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Want to know the best Kurt Russell movies?  How about the worst Kurt Russell movies?  Curious about Kurt Russell’s box office grosses or which Kurt Russell movie picked up the most Oscar® nominations? Need to know which Kurt Russell movie got the best reviews from critics and audiences? Well you have come to the right place….because we have all of that information.

Kurt Russell (1951-) started in the entertainment business in the early 1960s. Starting out in television, he spent his youth making movies with people like Elvis Presley in It Happened At The World’s Fair and James Stewart in Fools’ Parade. Seeing the talent Russell had, Walt Disney signed him to a 10 year contract with Disney and he became one of the top stars for Disney in the 1970s.  After 18 years of acting Kurt Russell left Hollywood and became a professional baseball player. He signed with California Angels and made it to their Double A team before an injury ended his career. At this point he returned to his acting career.

His IMDb page shows 94 acting credits since 1962.  This page will rank 47 of his movies from Best to Worst in four different sortable columns of information. Cameos, television appearances, straight to DVD movies and shorts were not included in the rankings.

Kurt Russell in 1981's The Thing.

Kurt Russell in 1981’s The Thing.

Kurt Russell Movies Can Be Ranked 6 Ways In This Table

The really cool thing about this table is that it is “user-sortable”. Rank the movies anyway you want.

  • Sort by Kurt Russell movies by co-stars of his movies.
  • Sort Kurt Russell movies by actual box office grosses
  • Sort Kurt Russell movies by adjusted domestic box office grosses using current movie ticket cost (in millions)
  • Sort Kurt Russell movies by adjusted worldwide box office grosses using current movie ticket cost (in millions)
  • Sort Kurt Russell movies how they were received by critics and audiences.  60% rating or higher should indicate a good movie.
  • Sort by how many Oscar® nominations and how many Oscar® wins each Kurt Russell movie received.
  • Sort Kurt Russell movies by Ultimate Movie Rankings (UMR) Score.  UMR Score puts box office, reviews and awards into a mathematical equation and gives each movie a score.
  • Use the search and sort buttons to make this page very interactive.

Stats and Possibly Interesting Things From The Above Kurt Russell Table

  1. 11 of Kurt Russell’s movies crossed the magical $100 million mark.  That is a percentage of 24.44% of his movies listed.  His domestic top box office hit is Furious 7 (2015).
  2. An average Kurt Russell movie grosses $70.10 million in adjusted box office gross.
  3. Using RottenTomatoes.com’s 60% fresh meter.  24 of Kurt Russell’s movies are rated as good movies…or 53.33% of his movies.  His highest rated movie is The Thing (1982).  His lowest rated movie is Tango and Cash (1989)….OUCH! I like that movie.
  4. 7 of Kurt Russell’s movies received at least one Oscar® nomination in any category…..or 15.55% of his movies.
  5. 1 of Kurt Russell’s movie won at least one Oscar® in any category…..or 2.22% of his movies.
  6. An average Ultimate Movie Ranking (UMR) Score is 39.86.  19 of Kurt Russell’s movies scored higher that average….or 42.22% of his movies.  Furious 7 (2015) got the highest UMR Score….The Best of Times (1986) got the lowest UMR Score.
Kurt Russell in The Barefoot Executive (1971)

Kurt Russell in The Barefoot Executive (1971)

