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Oscar season is going full blast…..nominations come out Tuesday….the show is February 28th… we figured it was time to update our 8 Oscar pages.

Best Picture Oscar Winners….90 Movies Ranked from The Godfather to La La Land…no wait…Manchester By The Sea….no wait Moonlight.

Best Picture Oscar Winners

Best Actor Oscar Winners….90 Winners Ranked from Marlon Brando in The Godfather to Forest Whitaker in The Last King Of Scotland

Best Actor Oscar Winners

Best Actress Oscar Winners….89 Winners Ranked from Louise Fletcher in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest to Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady

Best Actress Oscar Winners

Best Supporting Actor Oscar Winners….80 Winners Ranked from Robert DeNiro in The Godfather Part 2 to James Coburn in Affliction

Best Supporting Actor Oscar Winners

Best Supporting Actress Oscar Winners….80 Winners Ranked from Hattie McDaniel in Gone With The Wind to Alicia Vikander in The Danish Girl

Best Supporting Actress Oscar Winners

Best Director Oscar Winners….89 Winners Ranked from Milo Foreman’s  One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest to Frank Lloyd’s The Divine Lady

Best Director Oscar Winners

Current Actors and Actresses without an Oscar nomination…that deserves some Oscar love..and can still get a nomination


Current Actors With No Oscar Nominations

Classics Actors and Actresses without an Oscar nomination…that deserved some Oscar love…but that time has passed

Classic Actors Without Oscar Nomination

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13 thoughts on “UMR Oscar Pages

  1. 1 Many of my own favourite movie stars have been Oscar winners, and whilst I still find the results interesting I no longer have the enthusiasm for the affair that I used to. That’s because I feel that they do not necessary always award the ‘best’ people/movies but instead are often driven by for example fashion, popularity, or even sentiment such as that somebody’s “time has come.”

    2 There is also often the influence of Hollywood ‘politics’ with nominees at times campaigning as vigorously as professional politicians. Wikipedia states unequivocally that the multiple Oscar NOMINATIONS success of the 1960 The Alamo was because of the Duke’s highly proactive campaign for his film. However it should be emphasised that Wayne did not stray outside the bounds of acceptable good taste because, when Chill Wills*** who was nominated as Best Supporting Actor for The Alamo reportedly embarrassed his supporters by over-stepping the mark in putting out a statement that the men who had died at the Alamo would have wanted Chill to win on their behalf, the Duke and Wills’ other well-wishers quickly disowned him and his bid was unsuccessful. [***Voice of Francis the Talking Mule]

    3 . However whilst I am not arguing that the people nominated do not deserve to be considered I no longer accept the outcome as necessarily definitive but rather as merely a guide just as I am sceptical about Quigley’s claim that it always identifies the biggest stars at the box office.

    4 Orson Wells seemed to enjoy debunking artistic pomposity and presumptuousness as he perceived it, and I loved his response when a TV interviewer haughtily asked him to name the best actor he had ever seen. Probably with tongue in cheek Welles replied that the best in his experience was an unknown Mexican extra who had played a walk on part in one of Orson’s movie but refused to pursue an acting career as he preferred to work in the fields back home !

    1. Hey Bob.
      1. Normally I am very excited about the Oscars…this year that was not the case….as I actually thought about skipping them this year. Since 1981 I have only missed them once…and that was the year Babe got so many nominations…that made me mad for some reason….in the end I decided to watch this this year too….but I cand understand your point in number 1.
      2. Chill Wills campaign to win has become legendary….though it failed to get him an Oscar.
      3. Good point in number three…I feel the same way with Moonlight winning last night.
      4. Funny story about Welles and the Mexican extra.
      Good feedback as always.

      1. HI BRUCE

        1 Herein lies probably the only stat on which I can beat you! Many of my very favourite stars have got Oscars – Stewart, Peck, Brando, the Duke, Chuck and Joan C – but Grant, Willis Sir Maurice and even Myrna have all let you down.

        2 However in fairness whilst I would not make a case for Willis, Cary and Sir M SHOULD have been successful instead of having to settle for an honorary Oscar and a supporting one respectively. It seems that Grant’s deceptively laid back style caused the Academy to regard him as not ‘dramatic’ enough whereas the highly respected Italian director [of Bicycle Thieves, Garden of Finzi-Continis and other classics] and actor Vittorio De Sica recognised that Cary was a “great” actor..

