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1956’s Around The World In 80 Days

Top Grossing 1956 Movies

Gal Gadot Movies

June Allyson in 1947’s Good News

June Allyson Movies

Angela Bassett and Morgan Freeman in 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen

Angela Bassett Movies

Janet Leigh Movies

Michelle Pfeiffer Movies

Kim Novak Movies

Idris Elba in 2017’s The Gunslinger

Idris Elba Movies

Jayne Mansfield Movies

Hilary Swank Movies



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3 thoughts on “Newest Movie Pages

  1. I see you have the two latest ranking pages added now to your ‘newest pages” page. Great!

    So many pictures of Paul Newman in a collage is great. He sure looked handsome in black and white or colour. Strange how he was colour blind and yet had such beautiful blue eyes.

  2. Hey Joan…..I think I need to delete some of this “new” old pages. This page has gotten very long. I have working on these pages for over five years now….lots of work…but it has been lots of fun. I greatly appreciate your visit and kind words.

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