Possibly Interesting Facts About Kurt Russell

  • 1.  Kurt Russell was born in 1951 in Springfield, Massachusetts.  He is the son of actor Bing Russell.
  • 2   One of Kurt Russell’s first movie appearances was when he kicked Elvis Presley in the shins in 1963’s It Happened At The World’s Fair.
  • 3.  Kurt Russell was signed to a 10 year contract with Disney by Walt Disney himself.
  • 4.  When Walt Disney passed away the Disney people found one of his last memos that he ever wrote on his desk.  It read:  “Kirt Russell……CIA-Mobley”.
  • 5.  Kurt Russell played minor league baseball for California Angels.  He suffered a career ending shoulder injury in 1973.  He was hitting over .500 in Double A when the injury occured.  I think his backup plan worked out ok though.
  • 6.  Kurt Russell and his many Elvis connections.  He kicked Elvis in It Happened At The World’s Fair.  He picked up an Emmy nomination playing Elvis in the television movie Elvis (1979).  He provided the voice of Elvis in 1994’s Forrest Gump.  He played Elvis’ possible son in 2001’s 3000 Miles to Graceland.
  • 7.  Kurt Russell has been married once (1979-1983) to actress Season Hubley.  Hubley and Russell made one movie together….1981’s Escape From New York….she was the girl that got sucked into the floor in that movie.  They have one son, Boston Russell.
  • 8.  Kurt Russell first met Goldie Hawn when they were making 1968’s The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band.  They fell in love while making 1983’s Swing Shift.  They have been a couple ever since.  They have one son, Wyatt Russell.  Wyatt was most recently seen in the blockbuster hit 22 Jump Street (2014).  Russell is the step father to actress Kate Hudson and actor Oliver Hudson.
  • 9.  Kurt Russell roles turned down or was seriously considered for:  Jurassic Park (Sam Neill part), Bull Durham (part was written for him but studio wanted Kevin Costner),  Star Wars (Harrison Ford part), The Sound of Music (one of von Trapp kids), Batman Forever (Val Kilmer part), Flash Gordon (Flash role) and Splash (Tom Hanks part).
  • 10.  Kurt Russell was one of the first actors to do DVD commentaries.  His commentary along with John Carpenter on The Thing is worth checking out.

Check out Kurt Russell‘s career compared to current and classic actors.  Most 100 Million Dollar Movies of All-Time.

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66 thoughts on “Kurt Russell Movies

  1. Always loved Kurt Russell, so I thought it only appropriate to comment on his page right after I did on Roz Russell’s 🙂
    I have seen 16 movies from your list. I truly enjoyed Breakdown (probably my fav KR film), Backdraft, Silkwood, Overboard, Escape from New York, Unlawful Entry and Tequila Sunrise.

    Bruce, exploring your site, I sometimes feel like my life has been nothing but one long visit to the cinema…when I count my tally of each actor/year and to think that I’ve seen so many movies more than once…never thought that I had spent an entire day of my life watching Kurt Russell!!!

    1. Hey Lupino…right there with you on Mr. Kurt Russell…..and I am happy to report that I have you beat in the tally count. As I have seen 38 of his movies…..with most of my missing movies being his child and teenage movies from his Disney movies…..as an adult actor…I have only not seen The Fate of the Furious.

      Glad to see you mention Tequila Sunrise…..it is a well written movie….my favorite scene involves a lighter…..that shows the Pfeiffer character that the Russell character can not be trusted. It is a very subtle reference. Also the scene with Russell and Gibson on a swing in the Tequila Sunset is wonderful to look at.

      Glad my website….brings out so many different thoughts on movies.

      Finally …did you know that Overboard is being redone?

      Good feedback.

      1. Happy Easter!

        Bruce, you’d be surprised how often you’d beat my tally if I’d post more on current stars. Vin Diesel: 3 movies watched, Orlando Bloom: 4 movies watched, George Clooney: 7 movies watched, Mila Kunis: 4 movies watched…and so on. Compare that to my Bette Davis tally of 65 plus watched movies 😉

        I know about the remake of Overboard, but not sure I’m looking forward to it.
        Glad you also like Tequila Sunrise!

        1. Hey Lupino….good to know that I have the current actors wrapped up. That is almost the same way Flora has her tally counts. 65 Bette Davis movies is pretty impressive.

          As for Overboard….the are switching things around this time the rich person will be the man while the person pulling the trick will be the girl…..still like you…not sure I am looking forward to that at all.


