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Want to know the best Tim Conway movies?  How about the worst Tim Conway movies?  Curious about Tim Conway box office grosses or which Tim Conway movie picked up the most Oscar® nominations? Need to know which Tim Conway movie got the best reviews from critics and audiences? Well you have come to the right place….because we have all of that information.

Tim Conway (1933-) is an American actor, writer and producer.  Although primarily known for his television work, he has managed to star in motion pictures for the last 53 years. His IMDb page shows 124 acting credits from 1960 to 2017. This page will rank 19 Tim Conway movies.  Conway’s many television roles, shorts and movies not released in North American theaters were not included in the rankings.

Drivel part of the page:  Tim Conway? Really?  I can hear Steve Lensman all the way from across the big pond that separates us asking those questions.  Well…if you had asked little Cogerson in the 1970s who were the biggest stars in Hollywood….he would have answered John Wayne and…drumroll…..Tim Conway.  I thought Tim Conway was the funniest man on the planet….heck based on the power of Conway…for years I was convinced Gus (you know….the kicking mule football player Disney film) was the greatest movie ever made.  Even now when I see him on television, in a You Tube video or in an old movie….a smile develops on my face.  So even if this page only entertains me…..going to give Mr. Tim Conway some UMR love.

Tim Conway and frequent co-star in 1975’s The Apple Dumpling Gang

Tim Conway Movies Can Be Ranked 6 Ways In This Table

The really cool thing about this table is that it is “user-sortable”. Rank the movies anyway you want.

  • Sort Tim Conway movies by co-stars of his movies
  • Sort Tim Conway movies by adjusted domestic box office grosses using current movie ticket cost (in millions)
  • Sort Tim Conway movies by yearly domestic box office rank
  • Sort Tim Conway movies how they were received by critics and audiences.  60% rating or higher should indicate a good movie
  • Sort by how many Oscar® nominations and how many Oscar® wins each Tim Conway movie received.
  • Sort Tim Conway movies by Ultimate Movie Rankings (UMR) Score.  UMR Score puts box office, reviews and awards into a mathematical equation and gives each movie a score.

Stats and Possibly Interesting Things From The Above Tim Conway Table

  1. Four Tim Conway movies crossed the magical $100 million domestic gross mark.  That is a percentage of 21.05% of his movies listed. The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975) was his biggest box office hit.
  2. An average Tim Conway movie grosses $62.80 million in adjusted box office gross.
  3. Using RottenTomatoes.com’s 60% fresh meter.  6 of Tim Conway movies are rated as good movies…or 31.57% of his movies.  The Private Eyes (1980) was his highest rated movie while Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997) was his lowest rated movie.
  4. Zero Tim Conway movies received at least one Oscar® nomination in any category…..or 0.00% of his movies.
  5. Zero Tim Conway movies won at least one Oscar® in any category…..or 0.00% of his movies.
  6. An good Ultimate Movie Ranking (UMR) Score is 40.00.  6 Tim Conway movie scored higher that average….or 31.57% of his movies. The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975) got the the highest UMR Score while Air Bud: Golden Receiver (1998) got the lowest UMR Score.

 Possibly Interesting Facts About Tim Conway

  1. Thomas Daniel Conway was born in Willoughby, Ohio in 1933.  First name was changed to Tim to avoid confusion with actor Tom Conway.

2. Tim Conway was discovered by Rose Marie and arranged for him to audition for The Steve Allen Plymouth Show.  Conway got the part and never looked back.  Rose Marie was famous for her role on the Dick Van Dyke Show.

3. Tim Conway gained a national following from his role as the bumbling, naive Ensign Charles Parker, in the 1960s sitcom McHale’s Navy.  His Parker role was created as the “Barney Fife”

4. Tim Conway’s Ensign Parker role has many similarities with Don Knotts’  “Barney Fife” character on the Andy Griffith Show.  Both were inept sidekicks who are constantly creating problems for Sheriff Taylor or for McHale.  For the record Barney made his debut in 1960 while Ensign Parker made his debut in 1962.

5.  Speaking of Don Knotts…..Tim Conway and Don Knotts appeared in 5 movies together….that represents over 25% of Conway’s movies.

6. Tim Conway has been nominated for 12 Emmy® Awards.  He has won 5 times.  He also has two Golden Globe® nominations….winning once.  All of these nominations were for his television roles.

7. Tim Conway was named a Disney Legend in 2004.

8. Tim Conway’s car license plate reads “13 WKS”, a reference to the fact that all of his solo television projects have been cancelled after 13 weeks.

