that had almost 200 movies...I would have told you that you were crazy...but that is what happened. Yep, 1935 was not a great year for your favorites...Maureen and Sylvia. Charles Laughton had a very good 1935....3 movies in the Top 10...when looking at box office. I have not seen Ruggles of Red Gap....but I want to. I agree with you about Bride of Frankenstein.....Karloff does some excellent acting in that...
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey Frank.....thanks for visiting our Dorothy Malone page. I agree she was one of the last film stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Her co-star list is filled with legends. I can only imagine the behind the scenes stories she had on Cagney, Grant, Douglas, Sinatra, Reagan and so many others. I have not seen The Tarnished Angels...but I really like the other movies you like. Glad to read your thoughts on Ms. Malone. RIP.
  • Cogerson on Sam Rockwell MoviesThank you Gin Y. I appreciate the kind words.
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey Flora....I have seen 7 of the movies listed here. Your 14 tops Greg's 12. I recently watched The Last Voyage...I was pleasantly surprised by that movie.....I loved the they actually sunk a real boat....and some of those scenes of the water engulfing the boat are impressive and scary. I have seen all three of your favorites....and I liked them all as well. Thanks for sharing your Dorothy Malone thoughts on this sad day. RIP Ms. Malone.
  • Cogerson on Bette Davis MoviesHey Steve. Sorry you comment disappeared. Probably means somebody else was posting a comment at the same exact time. I have lost a few comments that way. I know it is frustrating for sure. So sorry again. All About Eve is an all-time I am glad we agreed on the Top Bette Davis movie. 38 out of 50 movies is pretty impressive. Good breakdown on Crawford. They will forever be connected together....which I know they would not like that....but I think it is kind of cool. Just proves that they were BOTH movie legends. Good stuff as always.
  • Cogerson on Best Actor Oscar WinnersHey PhilHoF17.....glad you enjoyed Greg's Alternate Oscar picks. I have often thought....that I should do the same thing....but my lack of watching classic movies makes me feel unworthy to I would be more influenced by what I have read versus what I saw. For movies today....I feel comfortable listing my I have seen most of the top contenders and most of the average movies and most of the turkeys. I usually do a Oscar Nominations Prediction page.....normally hit on about 80% of the nominations...maybe this year I will list the ones I think deserve it. Good picks on...
  • Cogerson on January 19th – Our reviews of The Post and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MissouriHey SteinHoF'16....thanks for checking out our Three Billboards page. Glad you know what I meant by not knowing if I liked the movie or not. I think Tuesday is going to be a very good day for the movie...I bet it gets close to 8 nominations. We will soon know if I am correct.
  • Cogerson on January 21st – UMR Made The Top 100 Movie Blogs – SWEET!Hey Greg.....I had seen this list for the last few years....and thought I had better numbers than some of the websites I was glad to get that e-mail....and glad we are comfortably in the Top we want to reach the Top 50. Alexa started to rate the website in October 2017....that seems to be the main criteria to make the list......thanks for the congrats.
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey Bern1960....sorry to be the bearer of bad news. She was 92. She won the Oscar for Written In The Wind. Basic Instinct was very last movie. Actually it was last acting role as she did not appear on screen or on television. I liked The Man With A Thousand Faces too. Yep...the temperature was up....WoC and I did some fence repair of the fence were in pretty bad shape. The videos are still here.....when you see the movie title highlighted.....just click it and it will send you to the trailer page. 33% of Malone movies have the...
  • Cogerson on Civil Rights Movies in Chronological Order of the Real EventsHey Bob....Joel has not been commenting much lately....I have not done many classic thespians lately....but he is ready to go with his
  • Cogerson on January 21st – UMR Made The Top 100 Movie Blogs – SWEET!Thank you In The Shadows....your 2nd comment of the are on a roll this year.
  • Cogerson on Bette Davis MoviesHey Bob....good breakdown of Steve's updated Bette Davis video. Glad we are on the same side when it comes to Jezebel vs The Man Who Came To Dinner and would not leave. Also enjoyed the Joan and Bette trivia. Good stuff.