  2. Kurt Russell has been in films for over 50 years and he’s just 65. Cirrently he’s in Deepwater Horizon. Kurt is currently #357 on the Oracle of Bacon Top 1000 Center of the Hollywood Universe list. Back in the beginning in 2000 he was 388 so he’s sort of holding his own. These are the people on the current 1000 who have worked with him. And yes he has worked with Arthur Tovey 3 times!!! Kathleen Freeman too.

    300 Miles to Graceland (2000) – 158 Christian Slater, 206 Kevin Costner, 229 Bob Pepper, 340 Kevin Pollak, 634 Jon Lovitz, 648 David Arquette
    Backdraft (1991) – 6 Robert De Niro, 9 Donald Sutherland, 49 Clint Howard, 117 Jack McGee, 170 Scott Glenn, 537 Jennifer Jason Leigh, 785 W. Earl Brown, 986 J.T. Walsh
    Big Trouble in Little China (1986) – 67 James Hong, 209 James Lew, 259 George Cheung, 905 Kim Cattrall
    Bone Tomahawk (2015) – 124 Richard Jenkins, 190 Michael Pare, 299 Sean Young, 648 David Arquette, 722 Sid Haig
    Breakdown (1997) – 117 Jack McGee, 584 M.C. Gainey, 834 Rex Linn, 986 J.T. Walsh
    Captain Ron (1992) – 646 Mary Kay Place
    Charley and the Angel (1973) – 132 Ed Begley Jr., 353 Cloris Leachman
    Cutlass (2007) – 490 Virginia Madsen, 788 Chevy Chase, 960 Kristin Stewart
    Dark Blue (2002) – 164 Ving Rhames, 422 Michael Shamus Wiles, 512 Brendan Gleeson
    Deepwater Horizon (2016) – 22 John Malkovich, 295 Mark Wahlberg, 850 Jesse Yarborough, 902 Patrick Kearns
    Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2005) – 93 Luis Guzman, 136 Kris Kristofferson, 476 David Morse
    Escape from L.A. (1996) – 50 Steve Buscemi, 55 Thomas Rosales Jr., 78 Peter Jason, 109 Stacy Keach, 209 James Lew, 317 Peter Fonda, 632 Pam Grier, 750 Robert Carradine, 799 Bruce Campbell, 802 Valeria Golino, 914 Cliff Robertson, 1000 Leland Orser
    Escape from New York (1981) – 40 Harry Dean Stanton, 142 Ernest Borgnine, 323 Donald Pleasence, 389 John Diehl, 846 Bob Minor
    Executive Decision (1996) – 25 Richard Riehle, 60 John Leguizamo, 149 Oliver Platt, 223 Greg Bronson, 717 Halle Berry, 719 Joe Morton, 755 Ilia Volok, 986 J.T. Walsh
    Fools’ Parade (1971) – 313 George Kennedy
    Furious 7 (2015) – 327 Helene Cardona, 450 Jason Statham, 637 Djimon Hounsou, 680 John Cenatiempo, 852 Dwayne Johnson, 902 Patrick Kearns
    Grindhouse (2007) – 3 Danny Trejo, 13 Udo Kier, 18 Bruce Willis, 48 Nicolas Cage, 173 Josh Brolin, 202 Jason Isaacs, 351 Rosario Dawson, 402 Cheech Marin, 420 Michael Parks, 471 Jeff Fahey, 474 Julio Oscar Mechoso, 599 Nicky Katt, 691 Gary Teague, 604 Michael Biehn, 614 Simon Pegg, 710 Bill Moseley, 968 Jonathan Loughran, 973 Sybil Danning
    Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road (2002) – 41 Gary Oldman, 282 Christopher Lloyd, 418 Chris Cooper, 660 Ann-Margret, 698 James Marsden