9. Tim Conway has been married two times. He has seven children.

10.  Check out Tim Conway’s career compared to current and classic actors.  Most 100 Million Dollar Movies of All-Time.


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14 thoughts on “Tim Conway Movies

  1. I have seen a number of films twice, rarer for 3, but I have seen Gus 5 times. Saw it in the cinema when it was current, I was a sucker for Disney comedies, not their cartoons at the time or their adventure pics. I got my first VCR in December 1982 and you could own .movies, besides what you taped off TV. Movies were very expensive at the time, blank tape was $10 and new movies were $99. The biggest customers were the video rental stores who would rent them tons of times and then sell as previously viewed for $29.99. Expensive at the time but I paid that for Gus along with The Love Bug, Herbie Rides Again, The Black Hole and a few non Disney films. By the end of the 80’s they were $9.99 for previously viewed and now you can buy older pics at what $10 for 50 films (all PD titles) or maybe 4 John Wayne Turner library films for $5.

    Tim only worked with 3 Oscar winners

    Cannonball Run II (1984) – Shirley Maclaine
    McHale’s Navy (1964) – Ernest Borgnine
    Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997) – Sandra Bullock

    I went to summer camp in 1970 with Tim’s They Went That-a -way and That-a way costar Chuck McCann’s son, Sean. Chuck came on one visiting Sunday and he had long hair at the time, strange to me since he always seem shorthaired on his local New York kid’s show of the early 60’s. The camp was called Dominican Camp (closed since 1986) and Sean has passed on, but Dad is still around.

    The movie I have seen the most, 7 times is Good Times from 1967 starring Sonny and Cher.

    1. Actually Good Times I have seen 6 times, the champ at 7 is It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963). Maybe 10 years ago or so for a few years someone rented out one of the screens on a local 7 plex and they would have a free showing of It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. They might have done that say 3 times. They did it with a Jerry Lewis film too, but I don’t remember which. I didn’t go to any of them.

      1. My most watched movie has to be Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. That is cool that someone would rent out a theater and show one of their favorite movies. 🙂

    2. Hey Dan.
      1. Glad to see someone that can understand my “Gus” confusion.
      2. I have vivid memories of the theater I saw Gus in and how much they laughed and much they like the movie. That type of humor is long long gone.
      3. I worked in a video store back in those high priced VHS days. Back then I had to rent because I could not afford to buy them.
      4. Beverly Hills Cop was the first one to come out priced to buy….$29.99 for a new copy….we sold almost 1000 copies or almost $30,000 worth. When the tapes arrived in the store we had to stack all the boxes to the ceiling.
      5. Not too many Oscar winners for Tim…..but at least he was really close to Ernest Borgnine.
      6. Cool story about Chuck McCann, his son and you. Sad that Chuck lost his son.
      Good feedback as always.

      1 As an experienced and prolific researcher like Steve has admitted not knowing Tim Conway I’ll not mind revealing that I too am unfamiliar with Tim. However it’s always good to learn something new so I welcome your page on him which I found interesting and it will be my springboard for a closer study of Tim’s work

      2 Indeed when I saw the name flagged up I initially thought you had done a page on TOM Conway who was the elder brother of George Sanders. The two brothers who looked and sounded remarkably alike shared 13 films in the B movie crime series The Falcon between 1941 and 1946. One thing I liked about The Falcon series was that there was no superfluous wife getting in the way of the action and the entertainment as in The Thin Woman series! Similarly as you know I am a great fan of Angela Lansbury’s Murder She Wrote and what I like about that one is as Angela is a widow in the series there is no silly husband wasting the viewer’s time as a stooge.

      3 Actually in last night’s 1984 episode Virginia Mayo at the age of 64 had a 1 minute walk-on role and I felt very sorry for her. There is no doubt that as they aged Hollywood must have been a nightmare for women like Ginny. In fact I said to my wife “Back in 1944 that poor female had a similar walk on part in Danny Kaye’s Up in Arms but in those young years of hers she was given a gross of $285 million by Bruce Cogerson for that movie.” My wife replied “Well if you could find out what that episode of Murder She Wrote earned maybe Bruce would slip it into Ginny’s Up in Arms gross even though it’s TV . As the saying goes in for a penny in for a pound” When Angela and Virginia stood talking for that brief moment I am sure that Dan would have linked them up as two of Randy Scott’s leading ladies – Angela in A Lawless Street (1955) and Ginny in Westbound (1959). Both were lovely in those far-off days.