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey Greg.....thanks for the nice words about our Malone tribute. A sad day indeed. Another person who worked in the Golden Era of movies is sad. I have only seen 7 of this 30 movies...and looking at the ones that did not make this total will remain at 7. Of the four movies you called out... I have only seen Written on the Wind....but she was stellar in that movie...and deserved the Oscar she got. Her role in Peyton Place was called out many times in her articles yesterday and today. I have not seen a single episode...
  • Cogerson on Michael Shannon MoviesHey Dan 1. Thanks for the list of information on Michael Shannon. 2. I imagine as popular as he is these days....a spot in the Top 100 is coming. 3. The man has been a machine when it comes to making movies these average of 5 a year since 2014. 4. 3 in the time 12....but no Michael Caine.....but I forgive 5. Not too many people in the drop off list. 6. 25 Oscar winners.....but I feel that number will continue to time goes along. Sally Hawkins might be #26 this year. 7. Good excellent source...
  • Cogerson on Dorothy Malone MoviesHey Dan.....I found out late last night. It was eerie...because I had just researched her for Mike the previous I quickly put this page together. I am sure there are other movies I could include. First list is pretty impressive since her last acting role was 25 years ago. 2nd list is huge. Filled with legends and some unknown....Bess Flowers with 7 movies....another impressive total for Ms. Flowers. Third list. 25 Oscar winners is a little on the slight side for a person who appeared in movies in 6 different categories. Thanks for sharing this information.....a nice way to...
  • Cogerson on Civil Rights Movies in Chronological Order of the Real EventsHey Bob....glad you liked this page. I am sure in the future I will do a page that covers all civil rights for all groups......that was the original idea...until I decided to do it this way. Shenandoah was probably using current events and discussing them in a historical movie...pretty much like how The Post is really about the current political turmoil here in my home country. I remember that line well from Mr. Stewart. Good feedback.
  • Cogerson on Elvis Presley MoviesHey Joyce....that was the "1957" was in the comments. King Creole is listed on the page 4 or 5 times...and each time it is listed as a "1958" movie. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
  • Dan on Dorothy Malone MoviesLike Bern above I did not know that Ms. Malone had died till I saw it on your site. She did not make today's New York Daily News and New York Post if she even will (they skip a lot of people). Dorothy was never on the Oracle of Bacon top 1000 Center of the Hollywood Universe list. Here are the actors on the 2016 list who appeared in a film with her; 69 MARTIN LANDAU The Being (1983) 117 JACK MCGEE Basic Instinct (1992) 153 STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY Basic Instinct (1992) 161 SHARON STONE Basic Instinct (1992) 220 ELI WALLACH...
  • Greg on Dorothy Malone MoviesRest In Peace, Dorothy Malone. You Will Be Missed!!! I have seen fourteen of the thirty films listed on this page and pretty much enjoyed Miss Malone's performances in all of those fourteen movies especially ARTISTS AND MODELS, TARNISHED ANGELS, WRITTEN ON THE WIND, and YOUNG AT HEART. Furthermore, I also enjoyed her stint as Constance on the prime time television version of PEYTON PLACE in the mid 1960s. Thanks, Bruce, for doing such a wonderful tribute to Dorothy Malone.
  • Joyce Rochelle Vaughn on Elvis Presley MoviesHow did "King Creole" gross $4 mil in 1957, when they hadn't even finished production until Wednesday, March 10, 1958, in Hollywood, California?
  • Bern 1960 on Dorothy Malone MoviesHello, I did not know that she died until you mentioned it. I liked her and I have seen many of her movies, She was really good in Written In The Wind. That one has shown up on TCM a few times. Didn't she have a small role in the movie with Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas - where Sharon was a killer with an ice pick? Tarnished Angels was good too. She played a good role in The Man With A Thousand Faces with James Cagney. She played a nasty person in that role. Hey, we had a heat...
