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We figured it was time to have a place to talk about Steve’s latest video subjects that do not have an UMR page……yet.

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  1. HI STEVE 1. Bardot’s close friend Mr. Mumbles used to visit her in France even when they were both elderly. A slender Dan-like link runs through that story because as I mentioned recently English actor Terence Stamp raved about his own acquaintance with Mr. M in an interview the other week and in the same interview Terence claimed to have “seduced” Bardot when she and he were both young. [Very discreet people these “kiss and tell” characters, aren’t they?]

    2 Historians claim that the term “sex kitten” was virtually invented as a moniker for the young Bardot but despite her worldwide fame as such few of Brigitte’s films were shown over here in her heyday as generally we tended to be strictly limited to movies that were produced by the US and British film industries so the only Bardot flicks with which I am personally familiar are Shalako with Sir Sean Connery, Brigitte’s lover Roger Vadim’s controversial And God Created Woman [which made her an international star], Act of Love [a Kirk Douglas flick in which she had a small part] Warner Bros Helen of Troy [as your poster showed this flick also starred Sir Maurice’s mate wonderful Sir Stanley Baker as Achilles of the famous Heel] Dear Brigitte with my Jimmy*** and the British movie Doctor at Sea [starring in the title role Dirk Bogarde who along with Sir Maurice has long been my favourite Brit actor]
    ***Despite its title apparently for some reason Bardot agreed to appear in this Jimmy Stewart vehicle only on condition that neither the film’s credits nor its promotional material indicate that she was actually in the movie.

    3 Personal unfamiliarity with content has never lessened my interest in the Cogerson grosses of movies nor prevented me from sitting back and enjoying the pictorial journey provided by a Lensman video and indeed the sexiness of Bardot made sure that most of the posters in your Brigitte offering were both provocative and stunning. – so here goes. The posters I liked best in the offering are Naughty Girl, The Female, Babette Goes to War, The Legend of Frenchie King, Light Across the Street, Helen of Troy, Love is my Profession, Spirits of the Dead and Contempt. Classy stills were the opening solo of the sexy young Brigitte, the one with my Dirk in Doctor at Sea, with Kirk in Act of Love [which you mention as her US debut movie] the table “dance” from And God Created Woman and another solo of Brigitte in bikini.

    4 This video was an eye-popper throughout but there was much more to it than that and I thought it was a very well researched profile so all–in-all I can’t resist giving it a personal-high rating of 98% despite its relative brevity. Also I would like to register my appreciation of your courtesy in providing the titles in both English and their foreign language and if WH does a Bardot page I hope he is led by your example and lets us have the grosses in both dollars and francs! Certainly if this is just the first video in a series of “foreign” sex sirens please reserve me one of the very best seats in the house for any future offerings – I’ll bring my own opera glasses!

    1. Thanks Bob, glad you enjoyed my little tribute to France’s legendary sex kitten, appreciate the review, generous rating, info and trivia.

      The only Brigitte Bardot films I’d seen were Dear Brigitte, Helen of Troy, Shalako, The Legend of Frenchie King and Viva Maria! I may have seen Doctor at Sea when I was young but I can’t remember, my dad was a Dirk Bogarde fan too.

      That’s the third time I’ve used posters from Spirits of the Dead in my videos. I’m curious to see that film, if it ever turns up on TV, probably on C4.

      Looking at my files two Bardot films scored 9 out of 10 – Viva Maria and the horror anthology Spirits of the Dead, but the highest average ratings went to two of her more serious movies – La Verite and Le Mepris, Martin Scorsese called the latter “one of the greatest films ever made about the actual process of filmmaking.”

      An Italian sex symbol coming up next and some epic poster art.

      1. HI STEVE

        1 As always I enjoyed the backchat and the “coming attractions”. Many thanks for your trouble.

        2 We always seemed to give even “foreign” MEN credit for being THE great lovers and . Hollywood went through a great Latin Lovers craze in the 1950s with the likes of Rossano Brazzi and Fernando Lamas leading the pack and I can recall women in the audience screaming out in excitement when either of those two appeared on the screen and here’s what the dictionary officially says about how a Latin Lover is defined –

        “The best men out there… they’re not only very sensual and manly (unlike All-American men) but they are gorgeous, with warm golden skin, dark bedroom eyes and full lips. Most are hot but those Cuban men are so sexy with their rich ethnic accents.

        3 That definition firmly puts the Work Horse in his box for once as he is a mere “All-American” You and I are neither a Latin Lover nor an All-American so I don’t know where WE fit into the equation. However I don’t really care as I was always more interested in Bardot than Brazzi but for what it’s worth the Frenchmen always got credit for being more caring and tender toward the opposite gender and I think that it was in Jane Russell’s The French Line that Gilbert Roland sang the song “The Frenchman always says it with a kiss.”

        1. Hi Bob, the next video will be delayed, hopefully out tomorrow. Other things have come up which I have to take care of. It will be worth the wait I promise.

          Looking at my files, I’m approaching 500 movie people on my videos, whoa! Over a hundred of them directors, which surprised me, when did I do videos on all these bloomin’ directors? Paul Greengrass? Joss Whedon? Judd Apatow? Len Wiseman? I’ve never even heard of these guys! [wink]

          The majority of the director videos are box office not ratings, but eventually I will be rating them too.

          How many director pages here on the UMR? I can see John Ford, Hawks and Hitchcock on the index page. Pretty sure Bruce had the directors grouped separately at one time.

          1. HI STEVE

            Thanks for the further feedback. I had been thinking of looking at and commenting on some of your director videos but I’ll now wait until you’ve started to rate the entries on those videos. Will look out for tomorrow’s hopeful release.

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