      1. Hey Bob.
        1. Sorry to hear that the legend of Tim Conway has not traveled outside of the United States.
        2. But thanks for checking out and commenting on this page.
        3. Tom Conway get mentioned in the page….as Tim Conway had gone by his birthname of Thomas/Tom…but when he reached Hollywood…he had to change because of Tom Conway.
        4. Sadly Tim Conway never made an appearance on Murder She Wrote.
        5. Glad to know me and this website have filtered into your conversations with WoB.
        6. Good stuff on Virginia Mayo and Angela Lansbury (a UMR page on her might be coming soon).
        Thanks for the feedback.

        1. HI BRUCE

          1 An Angela Lansbury page would indeed be interesting. Indeed she and Raymond Burr remind me of the line from the Bob Dylan song The Times they Are a Changing that goes something kike “And the last now shall later be first,” because Angela and Raymond played supporting parts to big stars in those days who later were lucky to get bit parts in the highly successful TV series of both Burr and Lansbury.

          2 And the Dan-like links just keep on a coming. I’m halfway through an episode of Murder She Wrote in which 63 year-old Anne Jeffries plays a bit part. Anne like Angela and Ginny was a Randy Scott co-star, the movies in young Anne’s case being Trail Street (1947) and Return of the Bad Men (1948)

          3 Anne is still alive at 94 and last appeared on TV in 2013 at 90. In her hey-day in 1945 she played moll to a gangster who seems to have become a hero on this site, Dillinger portrayed by Lawrence Tierney. Indeed I think in that movie Anne’s Helen Rogers is with Dillinger watching the fatal ‘Myrna Loy’ movie when he is shot. Can Dan match that run of links? However the ‘Myrna Loy’ film concerned was Manhattan Melodrama in which Myrna was 3rd fiddle to King Gable and Bill Powell so I have a sneaking suspicion that actually Dillinger and Helen were there to watch the film’s main star.Gable or as an outside chance Bill Powell

    2. Hey Helakoski……thanks for checking out my Tim Conway movie page. He is a legend on television….but I think his film career is pretty good too. As for SpongeBob….he has played a few roles on SpongeBob but not the main character. Conway and McHale’s Navy co-star Ernest Borgnine both provided voices for the “Batman and Robin like characters” on the show….pretty sure Conway was Barnacle Boy….but in the movie Conway did another character. 🙂

  2. Well unlike Mr Lensman I am very aware of Tim Conway. His humor is a thing of the past. Humor that can be enjoyed by the entire family at the same time. I actually thought he was Judy Hops dad in Zootopia. But his absence here and IMDb makes me realize I was wrong about that. But the actor that did that voice sure sounded like Tim Conway.

    1. Hey SteinHOF….glad you know Mr. Conway. Maybe he is only an American treasure….lol. I agree his humor is indeed kid friendly. Hmmmmm….Zootopia….nope that was not Tim Conway. I will have to pay attention to that the next time the kids are watching that movie. Thanks for the visit and the comment.

  3. Believe it or not Bruce I’ve never heard of this actor before seeing this page, when I saw the name Tim Conway at the top of the page I was hoping he was a forgotten b-western actor of the 1930s. 🙂
    I’ve googled the name to see a close shot of his mug… nope, still not familiar to me. [Bruce gasps]

    Anyway let me check if he’s appeared in anything I’ve seen… I count 3 out of 19 watched – The Worlds Greatest Athlete. Cannonball Run II and Speed II. I haven’t seen any of the Apple Dumpling Gang films.

    Well there you have it, popular in the USA and I’ve never heard of him, it does happen sometimes. We have a famous entertainer and some time actor named Bruce Forsythe here in the UK Bruce, your namesake, is he well known in the US?

    Tim who? 🙂

    1. Hey Steve…..well now you know of the existence of Tim Conway. He was a sidekick in most of his movies…..but here in the states….his television appearances are why he is famous. As a boy…in was in all the Disney movies….and then on television he was on The Carol Burnett Show….so in my mind…..he was everywhere. Looking at his movies….not thinking there is a single one that I think you would like.

      Still…in my world the man is a legend. Yet another movie memory from my past. In The Private Eyes (his highest rated movie)….all through the movie Conway talks about a Wookalar who is not really part of the movie…..after they solve the crime……this is the final scene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoBgNR_up1A My brother and I laughed so hard at the end of the movie. Yes the scene is beyond silly…but back then…..it accomplished the goal on a almost teenager. Never noticed that the end music sounds like a James Bond rip off.

      Thanks for the visit and the comment….even though he was unknown to you.

  4. I have seen 13 of these movies…..including 5 in theaters. I guess Tim Conway is my Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler that my older sons have. Performances that seem hilarious when you see them as a child….but do not seem as funny when get all growned up (that’s the way Bruce Willis talks in Armaggedon).

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