  • PhilHOF17 on Best Actor Oscar WinnersGreg, Bruce, I agree these are some very interesting selections for Best Actors winners, though there are a number of actors who I think truly deserved their Oscars during these years - Ray Milland in The Lost Weekend, William Holden in Stalag 17, Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront and Godfather, Alec Guinness in The Bridge on the River Kwai, Maximilian Schell in Judgment at Nuremberg, Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mocking Bird, Rod Steiger in In the Heat of the Night, Cliff Robertson in Charly, etc. Some of Greg's picks that I think are particularly good or interesting...
  • PhilHOF17 on Civil Rights Movies in Chronological Order of the Real EventsHi Bruce, I'm a little late commenting on this page as I wanted to digest all the information, but I'll add my congratulations as you have done an outstanding job, covering an interesting, sensitive and very topical social issue and its treatment in the movies. It's ironic to note that although D. W. Griffith's blatantly racist, Birth of a Nation, had a momentous influence on the development of American cinema, Hollywood has churned out many excellent anti-racist or civil rights historical films. It did, however, take a while for these films to start being made and I note that all...
  • Flora Breen Robison on Dorothy Malone MoviesRIP Dorothy Malone. I recently rewatched The Last Voyage. I've seen 14 of her movies. My favourites were The Big Sleep, Written on the Wind and Warlock.
  • Frank on Dorothy Malone MoviesThank you so much for your tribute to the beautiful and gorgeous Dorothy Malone, one of the very last film stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. She was especially memorable in Battle Cry, The Big Sleep, The Tarnished Angels, and Written on the Wind. Rest in Peace!
  • BOB on Joan Crawford Movies1 HI STEVE Thanks for the feedback. It’s good to see some reference to billing, a subject that has not got much attention since John provoked all of those quarrels about the issue. 2 Crawford made 8 films with Gable and in all of them her name came first everywhere except in Strange Cargo the last of them. By the time of that film thanks to GWTW Gable was probably the biggest star on the planet [whatever Tracy thought] and initially Louis B Mayer wanted to give Clark complete top billing in Strange Cargo but Joan camped outside his office...
  • Steve Lensman on Joan Crawford MoviesThanks Bob, I just popped in to pay my little tribute to Dorothy Malone when I saw your comment. The generous rating, review, info, trivia, comment, observation and evaluation is much appreciated. Glad the pictorial content met with your approval. I wanted Bette and Joan to have equal sized videos with the same number of films which is only fair, but I did get slightly carried away with Joan's stills and lobby cards I think hers is about half a minute longer than Bette's. Joan is more photogenic than Bette, but I have to admit I found Bette quite cute...
  • Steve Lensman on Dorothy Malone MoviesR.I.P. Dorothy Malone. Sad news. If I hadn't already done a top 30 video on her I would have had one ready on monday as a tribute. Looking at the chart I've only seen 7 of her films. Favorites include Basic Instinct, Warlock, The Last Sunset and The Big Sleep. I haven't seen Written on the Wind or Tarnished Angels. A nice tribute Bruce. Vote Up!
  • BOB ROY on Joan Crawford Movies1 HI STEVE Hats off to you! It’s refreshing to be allowed for once to write about one of my own top 3 all-time favourite actresses instead of being confronted by something about one of Bruce’s “pets” like Myrna or Joel. 2 I mentioned that in the great Crawford-Davis feud Bette was supported by Olivia [“Livy”] DeHavilland. One reason that Livy gave for being sympathetic to Bette’s cause was “We both have our Joans to contend with. You have Crawford and I have sis Fontaine.” Joan C for her part had the help of Hedda Hopper in taking on Bette....
  • BOB ROY on Dorothy Malone Movies1 BRUCE/STEVE Steve gave us an excellent Dorothy Malone video a few months ago and for those interested in Dorothy’s career this would be an appropriate juncture at which to give it a first or subsequent viewing as it is a fine companion piece to this Cogerson page. 2 Although highly respected Dorothy never became a top star in the cinema and for the most part was 2nd fiddle or lower to the likes of Reagan in 1953’s Law and Order, Richard Egan in the 1956 Tension at Table Rock, Fonda, Quinn and my Richard in 1959’s Warlock, and Hudson/Bacall...
