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We figured it was time to have a place to talk about Steve’s latest video subjects that do not have an UMR page……yet.





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  1. Steve’s Jeffrey Hunter video has been added to the page as well as we have added his Ann Sheridan video to our Sheridan page…good videos…Mr. Lensman.

  2. Hey Steve….well once again…you have beaten me to the punch…..been getting requests for a Jeffrey Hunter page for awhile…..but you got his video done before my page….kudos to you. I also enjoyed that you gave Hunter a Pike shout out. Surprised The Last Hurrah scored so highly…..that is one forgotten Spencer Tracy/John Ford movie. Good stuff.

  3. HI STEVE 1 Jeffrey Hunter was one of Fox’s stable of young contract players in the early 1950s along with the likes of Robert Wagner, Debra Paget and Fox’s own 50s sex queen MM.
    Jeff actually made his screen debut in the 1950 Julius Caesar but film historians have commented that that particular version is nowadays most remembered for having the young Chuck as Mark Antony. Like Jeff Chandler Hunter sadly died prematurely of an accident and both were the same age at the time of death, 42.

    2 My picks of the generally excellent posters are Red Skies of Montana and The Frogmen both top-starring the Richard who is jointly idolised by M-s Breen Robison and me, The Great Locomotive Chase, Hell to Eternity, No Man is an Island, A Kiss before Dying, 7 Seven Cities of Gold and way, way out on its own in my opinion the foreign language one from The Searchers with The Duke at his most iconic. Kiss before Dying is one of my favourite Jeffrey Hunter flicks,

    3 In this one we again have the normal quantity of stills and my own favourites are (1) the raunchy one of Jeffrey with Debra Paget In Princess of the Nile (2) with Robert Wagner in White Feather (3) with Anne Francis in Brainstorm (4) the marvellous colour solo of Jeff in King of Kings (5) with The Duke in The Searchers. This has certainly been my week with precious photos from you of both The Duke and Mr Mumbles! I liked eff opening funny quote about The Duke and the bullets Overall very satisfying pictorial of Jeffrey which I rate at 96.5%.

    4 “To me Jeffrey was the acme of young American manhood and he had an all-encompassing type of magnetism.” [Norma Jeane Mortenson]

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for the review, rating, info, trivia and quote, it is appreciated.

      Glad you liked the pictorial presentation.

      I knew Jeffrey Hunter mostly as the blonde blue-eyed Jesus in King of Kings and as Captain Christopher Pike in the original series of Star Trek. His character was played by Bruce Greenwood in the rebooted Trek movies.

      Two of his films scored 10 out of 10 from my sources – The Longest Day and The Searchers, and two scored 9 – The Last Hurrah and King of Kings.

      The Searchers was no.1 at IMDB with a score of 8, even Citizen Kane only managed 8.4 at IMDB, harsh crowd. 🙂

      Casablanca fared better with 8.6 at IMDB and The Godfather is no.2 on their Top 250 with 9.2 , The Shawshank Redemption ruling the roost with 9.3. I liked Shawshank, good film, but I always thought it extremely overrated, ditto The Dark Knight.

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