    Miracle (2004) – 768 Patricia Clarkson
    Now You See Him, Now You Don’t (1972) – 33 Frank Welker, 132 Ed Begley Jr., 912 Arthur Tovey
    Overboard (1987) – 287 Sven-Ole Thorson, 310 Edward Herrmann, 541 Hector Elizondo
    Poseidon (2006) – 320 Vincent De Paul, 447 Richard Dreyfuss, 775 Josh Lucas
    Silkwood (1983) – 115 M. Emmet Walsh, 119 Bruce McGill, 219 David Straithairn, 279 Meryl Streep, 297 Fred Ward, 301 Bill Cobbs, 335 James Rebhorn, 479 Will Patton, 528 Josef Sommer, 577 Gary Grubbs
    Sky High (2005) – 353 Cloris Leachman, 790 Patrick Warburton, 791 Kelly Preston, 799 Bruce Campbell
    Soldier (1998) – 131 Gary Busey, 202 Jason Isaacs
    Stargate (1994) – 33 Frank Welker, 341 Richard Kind, 389 John Diehl, 535 Erick Avari, 637 Djimon Hounsou
    Superdad (1973) – 132 Ed Begley Jr.
    Swin Shift (1984) – 63 Ed Harris, 153 Stephen Tobolowsky, 232 Charles Napier, 297 Fred Ward
    Tango & Cash (1989) – 49 Clint Howard, 67 James Hong, 150 Sylvester Stallone, 248 Glenn Morshower, 269 Brion James, 315 Geoffrey Lewis, 622 Ralph Moratz, 828 Michael J. Pollard, 943 Philip Tan
    Tequila Sunrise (1988) – 369 Michelle Pfeiffer, 574 Mel Gibson, 871 Helen Kelly, 986 J.T. Walsh
    The Barefoot Executive (1971) – 912 Arthur Tovey
    The Best of Times (1986) – 115 M. Emmet Walsh, 141 Robin Williams, 328 Tony Plana, 966 Kathleen Freeman
    The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1970) – 33 Frank Welker, 132 Ed Begley Jr., 912 Arthur Tovey
    The Fox and the Hound (1981) – 245 Mickey Rooney
    The Hateful Eight (2015) – 2 Michael Madsen, 4 Samuel L. Jackson, 128 Tim Roth, 274 Bruce Dern, 537 Jennifer Jason Leigh, 560 Channing Tatum
    The Mean Season (1985) – 120 Andy Garcia, 200 Joe Pantoliano, 571 William Smith, 818 Richard Masur
    The Strongest Man in the World (1975) – 966 Kathleen Freeman
    The Thing (1982) – 29 Keith David, 513 David Clennon, 818 Richard Masur, 904 Norbert Weisser
    Tombstone (1993) – 81 Billy Zane, 143 Val Kilmer, 176 Tomas Arana, 193 Billy Bob Thornton, 247 Charlton Heston, 300 Bill Paxton, 336 Michael Rooker, 525 Robert John Burke, 532 Paul Ben-Victor, 604 Michael Biehn, 644 Pedro Armendariz Jr., 674 Stephen Lang, 753 Sam Elliott, 809 Robert Mitchum, 907 Joanna Pacula
    Unlawful Entry (1992) – 68 Ray Liotta, 439 Carmen Argenziano, 550 Robert Costanzo, 637 Djimon Hounsou, 772 Dick Miller, 846 Bob Minor, 951 Tony Longo
    Used Cars (1980_ – 542 Michael McKean, 762 Jack Warden, 772 Dick Miller
    Vanilla Sky (2001) – 174 Tom Cruise, 322 Michael Shannon, 338 Cameron Diaz, 356 Tilda Swinton, 395 Penelope Cruz, 588 Timothy Spall, 785 W. Earl Brown, 891 Ivana Milicevic, 947 William Mapother

    The following people were on the 2000 list but have fallen off over the past 16 years and have appeared in a film with him.

