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Want to know the best 2017 Movies?  How about the worst 2017 Movies?  Curious about 2017 Movies did at the box office or which 2017 Movies picked up the most Oscar® nominations and Oscar® wins? Need to know which 2017 Movies movie got the best reviews from critics and audiences? Well you have come to the right place….because we have all of that information.  We have been doing a yearly page since 2011….the previous winners were 2011’s The Help, 2012’s Argo, 2013’s Gravity, 2014’s American Sniper, 2015’s The Martians and 2016’s La La Land.

So what will you find on this page? …You get lots of stats on 2017 Movies.  In the following table you can sort the movies any way you want.  Want to know the current Top Domestic Box Office Hit of 2017?  Just hit the sort button on that column and you will see Beauty and the Beast in first place.   Want to know which movies got the best and worst reviews of the year?  Just hit the sort button on that column and you will see Logan in first place and The Bye Bye Man in last place. You can also sort by Ultimate Movie Ranking scores…which combines box office, reviews and award.   Sorting that column shows Logan at the top and The Bye Bye Man at the bottom of the rankings.

Any movie that has earned over $3 million dollars in domestic box office gross is included in the rankings.  There are a few that earned less than $5 million that made the rankings…but they have a popular star attached to them….like Ewan McGregor in T2: Trainspotting.    We will be updating this page regularly until probably next March….as we determine the 2017 Movie Of The Year.  Just so you know.  A movie maxes out earning points in the box office category…when it reaches the $200 million domestic mark.

*Currently only movies that have completed their box office runs are included in the list.  So movies like Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Mummy, Spider-Man, The Boss Baby, Baby Driver and many others are not in the rankings.

2017 Movies Can Be Ranked 6 Ways In This Table

The really cool thing about this table is that it is “user-sortable”. Rank the movies anyway you want.