  • BOB ROY on 1961 Top Box Office Movies1 BRUCE By 1961 I was becoming more interested in the A list pictures at the top of your chart such as The Duke’s The Alamo and my Greg’s Guns of Navarone rather than the B actioners that had hitherto been my main preoccupation. My Doris’ Lover Come Back naturally interested me very much as well as her movies had always appealed to me but my fave movie of that year was undoubtedly the lovely Breakfast at Tiffany’s though One Eyed Jacks was also well up on my list. 2 However there were still some low budget/low grossing pictures that...
  • Rayban on Dorothy Malone MoviesI've always enjoyed her work on screen. And I never get tired of watching her in "Written On The Wind". Her dialogue with brother Robert Stack is especially memorable. RIP, Miss Malone, you were a treasure.
  • Bob on Dorothy Malone MoviesAn amazing actress! Loved her two Rock Hudson movies. She shined in a small role in The Big Sleep. Lovely woman. Prayers to her family.
  • Thomas on Dorothy Malone MoviesSad news. Nice tribute to one of the sexiest blondes I ever saw in movies. I do not see The Fast and the Furious. She made that with Roger Corman in the 1950s. Campy but fun. Rest in Peace Dorothy.
  • Maria on Dorothy Malone MoviesMurio la actriz Dorothy Malone a los 92 años que ganó el Oscar a la mejor intérprete de reparto por la película "Written on the Wind" (Escrito en el viento) (1956), en Dallas (Texas, EE.UU.).
  • PhilHOF17 on 1960 Top Box Office MoviesJust a quick note to thank you for the detailed response and explanations, adding the 3 films I mentioned, and revising North To Alaska - The Duke would be pleased!
  • PhilHOF17 on Steve’s Top 10 Charts YouTube ForumThanks for clarification on the pĥoto, Steve. I also enjoy The Blue Max, and I found interesting the Japanese poster in your video of that film, just before the panoramic shot of How The West Was Won. Jerry Goldsmith has composed some my favorite film scores.
  • PhilHOF17 on Steve’s Top 10 Charts YouTube ForumHey Bruce, yeap, I would support a Peppard page and would note it should not be too much work, as he did not do many films. Unfortunately, he also passed away rather early, in his mid-60s. And check out Operation Crossbow when you have the chance - I would chose it over The Carpetbaggers, which I found more like a big soaper, though very popular at the time due to the success of Harold Robbins' novel.
  • Anonymous on Requests?Hi Mr. Cogerson, Thanks as always for Dorothy M. My next box office data request is actress June Haver. Thx Mike
  • BOB on Bette Davis Movies1 HI STEVE Finally got your feedback - thanks. I can’t recall commenting before on a Davis video from you but Bruce gets to update his pages every now and again so there is no reason for your not attempting to improve even good past videos and I was glad of the opportunity to “review” your Davis expansion. 2 Rather ironic Davis defending Joan against charges of abusing the Crawford daughter because I understand that Bette’s daughter considered her mother such a bad example that she wouldn’t let Bette see the grandchildren unsupervised. 3 I noticed your earlier comments to...
  • LupinoHof17 on 1935 Top Box Office MoviesThis is indeed a massive list! After counting twice, I think I have seen 58 of the listed movies. There are a few movies starring favs Sylvia Sidney and Margaret Sullavan, though not in their best movies. Still, I like The Good Fairy and Mary Burns, Fugitive along with David Copperfield, Mark of the Vampire, Hands across the Table, Alice Adams, Top Hat, A Tale of 2 Cities, von Sternberg's Crime and Punishment, I Found Stella Parish, Bordertown with Davis going mad in a very well acted courtroom scene, The Dark Angel with Oscar nominated Merle Oberon, the romantic Wedding...