    300 Miles to Graceland (2001) – 964 Tom Heaton
    Big Trouble in Little China (1986) – 391 Jerry Hardin
    Bone Tomahawk (2015) – 313 James Tolkan
    Breakdown (1997) – 578 Kathleen Quinlan
    Charley and the Angel (1973) – 648 Harry Morgan
    Dark Blue (2002) – 861 Jonathan Banks
    Escape from L.A. (1996) – 161 Paul Bartel, 787 Isaac Hayes
    Escape from New York (1981) – 180 Lee Van Cleef, 666 George ‘Buck’ Flower, 725 Al Cerullo, 787 Isaac Hayes, 822 Carmen Filpi
    Executive Decision (1996) – 893 Ray Baker
    Follow Me, Boys! (1966) – 690 Parley Baer
    Fools’ Parade (1971) – 344 James Stewart, 549 Strother Martin, 743 William Windom
    Guns of Diablo (1964) – 53 Charles Bronson, 506 Douglas Fowley, 969 Byron Foulger
    It Happened at the World’s Fair (1963) – 832 Don Brodie
    Miracle (2004) – 955 Kenneth Welsh
    Now You See Him, Now You Don’t (1972) – 151 Cesar Romero, 225 Paul Smith, 532 Jim Backus, 743 William Windom, 930 Bing Russell (his father)
    Overboard (1987) – 535 Frank Campanella, 770 Goldie Hawn, 930 Bing Russell
    Silkwood (1983) – 729 CraIg T. Nelson, 880 J.C. Quinn, 893 Ray Baker
    Stargate (1994) – 65 Viveca Lindfors, 714 Erik Holland
    Superdad (1973) – 722 Bruno Kirby
    Swing Shift (1984) – 770 Goldie Hawn, 833 Harry Northup, 904 Roger Corman
    Tango & Cash (1989) – 26 Jack Palance, 667 Michael Jeter, 720 Roy Brocksmith, 909 Lewis Arquette, 930 Bing Russell
    Tequila Sunrise (1988) – 708 Raul Julia
    The Barefoot Executive (1971) – 648 Harry Morgan, 746 Herb Vigran, 783 James Flavin
    The Best of Times (1986) – 108 Dub Taylor, 165 R.G. Armstrong, 319 Donald Moffat
    The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1970) – 151 Cesar Romero, 299 Fritz Feld, 520 Williams Schallert, 859 Myron Healey, 930 Bing Russell
    The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit (1968) – 225 Paul Smith, 727 Diane Baker, 874 Dean Jones
    The Mean Season (1985) – 513 Richard Jordan, 661 Richard Bradford
    The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band (1968) – 770 Goldie Hawn
    The Strongest Man in the World (1975) – 151 Cesar Romero, 299 Fritz Feld, 520 Williams Schallert, 528 Harold Gould
    The Thing (1982) – 685 Peter Maloney, 319 Donald Moffat
    Tombstone (1993) – 93 Harry Carey Jr.
    Unlawful Entry (1992) – 504 Andy Romano, 833 Harry Northup, 902 Ken Lerner
    Used Cars (1980) – 108 Dub Taylor, 461 Frank McRae, 833 Harry Northup, 834 Gerrit Graham, 996 Marc McClure
    Winter People (1989) – 147 Lloyd Bridges, 686 Mitchell Ryan

    19 Oscar Winners I could find – Robert De Niro, Cloris Leachman, Cliff Robertson, Ernest Borgnine, Halle Berry, George Kennedy, James Stewart, Anne Baxter (Fools’ Parade), Nicolas Cage, Goldie Hawn, Richard Dreyfuss, Meryl Streep, Cher (Silkwood), Jack Palance, Robin Williams, Walter Brennan (The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band), Charlton Heston, Tilda Swinton, Penelope Cruz

    In Follow Me Boys he appears with Lillian Gish who made her first movie in 1912 so he has actors that span 104 years in his career.

    1. Hey Dan….glad to see such good long lists on one of my favorite actors. I find his career fascinating….and he has such great stories to tell. He was on a few radio shows promoting Deepwater Horizon and he really shared some good stuff….from his time with Elvis as a kid, to his time with Walt Disney…including watching a first cut of Mary Poppins, to how he is not to fond of 3000 Miles To Graceland (seems it takes about 10 years before an actor will say anything bad about one of their movies).

