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Thankfully we get lots of requests for new pages.  Well…the wife recently informed me that my way of collecting my requests was pretty weak.  She seems to think that writing down requests on whatever piece of paper or napkin or bill that is currently on my desk is not the way to do it.  So….since she is way smarter than me….I have decided to create a page just for requests.  Plus it should give a good idea of what pages are coming down the pike.

My logic in picking which page to do next….I lean heavily towards the subject that has the most requests.

  • Alan Arkin – request made by Dan
  • Dan Aykroyd – request by Steve
  • Saul Bass – request by Steve
  • Ralph Bellamy by Søren
  • Constance Bennett – request by John
  • Dirk Bogard – request by Søren
  • Jeff Chandler – request by Dan
  • Julie Christie – request by Tom, Olivia
  • Roger Corman – request by Dan
  • Broderick Crawford – request by John
  • Peter Cushing – request made by SteveLensman, Dan & Brando 90
  • Yvonne DeCarlo – request by Dan
  • Disney Live Action 1967-1980 – request by Mimic
  • Charles Farrell – request by John
  • Foreign Movies requested by Laurent
  • Janet Gaynor – request by John
  • John Gielgud requested by Dan, Flora
  • Samuel Goldwyn – request by Dan
  • Gloria Grahame – request by FilmNoirFan & Flora
  • Stewart Granger – request by Søren, Bob, Steve
  • Sterling Hayden – request made by BERN1960, Flora &  Lyle
  • Dean Jones  – requested by Dan
  • Sam Katzman – request by Dan
  • Laurel & Hardy – request by Søren
  • Peter Lawford by Søren, Flora
  • Bruce Lee – request by Brando 90
  • Christopher Lee – request by Steve,
  • Jet-Li – request by Hot Ham
  • Harold Lloyd – request by Søren
  • Henry Mancini – request by Flora
  • Patricia Medina – request by Dan
  • Maria Montez – request by Dan
  • Mirisch Brothers – request by Dan
  • Ramon Novarro – request by Laurent
  • Donald O’Connor – request made by Dan
  • George Raft – request by Søren, Dee
  • Telly Savalas – request by Brando90, Flora
  • Edward Small – request by Dan
  • Wesley Snipes – request by Hot Ham
  • Rudolph Valentino – request by Laurent
  • Jean Claude VanDamme – request by Hot Ham
  • Loretta Young – request by Stein, Chris
  • Jane Wyman – request by Chris

Completed requests:

Many more to come…have to find all of my old napkins and transfer the requests to this page.


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471 thoughts on “Request Hotline

  1. Last night I saw Brian Cranston in Wakefield. I came here to see where it ranked and see you do not have a page on him. Even though he is a television star, he has made some good movies too. So how about a page on him. Wakefield is excellent. Strange but excellent.

  2. Hey Bruce, a lot of good suggestions there, but thought I would make a few of my own: Rod Steiger, Jason Robards Jr. and Cliff Robertson. Would be nice as some others have suggested to have some British stars like Dirk Bogarde, Peter Cushing – and Alec Guiness for that matter, but I assume US grosses of their British films may be harder to get!

    1. Hey Phil….thanks for the suggestions. All good picks. Guinness, Bogarde and especially Cushing will be challenging for sure. I have done some research on Cushing and the results are pretty weak. Just too many British movies. I might have to a Steve approach on that one….only look at critic/audience ratings…as the box office numbers do not seem to exist.

      Steiger and Robertson would be good because…I have started thinking I need an UMR page on all the Best Actor Winners….so far of the 90 winners (lots of duplicates) I have pages on 67 of them or 74.44%….seems 100.00% would be pretty cool.

      1. Thanks for your response Bruce. I see you have a lot of requests so it’s appreciated it that you consider my suggestions.
        I had forgotten to mention,(if it’s not too much to ask) that annual pages of box office information from the 1950s and 1960s would also be appreciated! It’s pretty much impossible to find information on the web beyond the top 10 or 20 of each year, so this would be another unique contribution from this site.

        1. Hey Phil….I remember when this request list was loaded with legends…over the years it has replaced legends with stars ….and then stars were replaced by actors/actresses with solid careers. With almost 600 UMR pages….I find this page very useful. Like right now….I have no idea who will be the next subject.

          I will get some more years done. My ledger numbers start to diminish the closer we get to the 1960s…..then I have to depend a lot more on Variety from 1960 to 1979 as well as the even less reliable books and autobiographies on the stars.

          Thanks for all the feedback.

  3. As promised, some suggestions: at this point, I would be happy about a page on Jane Wyman, Hedy Lamarr, Ida Lupino, Merle Oberon, Veronica Lake or on directors Douglas Sirk and Fritz Lang (both highly respected here and successful enough in the States).
    ….to be continued…

    1. Thanks for the suggestions….I have been thinking about a Veronica Lake and Jane Wyman page for awhile. Merle Oberon is another solid suggestion. Thanks for the the input. Currently at 9:27 PM on Friday night wondering who will be the next subject.

    1. Hey Brando90….I will add them to the request list…a quick check shows I already have 35 of Joan Bennett’s movies in the database and 100% fully researched.

      Movie (Year) UMR Score
      Little Women (1933) 74.58
      Father of the Bride (1950) 73.23
      Scarlet Street (1945) 68.51
      The Woman in the Window (1944) 67.52
      Father’s Little Dividend (1951) 58.59
      We’re No Angels (1955) 58.06
      Man Hunt (1941) 57.58
      Nob Hill (1945) 56.85
      Disraeli (1930) 52.54
      Mississippi (1935) 52.05
      Vogues of 1938 (1937) 50.78
      Trade Winds (1938) 47.23
      The Texans (1938) 45.86
      The Macomber Affair (1947) 44.14
      For Heaven’s Sake (1950) 41.52
      There’s Always Tomorrow (1956) 41.50
      Bulldog Drummond (1929) 40.28
      Wild Geese Calling (1941) 40.25
      Moby Dick (1930) 39.68
      13 Hours By Air (1936) 39.52
      The House Across The Bay (1940) 39.15
      Two For Tonight (1935) 38.97
      The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (1935) 38.24
      The Woman on the Beach (1947) 37.63
      Wedding Present (1936) 37.07
      Big Brown Eyes (1936) 36.50
      Girl Trouble (1942) 36.48
      Two In A Crowd (1936) 35.11
      Secret Beyond The Door (1947) 34.49
      I Met My Love Again (1938) 33.56
      The Reckless Moment (1949) 33.24
      Confirm Or Deny (1941) 32.71
      Private Worlds (1935) 31.75
      Maybe It’s Love (1930) 31.62
      Navy Wife (1956) 24.62

        1. You are welcome Brando90….I got your request Joan Bennett page done in about 24 hours…patting myself on the back….lol.

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