  • Gin Y. on Sam Rockwell MoviesVery nice!
  • Steve Lensman on Bette Davis MoviesTried posting this earlier but something went wrong and the site said it had already been posted! Plus I got a message telling me to slow down even though it was the first time I'd posted it. Something gone awry. I'll try again.... Hi Bob, thanks for the generous rating and review on my new bigger and better Bette Davis video, appreciate the info, trivia, comment and comparison. Happy you liked the posters and stills. Can't remember if you commented on my first Bette Davis video back in 2016, if so there must be a feeling of deja vu as...

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22 thoughts on “Comments

  1. I think in your blog the other day you recommended a French website compiled by one of your fans from France who comments here. You had it in place of someone who does youtube videos of say the top 25 movies of some star. Anyway the French site is quite interesting, like seeing figures on the French stars themselves and seeing that a number of U.S. films were released there years after being first released here. I think the site is called Box Office Story. Somewhere once I read that there is like 35 pictures a week released in Paris as opposed to how many in America.

  2. Wow that was quick! Thanks for considering my comment and updating the page. I guess this means the pages of the relevant co-stars of the updated films may need to be revised as well eventually, but…one step at a time 🙂 I see what you mean about the Hour of the Gun. So it did bombed badly at the box office. Not surprising given its lack of high dramatic moments, though it was a credible, revisionist Wyatt Earp story with strong performances from Garner and Jason Robards. A bit surprised at the low rating of Skin Game. I think it was one of Garner’s best films and it usually has very good ratings.

    1. Hey phil…..I think there were 3 or 4 pages that have the mistake of me being lazy….I think with fixing the Garner page…that I am down to only needing to fix the Gary Cooper page….and yes….I need to fix the co-stars that piled on to my laziness. One day…..this site will be dynamic…and whenever something changes….it will change it everywhere on the website automatically. With the site….getting so big….I have lost of control of that.

      As for Skin Game……’s reviews have really jumped up since I first did this page back in 2011….it made significant gains at IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes over the last 5 years. That is another “issue” with my website…..I pretty much never go back and look at the review % when I am done with a page (just do not have the time for that)….both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes have a constantly changing rating…seems lots of people have backed your opinion of Skin Game……as I have adjusted that movie’s critic audience rating….granted….it did not move the needle too far…but enough to get it out of the less than average rating and into the better than average rating. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. One of the things you will find about this website….we have no problem…acknowledging that we screwed something up…..we seem to do it all the time…lol.

  3. Congratulations, your web site contains a wealth of information and an interesting way to rate movies. I have a number of comments/suggestions that I would like to send later. But for now, I was reviewing the box office information for a number of my favourite stars (Burt Lancaster, Gregory Peck, Steve McQueen, James Garner etc..) and found some possible inconsistencies in James Garner’s page. I noticed as compared to last year, adjusted box office figures have generally been revised upward by 30% or more and I assume this is because of using more a more current dollar value. However, in Garner’s page, a number of box office figures were increased by only about 5%. Based on a review of what has been done for other films across a number of stars, I estimated that The Americanization of Emily, 36 Hours, The Art of Love, Boys’ Night Out, Duel at Diablo and Support Your Local Sheriff may have been wrongly adjusted. Also, while I do not have access to the Variety numbers, I note that Wikipedia indicates BO rentals of $3.5M for the Wheelers Dealers and $2M for Hour of the Gun, which adjusted should result in about $80-100M for the former (instead of $45.7) and $30-40M ($14.4M) for the latter?

    1. Hey Phil
      1. Thanks for the nice words about out page.
      2. These two links will explain what is going on with the James Garner page. and
      3. So you will see a different table when you return…as I am about to update it.
      4. This does not effect Hour Of The Gun…..the source used on Wiki….says it comes from a book and not Variety…so many of Garner’s movies increased but not that one…as I already had the gross of that movie a little over two million.
      5. Thanks for the headsup on my mistake on the Garner page.

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