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Thankfully we get lots of requests for new pages.  Well…the wife recently informed me that my way of collecting my requests was pretty weak.  She seems to think that writing down requests on whatever piece of paper or napkin or bill that is currently on my desk is not the way to do it.  So….since she is way smarter than me….I have decided to create a page just for requests.  Plus it should give a good idea of what pages are coming down the pike.

My logic in picking which page to do next….I lean heavily towards the subject that has the most requests.

  • Alan Arkin – request made by Dan
  • Dan Aykroyd – request by Steve
  • Saul Bass – request by Steve
  • Ralph Bellamy by Søren
  • Constance Bennett – request by John
  • Dirk Bogard – request by Søren
  • Jeff Chandler – request by Dan
  • Julie Christie – request by Tom, Olivia
  • Roger Corman – request by Dan
  • Broderick Crawford – request by John
  • Peter Cushing – request made by SteveLensman, Dan & Brando 90
  • Yvonne DeCarlo – request by Dan
  • Disney Live Action 1967-1980 – request by Mimic
  • Charles Farrell – request by John
  • Foreign Movies requested by Laurent
  • Janet Gaynor – request by John
  • John Gielgud requested by Dan, Flora
  • Samuel Goldwyn – request by Dan
  • Gloria Grahame – request by FilmNoirFan & Flora
  • Stewart Granger – request by Søren, Bob, Steve
  • Sterling Hayden – request made by BERN1960, Flora &  Lyle
  • Dean Jones  – requested by Dan
  • Sam Katzman – request by Dan
  • Laurel & Hardy – request by Søren
  • Peter Lawford by Søren, Flora
  • Bruce Lee – request by Brando 90
  • Christopher Lee – request by Steve,
  • Jet-Li – request by Hot Ham
  • Harold Lloyd – request by Søren
  • Henry Mancini – request by Flora
  • Patricia Medina – request by Dan
  • Maria Montez – request by Dan
  • Mirisch Brothers – request by Dan
  • Ramon Novarro – request by Laurent
  • Donald O’Connor – request made by Dan
  • George Raft – request by Søren, Dee
  • Telly Savalas – request by Brando90, Flora
  • Edward Small – request by Dan
  • Wesley Snipes – request by Hot Ham
  • Rudolph Valentino – request by Laurent
  • Jean Claude VanDamme – request by Hot Ham
  • Loretta Young – request by Stein, Chris
  • Jane Wyman – request by Chris

Completed requests:

Many more to come…have to find all of my old napkins and transfer the requests to this page.


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506 thoughts on “Request Hotline

    1 There are horses for courses as the saying goes and in the 1950s just as I favoured the likes of Peck, Duke, Mumbles and Laddie in the higher budget flicks there was a stable “stock company” players who specialized in programmers –ie B movies/and or part of a double bill – and whose films I ardently followed back in those days. Examples are Audie Murphy, Rory Calhoun, Dale Robertson, John Payne and Rock and Tony before they made the really Big Time.

    2 Probably my two favourite 2nd tier stars were though Dana Andrews and Jeff Chandler and you’ve already given us an Andrews page. Jeff’s career was cut short by accidental premature death so he made only about one third of the flicks that Big Hitters like The Duke churned out and you’ve already given us grosses on about half of Jeff’s output on the pages of other stars – eg A Stranger in my Arms [aka And Ride a Tiger in the US] on Sandra Dee’s page and The Tattered Dress on Gail Russell’s page. So hopefully a full Chandler profile would not give you much additional trouble.

    3 You have profiled most of the stars who would be on any wish list of mine but [even too much Cogerson not being nearly enough for me !!!] I have in fact long been on the lookout for a Chandler Cogerson page and Steve’s recent first-class video has again whetted my appetite. On examining your request list above I see that another stalwart of this site, Dan, is also keen to see the emergence of a profile on Jeff, so I’m in good company. Anyway as I’ve already indicated I hope you have a good weekend

    1. Hey Bob….I will move Mr. Chandler up the list….so he will join Swank, Wagner, Butler (Gerard) and Laurel & Hardy in the mixing bowl. Seems there always 5 pages in different stages of completion. Hoping I will finally be able to give Stan and Ollie their moment in the UMR sun next. Thanks for the Captain Pike suggestion.

      1. THANKS BRUCE – will patiently keep an eye out for “Big Grey” as his pal Rory Calhoun nicknamed him.

        2 By the way did you know that Universal initially had Jeff in mind for the Operation Petticoat that ultimately went to Archie Leach?

        3 I think the ultimate decision was the right one as Operation Petticoat has a Cogerson adjusted domestic gross of around $385 million – in fact Cary’s highest grossing film in the Cogerson charts – and although he did do some light comedy [Toy Tiger 1956] Jeff never had that kind of pulling power at the box office and I doubt that even with Curtis in tow the movie would have done anywhere close of $385 million

  2. Hi Cogerson,
    Your Dynamic website is really looking great.
    I have a couple of request for veteran supporting actors.
    Lee j. Cobb, nominated twice for best supporting actor.
    George Kennedy, who won a best supporting actor in 1957.

    Please let me know



    1. Hey Mike….thanks for the kind words about our remodel….it has been a stressful month….but now that we are at the finish line….we are two happy campers! I will add Lee J. Cobb and Arthur Kennedy to the request list. I will be sure to alert you when we get those pages done. Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. Hey bob…..will gladly add Ms. Swank to our request list…..currently it looks like she will be the 3rd current performer we do… Paul Walker is next and then Helen Mirren (another Best Actress Oscar winner)….so it might be a little bit but your request will happen. When we are not updating the entire website….we generally do one current and then one classic performer.

  3. I’m guessing the early career data is spotty at best, but would love to see a Will Rogers page if you’re so inclined. He’s a guy that looms so large on the cultural landscape that being one of the top movie stars of his day is almost remembered as an afterthought.

    1. Hey Shaun…..we will add Mr. Rogers to our Request Page. We have 8 in the database currently.

      Doctor Bull (1933) $99,394,408.00
      Steamboat Round the Bend (1935) $154,464,278.00
      Judge Priest (1934) $128,944,080.00
      So This Is London (1930) $126,971,360.00
      Ambassador Bill (1931) $103,585,523.00
      A Connecticut Yankee (1931) $146,238,388.00
      Too Busy to Work (1932) $107,844,152.00
      State Fair (1933) $193,416,145.00

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