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Want to know the best Tom Hanks movies?  How about the worst Tom Hanks movies?  Curious about Tom Hanks box office grosses or which Tom Hanks movie picked up the most Oscar® nominations? Need to know which Tom Hanks movie got the best reviews from critics and audiences? Well you have come to the right place….because we have all of that information.

Tom Hanks (1956-) has come a long way since he wanted to fight the Fonz on television’s Happy Days. He starred in the television series Busom Buddies before hitting it big in Ron Howard’s Splash (1984). Since Splash it has been one mega hit after another. He won back to back Oscar® wins for Philadelphia (1993) and Forrest Gump (1994) for Best Actor (joining Spencer Tracy as the only actors to accomplish that feat).

His IMDb page shows 75 acting credits from 1980-2017.  This page will rank 46 Tom Hanks movies from Best to Worst in six different sortable columns of information. Television roles, cameos, shorts and straight to DVD movies were not included in the rankings.  There is a separate table for his 4 voice only roles.

Tom Hanks in 1998's Saving Private Ryan

Tom Hanks in 1998’s Saving Private Ryan

Tom Hanks Movies Can Be Ranked 6 Ways In This Table

The really cool thing about this table is that it is “user-sortable”. Rank the movies anyway you want.

  • Sort Tom Hanks movies by his co-stars
  • Sort Tom Hanks movies by adjusted domestic box office grosses using current movie ticket cost (in millions)
  • Sort Tom Hanks movies by adjusted worldwide box office grosses using current movie ticket cost (in millions)
  • Sort Tom Hanks movies by how they were received by critics and audiences.  60% rating or higher should indicate a good movie.
  • Sort by how many Oscar® nominations and how many Oscar® wins each Tom Hanks movie received.
  • Sort Tom Hanks movies by Ultimate Movie Rankings (UMR) Score.  UMR puts box office, reviews and awards into a mathematical equation and gives each movie a score.
  • Worldwide Box Office Numbers Were Not Available For All The Movies
RankMovie (Year)UMR Co-Star LinksAdjusted B.O. Domestic (mils)Adjusted B.O. Worldwide (mils)Critic Audience RatingOscar Nom / WinUMR Score
Saving Private Ryan (1998)Matt Damon & Music by John Williams$389.20$866.6088.0%11 / 0588.61
Captain Phillips (2013)Catherine Keenar$111.10$226.8088.0%06 / 0065.05
Catch Me if You Can (2002)Leonardo DiCaprio & Amy Adams$239.30$511.7087.0%02 / 0072.19
Bridge of Spies (2015)Mark Rylance & Directed by Steven Spielberg$72.30$166.3086.5%06 / 0165.83
The Green Mile (1999)Michael Clarke Duncan & Written by Stephen King$227.90$477.1086.0%04 / 0074.77
Apollo 13 (1995)Ed Harris & Directed by Ron Howard$333.50$685.3085.3%09 / 0278.79
Big (1988)Elizabeth Perkins & Robert Loggia$235.80$311.0084.0%02 / 0078.40
Cast Away (2000)Helen Hunt & Newman$365.40$671.9082.5%02 / 0077.58
Sully (2016) Still earning points Directed by Clint Eastwood$120.98$180.1881.0%00 / 0057.22
Road to Perdition (2002)Paul Newman & Daniel Craig$151.80$263.0080.5%06 / 0164.11
That Thing That You Do (1996)Charlize Theron$49.30$66.6079.5%01 / 0045.49
Saving Mr. Banks (2013)Emma Thompson & Colin Farrell$86.40$116.3079.0%00 / 0050.29
Forrest Gump (1994)Sally Field & Robin Wright$681.20$1399.3078.0%13 / 0689.66
Splash (1984)John Candy & Directed by Ron Howard$175.20$175.2077.0%01 / 0064.49
Charlie Wilson's War (2007)Julia Roberts & Amy Adams$81.70$145.9077.0%01 / 0050.97
Philadelphia (1993)Denzel Washington$157.70$420.6075.5%05 / 0273.33
A League of Our Own (1992)Madonna$218.40$268.9075.5%00 / 0065.98
Cloud Atlas (2012)Hugh Grant & Halle Berry$28.70$138.3072.5%00 / 0038.87
Sleepless in Seattle (1993)Meg Ryan & Rob Reiner$258.00$463.7070.0%02 / 0066.07
A Hologram For The King (2016)Sarita Choundhury$4.20$4.2069.5%00 / 0033.38
Buck Howard (2008)Colin Hanks & John Malkovich$0.90$0.9069.5%00 / 0032.83
You've Got Mail (1998)Meg Ryan$208.20$451.0065.5%00 / 0061.78
The Terminal (2004)Zoe Saldana & Directed by Steven Spielberg$105.70$297.6065.5%00 / 0047.14
Everytime We Say Goodbye (1986)Cristina Marsillach$0.60$0.6060.0%00 / 0028.31
Turner & Hooch (1989)Craig T. Nelson$150.90$150.9059.0%00 / 0051.37
Ladykillers (2004)J.K. Simmons & Directed by Joel & Ethan Coen$54.00$103.7058.5%00 / 0036.09
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2011)Sandra Bullock$33.90$59.0058.5%02 / 0035.87
Bachelor Party (1984)Tawny Kitaen$96.40$96.4057.0%00 / 0041.42
Nothing in Common (1986)Jackie Gleason$73.40$73.4056.5%00 / 0037.69
Joe Versus the Volcano (1990)Meg Ryan$78.50$78.5056.0%00 / 0038.60
The 'Burbs (1989)Bruce Dern & Carrie Fisher$77.70$103.7055.5%00 / 0038.74
Punchline (1988)Sally Field & John Goodman$43.20$43.2053.5%00 / 0032.12
The Money Pit (1986)Shelley Long$85.20$124.7053.0%00 / 0038.19
Angels & Demons (2009)Ewan McGregor & Directed Ron Howard$149.90$546.3051.5%00 / 0047.68
Dragnet (1987)Dan Aykroyd$123.70$144.1051.0%00 / 0043.53
Volunteers (1985)Rita Wilson & John Candy$47.20$47.2050.0%00 / 0031.08
The Man with One Red Shoe (1985)Dabney Coleman$20.50$20.5049.5%00 / 0026.48
Larry Crowne (2011)Julia Roberts$37.90$76.7047.0%00 / 0028.02
Inferno (2016)Felecity Jones & Ron Howard$34.53$219.3046.0%00 / 0027.76
The Da Vinci Code (2006)Audrey Tautou & Directed by Ron Howard$278.70$971.9044.5%00 / 0051.92
Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)Bruce Willis & Morgan Freeman$31.30$55.6037.5%00 / 0022.44
He Knows You're Alone (1980)Don Scardino$13.20$13.2032.0%00 / 0017.09