      1. Glad to see he is “holding his own”…the mid 300s is not too bad for an actor that has always taken big breaks from movies….and he does such cool things on those breaks….from playing minor league baseball in the Dodgers organization to making his own wine.
      2. List one: Lots of great actors of today and yesteryear….18 for Grindhouse is a pretty impressive total. Well if he worked with Arthur Tovey 3 times…I think his career is complete…lol.
      3. List two: The coolest thing is that his father is on the list with him….there can not be too many father and son combos on the list….Jane and Henry…..Keith and John Carradine….come to mind. Only Harry Carey Jr. for Tombstone…here but 15 in the newer page.
      4. List three: looking at his Oscar winning co-stars…they all seem to be older stars…versus current stars..with Halle Berry being the youngest…and she is in her 40s.
      As always…I appreciate your efforts.

      1. There’s 4 Carradines that have been on the list (Henry, Peter, David and Robert). Sibs Kevin and Nora Dunn are on. Christopher Plummer and daughter Amanda. Warren Beatty was and sis Shirley MacLaine still is. There’s a few others but they don’t come to mind at the moment.

  3. Hi Bob
    I totally agree Best of Times is a great film – very funny and very underrated.
    I actually saw Big trouble in Little China recently and it’s (still) very entertaining.
    If you haven’t seen Breakdown it’s absolutely worth checking out – good thriller.

    1. SOREN

      1 Have seen Breakdown and is VG as u say

      2. Executive Decision is another good Kurt thriller


    2. Hey Soren. Watching Kurt Russell play John Wayne in Big Trouble is awesome. Breakdown and Unlawful Entry are two his better movies that did pretty well at the box office. All of this Kurt Russell talk has me thinking I need to watch a Kurt movie soon.

  4. Hi Bruce

    So Tango & Cash is the lowest rated movie…
    I really like it – good action film and even Sly is quite funny and it has some great lines.
    “you broke THAT jaw”…
    Overboard is another great film – funny & sweet.
    Great actor.

      1 Very funny in an overlooked film Best of Times. He and Robins Williams made a great team with Kurt having the iconic name of Reno Hightower.

      2 The scene where Robin and hie are cunningly watching TV whilst pretending to listen to their wives’ conversations was hilarious. It was also true to life as anybody who’s ever been with sports fanatics in that situation will know.

      3 Any Kurt fan or Robin Williams one for that matter who hasn’t seen Best of Times should put it on the ‘must see’ list.

      4 In Big trouble In Little China Kurt also showed his flare for comedy. He was good too in Overboard but as I don’t like Goldie it is not one of my favs


      1. Hey Bob….glad you liked Best of Times….the dinner scene is very funny. I really liked Kurt in that one…..but I found the Williams character hard to pull for. Still….I agree any fan of Robin and Kurt should see the movie.

    2. Hey Soren. I liked Tango and Cash too….but critics hated it…..and with a passion…audiences like it much more…but not enough to get it out of last place when looking at the critic audience rating. I also agree about Overboard….probably his funniest performance ever. I also like Winter People another one that got destroyed by critics. I am so glad he is back making movies again….he seems to like taking 5 year breaks between movies.

  5. I just saw Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight” and I was very disappointed and will
    probably never watch another Tarantino film again. A great cast of fine actor wasted on such mean spirited ugly nastiness. I wish I had never seen this film. It is without a doubt Quentin Tarantino’s worst film as a director.

    1. Hey Lyle….sorry you did not enjoy The Hateful Eight. Your mini-review sounds like how I felt when I saw Kill Bill for the first time. To this day I am still disappointed in Volume 1…just blood and guts with very little plot. I have heard the final hour gets difficult to watch. Thanks for the review…I will wait until it reaches home entertainment.

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