        3 Admittedly in recent times Sir M has been in many supporting roles and/or junk movies but he was brilliant in Sleuth and although in 1973 he was up against Sir Laurence and Mr Mumbles when Godpop was all the rage there was no excuse in my view for not giving Micklewhite one for Educating Rita in which he was superb or for Little Voice in which his performance was simply stunning and which he totally dominated As it is IMDB currently rates him the 14th greatest actor of all time just two places below Larry so what does it say about the Academy when the “14th greatest actor of all time” has not been given a leading actor Oscar?

        4 However you too are perhaps guilty of not giving an actor his just deserts as I note that you are still crediting Denzel with just 4 Tony Scott movies – my post of Feb 24 on Tony’s page refers. I think though that your site has now become such a vast empire to police that we may have to live with the occasional very minor error at least until the site becomes dynamic. So let pedants like Lensman nitpick all they like because yours is still in my view the best show in town for ALL ROUND information about movies particularly those from the Classic Era just as Steve’as is the tops in my book for cinematic graphics.

        1. Hey Bob ….Sir Michael is a two time Oscar winner….and should not be included with the rest….granted I know they were supporting Oscars….but his title is still 2 time Oscar winning actor Michael Caine.

          I will have to see which Tony Scott/Denzel Washington movie I did not list. I think something you are noticing is….the column is not titled Co-Stars….but UMR Co-Star Links….as I give somebody that has a UMR page more credit….sometimes when a star is listed many times on a table….I use a UMR star that has not been shown….versus one that has 4 links already on the table.

          The next rule I try and follow is…..also include Michael Caine and Angela Lansbury whenever possible.

          1. BRUCE

            You’ve actually listed all 5 Denzel movies on Tony Scott’s page but your lead in paragraphs refer to only 4 movies together. so it is just a question of changing the 4 to a 5. All other pairing that you mention are accurate. It is a minor point though and I’m just trying to be helpful

  2. Hey Chris….this was a comment from 2011….between me and RobWrite…back in my Hub Pages days.

    “Hey Rob…thanks for the comment and the visit. I think the Crawford/Davis feud would make a great movie….it could cover all the legendary stories of the feud and it would cover almost 40 years of their mutual hatred for each other.

    Get some current talented young actresses like Amanda Seyfried as Davis and Rachael McAdams as Crawford…they could play the young, middle age and old age versions. So what do you think?” Maybe somebody was listening to me….lol.

  3. Hi

    One week to go and I decided to watch a couple of Oscar winners. It Happened One Night and Birdman. Both so vastly different yet equally enjoyable.
    It Happened One Night is such fun and apart from the two main stars, the film is peppered with wonderful characters who were so great in the 30’s. Even today you can understand why it was such a success and truly stands the test of time.
    Birdman is a totally different kettle of fish, it’s weird and yet really wonderful. It must be one of the best films about plays, its most famous scene is probably Keaton running about Broadway in his underwear. But for me the best scene is him in the bar pleading with the critic to go easy on him, this all powerful critic who has the ability to ruin the success of a show in one scathing review. He’s pleading as it won’t cost her anything but she has all that power and it is so unfair.
    The rest of the cast are superb, especially Emma Stone. Definitely a weird one but worth the watch.
    I also watched Funny Girl for the first time, the movie isn’t that great but Streisand is incredible in the role. Amazing that it was a tie for the Oscar. I wonder if it was a genuine tie, unlike the 1932 tie where there was definitely a few votes of a discrepancy.
    Ps. Seen a preview of Feud, Davis and Crawford making Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. It will be a must for any fan of old Hollywood.

    1. Hey Chris…..thanks for the mini reviews on It Happened One Night and Birdman….I agree they are vastly different. I agree with you about the Clark Gable classic….he and Colbert made a wonderful team. I remember when I watched Birdman….it was on Oscar Sunday….we watched about half of the movie….then the Oscar show came on…..and watched the 2nd half right after the Oscar show went off… it became a Best Picture Oscar winning movie right in the middle of the movie. A strange memory that will stick with me forever.

      I also liked that scene with Keaton and Lindsay Duncan. I thought Norton was a blast as well…I was much more impressed with Emma Stone in La La Land than her role in Birdman….but they are both great performances. Funny Girl has great music….and made Babs a star…but it is not a movie I think I will ever watch again….it was a one and done movie for me. Yep…Feud….will be a must watch movie for any movie buff…..I actually had the idea for a Davis/Crawford feud movie years ago…seeing if I can dig up that comment. Thanks for sharing your recent movie viewings. Good stuff.

    1. Hey SteinHOF…yep this page has lots of Oscar winning movies for sure….lots of man hours in these pages….thanks for the comment and thanks for stopping by.

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