Stats and Possibly Interesting Things From The Above Tom Hanks Table

  1. Twenty-four Tom Hanks movies crossed the magical $100 million domestic gross mark.  That is a percentage of 52.17% of his movies listed. Forrest Gump (1994) is so far his biggest hit.
  2. An average Tom Hanks movie earned $158.10 million in adjusted box office gross.
  3. Using’s 60% fresh meter.  28 of Tom Hanks’s movies are rated as good movies…or 68.29% of his movies.  Saving Private Ryan (1998) is his highest rated movie while He Knows You Are Alone (1980) is his lowest rated movie.
  4. Twenty Tom Hanks movies received at least one Oscar® nomination in any category…..or 45.45% of his movies.
  5. Seven Tom Hanks movies won at least one Oscar® in any category…..or 15.90% of his movies.
  6. An average Ultimate Movie Rankings (UMR) Score is 40.00.  30 Tom Hanks movies scored higher that average….or 65.21% of his movies.  Forrest Gump (1994) got the the highest UMR Score while He Knows You Are Alone (1980) got the lowest UMR Score.
Tom Hanks provides the voice of Woody in the Toy Story movies

Tom Hanks provides the voice of Woody in the Toy Story movies

Tom Hanks Voice Only Roles

  • In my house, my two little girls think Woody is a superstar….Tom Hanks could walk up to them and they would have no idea who he is.
RankMovie (Year)Co-StarAdjusted Domestic Box Office (Millions)Adjusted WorldWide Box Office (Millions)Critic Audience RatingOscar Nom / WinCogerson Movie Score
Toy Story 3 (2010)Michael Keaton$427.10$1094.6093.0%05 / 0281.35
Toy Story (1995)Tim Allen$358.10$675.6091.0%03 / 0076.21
Toy Story 2 (1999)Joan Cusack$394.60$778.7090.0%01 / 0075.05
Polar Express (2004)Michael Jeter$239.50$401.9061.5%03 / 0063.16
Tom Hanks in 2013's Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks in 2013’s Captain Phillips

Possibly Interesting Facts About Tom Hanks

1. Tom Hanks has been nominated 5 times for a Best Actor Oscar®, but it has been almost fifteen years since his last nomination….2000’s Cast Away.

2. Tom Hanks was the first choice to replace Michael Keaton in his role of ‘Batman’ in the movie Batman Forever.

3. Tom Hanks has had 15 movies open number one.

4. Tom Hanks movies have grossed over 6.7 BILLION in adjusted domestic box office dollars.

5. Tom Hanks joins Spencer Tracy, Luise Rainer, Jason Robards and Katharine Hepburn as the only actors to win back to back acting Oscars®.

6. Tom Hanks collects typewriters and James Stewart is his favorite actor.

7. Tom Hanks has directed two movies 1996’s That Thing That You Do and 2011’s Larry Crowne.

8. Tom Hanks has produced and won Emmy® awards for the following television miniseries….1998’s From the Earth to the Moon, 2001’s Band of Brothers, 2008’s John Adams and 2010’s The Pacific.

9. Tom Hanks is a descendant of Abraham Lincoln. Hanks is a fourth cousin, four generations removed.

10. Check out Tom Hanks’ career compared to current and classic actors.  Most 100 Million Dollar Movies of All-Time.

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