    • Sort 2017 Movies by the star or stars of the 2016 Movies listed in table
    • Sort 2017 Movies by domestic box office grosses
    • Sort 2017 Movies by wordwide box office grosses
    • Sort by how 2017 Movies were received by critics and audiences.  60% rating or higher should indicate a good movie.
    • Sort by how many Oscar® nominations and how many Oscar® wins each 2017 Movies received….this column will remain 00 / 00 until next February.
    • Sort 2017 Movies by Ultimate Movie Ranking (UMR) Score.  UMR puts box office, reviews and awards into a mathematical equation and gives each movie a score.
RankMovie (Year)UMR Co-Star LinksAdj. B.O. Domestic (mil)Adj. B.O. Worldwide (mil)Critic Audience RatingOscar Nom / WinUMR Score
Logan (2017)Hugh Jackman & Patrick Stewart$226.30$616.3086.00%00 / 0071.42
Get Out (2017)Daniel Kaluuya & Alison Williams$175.50$252.5084.00%00 / 0066.68
The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)Will Arnett$175.80$310.8081.00%00 / 0065.32
The Fate of the Furious (2017)Vin Diesel & Kurt Russell$225.80$1238.8069.50%00 / 0063.66
Beauty and the Beast (2017)Emma Watson & Dan Stevens$504.00$1261.0068.00%00 / 0062.96
Kong: Skull Island (2017)Samuel L. Jackson & John Goodman$168.10$566.1074.50%00 / 0061.08
Split (2017)James McAvoy & Bruce Willis$138.10$276.1078.00%00 / 0058.38
John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)Keanu Reeves & Ian McShane$92.00$170.0083.00%00 / 0053.27
I Am Not Your Negro (2017)Samuel L. Jackson$7.10$7.1083.00%00 / 0040.11
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017)Prabhas$20.20$298.2078.00%00 / 0039.79
Born In China (2017)John Krasinski$13.90$23.9079.00%00 / 0039.28
Power Rangers (2017)Elizabeth Banks & Bryan Cranston$85.40$140.4053.50%00 / 0038.38
The Founder (2016)Michael Keaton$12.80$22.8077.00%00 / 0038.17
The Lost City of Z
Charlie Hunnam$8.60$8.6077.00%00 / 0037.52
A Dog's Purpose (2017)Dennis Quaid & Josh Gad$64.30$194.3058.00%00 / 0037.23
The Beguiled (2017)Colin Farrell & Nicole Kidman$10.60$15.6074.00%00 / 0036.42
Life (2017)Jake Gyllenhaal & Ryan Reynolds$30.20$99.2067.50%00 / 0036.40
A United Kingdom (2017)David Oyelowo$3.90$13.9075.50%00 / 0036.08
Going In Style (2017)Michael Caine & Morgan Freeman$45.00$82.0061.50%00 / 0035.88
T2: Trainspotting (2017)Ewan McGregor$2.40$41.4075.50%00 / 0035.85
The Case For Christ (2017)Faye Dunaway$14.70$14.7071.00%00 / 0035.65
My Cousin Rachel (2017)Rachel Weisz$2.70$7.7072.00%00 / 0034.26
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017)Milla Jovovich$26.80$311.8063.50%00 / 0033.99
Personal Shopper (2017)Kristen Stewart$1.30$1.3071.00%00 / 0033.57
Snatched (2017)Goldie Hawn$45.90$58.9056.00%00 / 0033.43
The Zookeeper's Wife (2017)Jessica Chastain$17.40$18.4065.00%00 / 0033.25
Wakefield (2017)Bryan Cranston$0.30$0.3070.00%00 / 0032.95
Before I Fall (2017)Zoey Deutch$12.20$12.2065.50%00 / 0032.67
Ghost in the Shell (2017)Scarlett Johansson$40.60$169.6055.50%00 / 0032.37
XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage (2017)Vin Diesel & Samuel L. Jackson$44.90$345.9053.50%00 / 0032.10
Sleight (2016)Jacob Latimore$3.90$3.9066.00%00 / 0031.62
Everything Everything (2017)Amandla Stenberg & Nick Robinson$34.10$50.1055.50%00 / 0031.37
The Promise (2017)Christian Bale$8.20$8.2064.00%00 / 0031.35
Fifty Shades Darker (2017)Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan$114.40$379.4028.00%00 / 0030.89
Monster Trucks (2017)Lucas Till & Danny Glover$33.40$64.4053.50%00 / 0030.32
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)Charlie Hunnam & Jude Law$39.20$140.2050.00%00 / 0029.58
Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017)Julia Roberts$45.00$197.0048.00%00 / 0029.54
The Great Wall (2017)Matt Damon$45.20$332.2047.50%00 / 0029.33
The Last Word (2017)Shirley MacLaine$1.80$1.8061.50%00 / 0029.18
The Belko Experiment (2017)John Gallagher Jr.$10.20$10.2058.50%00 / 0029.07
The Shack (2017)Sam Wortington & Octavia Spencer$57.40$96.4042.00%00 / 0028.64
Gold (2016)Matthew McConaughey$7.20$7.2055.00%00 / 0026.97
A Cure For Wellness (2017)Dane DeHaan$8.10$26.1053.00%00 / 0026.17
Song to Song (2017)Ryan Gosling & Michael Fassbender$0.40$0.4055.50%00 / 0026.14
Collide (2017)Anthony Hopkins & Ben Kingsley$2.30$5.3054.50%00 / 0025.98
Baywatch (2017)Dwayne Johnson & Zac Efron$58.10$170.1036.00%00 / 0025.93
Sleepless (2017)Jamie Foxx$20.80$30.8048.00%00 / 0025.78
Rock Dog (2017)Luke Wilson & J.K. Simmons$9.40$9.4051.50%00 / 0025.66
How To Be A Latin Lover (2017)Eugenio Derbez & Salma Hayek$32.10$61.1043.00%00 / 0025.19
Fist Fight (2017)Ice Cube & Charlie Day$32.20$41.2042.50%00 / 0024.96
All Eyez On Me (2017)Demetrius Shipp Jr.$44.90$44.9038.00%00 / 0024.82
Wilson (2017)Woody Harrelson & Laura Dern$0.70$0.7052.00%00 / 0024.55
The Bad Batch (2017)Keannu Reeves & Jim Carrey$0.20$0.2049.50%00 / 0023.29
The Dinner (2017)Richard Gere$1.30$1.3048.50%00 / 0023.00
Phoenix Forgotten (2017)Florence Hartigan

Florence Hartigan

Florence Hartigan
$3.60$3.6047.50%00 / 0022.88
Underworld: Blood Wars (2017)Kate Beckinsale$30.40$81.4038.00%00 / 0022.57
ChiPs (2017)Dax Shepard & Michael Pena$18.60$25.6039.00%00 / 0021.21
The Space Between Us (2017)Asa Butterfield & Gary Oldman$7.90$14.9040.50%00 / 0020.26
Table 19 (2017)Anna Kendrick$3.60$5.6040.50%00 / 0019.60
The Circle (2017)Emma Watson & Tom Hanks$20.50$20.5034.00%00 / 0019.16
Unforgettable (2017)Katherine Heigl & Rosario Dawson$11.40$14.4036.50%00 / 0018.92
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (2017)Alicia Silverstone$20.70$38.7030.00%00 / 0017.31
Rings (2017)Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz$27.80$82.8025.50%00 / 0016.29
The Bye Bye Man (2017)Faye Dunaway$22.40$26.4023.50%00 / 0014.51

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  1. Gotta admit I was confused when I did not see Wonder Woman or Homecoming. Then I read your note. So those movies are still months away from making the page? Still a fun page. Sadly I have not seen many of these movies, but there are many I want to see like Logan and Skull Island.

    1. Hey Tamrah……I am adding about two or three movies a week…..as Box Office Mojo closes the book on the movie I add them….this week Everything, Everything and Baywatch joined the page.

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