New Movies In Theaters

Coco (2017) UMR Links

The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017) UMR Links

Roman J. Israel Esq. (2017) UMR Links

Justice League (2017) UMR Links

Wonder (2017) UMR Links

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8 thoughts on “New Movies In Theaters

  1. I am more of a classic movie fan, but I have to admit this is good way to know what is hot at theaters. The Man Who Invented Christmas looks pretty appealiing. No interest in superheroes or kids movies.

    1. Hey Sydney……glad you like the way this turned out…. it is one of the few pages that actually looks good on mobile devices. As for The Man Who Invented Christmas…I agree it looks interesting….I am shocked it is only playing in 500 theaters this Thanksgiving weekend. Seems it should have a wider releases….then again Scrooge is a great character….but he is a superhero or animated… he is doomed to a small release. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Awesome page!!! Now I have a site that will help me keep up on what’s coming out for the weekend. keep up the great work on up dating this site.

    1. Hey G Vandross…..thanks for the kind words. Our movie conversations at work are bringing out some good ideas for the website….and the views are rapidly increasing… my now question…what’s next? Thanks for the suggestions….they are greatly appreciated.

  3. Despite the bad press I will be seeing Justice League on the big screen some time this week. Hopefully it’s not all doom and gloom as we have come to expect from DC. Wonder Woman seems to be the best thing about it which doesn’t surprise me. Not interested in the others.

    1. Hey Steve…..hope you like Justice League…it seems to have better word of mouth….but I will be waiting for it to reach the “watch it home” platforms. I think Ben Affleck’s days as Batman might be numbered. I imagine the DC braintrust is shocked that their mighty Justice League is being “Hulk Smash Time” by the third installment of Thor. I bet at some time they are thinking it is time to reboot the DC universe.

  4. I really like this. I did not even know Denzel had a new movie out. Sorry I have not been commenting as often, but I still visit everyday. Hope I can keep my Hall of Fame status.

    1. Hey Still Here SteinHOFi……glad you like this….it came from a discussion with a guy I work with….I think it turned out well….now I just have to maintain it. Denzel Washington’s latest movie is opening pretty quietly…and based on early reactions….it look lie it could be one of his few misfires. Good to know you visit everyday….you of course can keep your Hall of Fame status….you are the man.

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